Saturday, October 22, 2011


Master is away for the weekend, so I am left to my own devices. Master will get a laugh out of that sentence, He claims I am never left to my own devices. We spent some of Thursday afternoon, spanking and cuming and was not so very long ago I never thought I would ever write such a sentence!

I sense that Master is starting to push me a little. I have been feelig very comfortable and content with where we are now, and I think He takes take as a green light. I feel I am ready for more also, so we will see, He has started in little ways.

He has started to give me more tasks. He wants me to find a school girl skirt, I did hit a thrift store on Friday, but I think it is the wrong time of the year. He also told me to find 2 passages, that I enjoyed, from book 2 of the "Beauty" series this weekend, and send them to Him.

The teacher in me took over, and I started wondering, passages..sentences or paragraphs, did He want ones that were Hot or of significance for some reason, did he want me to elaborate. Finally I got a hold of myself and said, just find 2 you found interesting. I enjoyed that second book, so there was no lack of passages. I have not started the third book yet, been catching up the book for my book club.

I went to see "Dracula" with a friend earlier this evening, at a local theater group. I usually really enjoy their productions, but tonite for the whole last hour I just kept thinking, kill him already! The acting was good, and the stage sets great, but it was too long for my taste.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend


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