Monday, November 28, 2011

Before and After thoughts

After I had talked to Master this morning and we decided to meet early this afternoon, I started thinking about types of spankings. Way long ago when I first typed in the word "spanking" in a search engine, I was thinking OTK and maybe a hand or brush, and some spanking, resulting in a slightly sore bottom. Boy have I learned a lot!

Today, I was wondering what Master had planned...a welcome home spanking since I had just returned late yesterday....a maintenance spanking since today is Monday and He had decided before I left that MM's were a good idea...I knew it would not be a punishment since I had gained (1 and a half) but was still under my 2 pound limit...hmm...or maybe a surprise. I had my butterflies all fluttering by the time I was knocking on the door.

First...hugs...Master always says never too many hugs, and His hugs are real big bear type hugs. He then showed me what He had accomplished on His remodel project while I was away. Then it was kneeling and naked time, with Master for some "just us" time. Master reclaiming all of me, and me reclaiming my submission. Of course, Master can never resist some nipple play (torture), and I am getting used to it....

M&M day Master proclaimed. Maintenance I asked...that is what Monday's are for, every week, no guessing when or forgetting. He had me lean over the arm of the sofa. I groaned as I felt the cool, hard, smooth surface of a large paddle. (It was a large paddle ball paddle, that I hate.) Maintenance is not supposed to be is a deterrant to a punishment, He repeated once again. I was having difficulty wrapping my head warm up, not being spanked in over a week, and that darn paddle. He did not start off slowly or easily, and it did not take long efore I was rising a little...He warned me and put His hand on my back. I was strugging, it HURT and I could not get above it.

After a swat, Master told me to thank Him. I hesitated, and He swung harder. I thanked Him, and He continued, waiting for my Thank You Sir. I finally just put my head down and quietly repeated the Thank you without prompting. Good girl, I just saw all the resistence leave your body. You might as well accept your spanking, you can't really resist, and I do know what you need. ( all of which I know, but sometimes it is just so hard). After just a couple more I was allowed up and invited over his lap.

A hand spanking, after a paddling, is like a gentle tap. But I love Master's hands...wherever they choose to spank or roam. It took very little time for Master to inform me I was swollen and wet...(wonder how that happened??) I was soom squirming and panting...Master says he knows
I want to cum, but I should relax and enjoy (HUH??). I try, and I do slow down my breathing and try to slow myself. Master stops and pulls out my large toy and starts it vibrating and thrusting in...just enough to get me right to the edge. He says,,,,6 hard thrusts and you may cum. He starts with one slow hard one, the two..another slow and hard one,
I am not sure I am going to make it to 6. Master lets out a small chuckle and quickly thrusts 4 more times and gets to 6! I am off and flying, and Master keeps me there til I just need to breathe.

As I am still lying over His lap, I ask if maybe I can have a 5 pound leeway instead of just 2. The no comes quickly, He says I have worked too hard, to gain that much back, 2 pounds and I have used 3/4 of it already.
So then I ask if I can cut back to 1 weigh in a week, another quick no. Everthing stays the same. I know He is keeping me from back sliding, and that is a good thing. I just would like more wriggle room, not that wriggle room is usually a good thing for me, but it is nice to have.

I can finally sit up, more hugs and chat, some kneeling and Master tells me how proud He is of me. He knows I only lost this last 10 because he wanted it. Then it is back to the real world time.

On my way home, my thoughts are that I am glad maintenance is over with for this week, and hopefully I can get through this month without going over my 2 pound limit. I am not sure that will happen, but I am sure what will happen if I go beyond the 2 pounds, so I will try. I also realize that I have finally come home, to where I belong, to whom I belong, and it is such a good, safe place. I feel more relaxed, more ready to face this busy month, more like "me".



  1. Abby - I think you should be proud if yourself for losing 10lb and for not going over your 2lb! :)

    That paddle sounds ouchie!

    Take care. Sky

  2. Bear hugs are the best!!!

    And asking for a 5 lb leeway?? Fat Chance! Ha! But you knew that probably!

    Congrats on your hard work! A good girl spanking should commence!


  3. Sky...very ouchie! abby

    sarah....LOL, You knw Master well. i will pass on the gg spanking recommendation, thanks! abby