Friday, October 14, 2011

A wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon!

I have been struggling with my diet lately. I lost a pound this week, cutting out most carbs, but when I reported the loss to Master I also said, I wasn't sure it was worth the struggle. He said He would decide that, and that we would have time this afternoon. By noontime it was was to be a rainy afternoon.

We started as we always do, with my kneeling and Master pulling my hair, playing with my nipples, rubbing and reclaiming my He then asked me how many pounds I have lost since we started, 61. He then asked if could lose 9 more pounds before Thanksgiving. I replied, a pound a week, probably. So Master, made me a deal.....I lose 9 more pounds by or before Thanksgiving and I can maintain, plus or minus 2 pounds until the beginning of the year. In January we will discuss if I want to start again, or if I am happy with where I am, and He will let me decide. I was surprised with Master's offer, and I accepted it, I need to know there is a break soon, and knowing that Master will not allow me to gain the weight back is comforting.

With that settled, I was over Master's lap. He started with a wonderfully long hand spanking. He then sent me to get my toy bag ( a new rule is that I bring it everytime I see Master). It is not a large bag, I have a small variety of items. When I was back over His lap, I could hear him rummaging through the bag. I started to get a little nervous, as there are "toys" in there we have not used in a while.

Sure enough, Master had chosen one of my bottom toys...thankfully the smaller one. As soon as He started to insert it, I kept telling myself...relax. I managed to relax and Master went back to hand spanking me with stops to play with the toy. He then went back to my bag and was using a small leather strap. Since I was still OTK, He was not getting a lot of leverage, and it felt great...just stingy enough. He then chuckled as He pulled out my frog paddle..I am a frog of course I would have a frog paddle, It is light and as Master continued to use it with stops to play, I could feel myself start to get wetter and want more, offering Master my bottom.

Master pulled out the toy, and found the larger one in my bag. I was ready, and fairly relaxed, and with only a tiny struggle it popped in, and Master went back to spanking and playing. I have never really enjoyed this type of play, but this was definately a step in that direction.

Master then decided I should have both holes full, which was also a new sensation. It did not take long for me to be moaning and begging for permission. A few permissions later, I was unable to move or even moan. Master gently lead me back to earth, with wonderful after care.

When I got back home, I wa so relaxed, content and at peace, I decided to just enjoy the rest of the day. I put on some of my favorite music, did some and blogs, and just enjoyed the afterglow and the memory of what fun a rainy afternoon can be!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon :)

    I found a hint for weight loss today, 30 grams of protein in the first 30 min of waking up in the morning and you should be able to lose a little more weight just by doing that. I don't think it could hurt and I imagine with so much weight loss so far (YAY WTG) it must be difficult to get more off. I wish you lots of luck!

  2. I am so impressed by your weight loss and I hope to follow in your footsteps. Your afternoon sounds wonderful. You're a lucky lady!


  3. Naida...Thanks for the hint, I am going back to low carbs so a protein should be easy! It is getting more difficult, but if it were just me, I probably would have quit a while ago. abby

    PK...thanks, hang in there, if I can do it you can to. One thing I have learned, don't let a bad day ruin your whole week...get right back on that diet wagon. abby