Friday, October 7, 2011

Now that is my idea of maintenance!

Master and I have different ideas on the definition of maintenance spankings. Most weeks, you can guess who's definition is used...Master's...maintenance is a deterrant, and therefore should be remembered and leave me not wanting to chance a harder spanking.

My definition is more of a reconnection, fun time spanking. This past week Thursday was maintenance day. After our kneeling reclaiming time, Master sat and told me to go over His lap....YEAH! Master started with a wonderful hand warm up...YEAH YEAH! The feel of His hand is the best, I know I can relax and let myself go. He continued with His hand, the spanks getting harder and more deliberate...and I was sooo getting into it...His hand can be hard, but I was eagerly waiting each next spank.

Finally His fingers started to roam...YEAH YEAH YEAH!. I had not been permitted to cum all week, until I had loss the 2 pounds I had gained the week before...I reported that loss on that very morning of maintenance. Master almost immediately chuckled, saying I knew you would be soooo ready for me. He had barely touched me and I was whimpering and trying to urge Him on to more...silently, of course. He kept reminding me that I did not have permission yet, to slow down...but oh my!

Master then asked me if I really wanted to cum...he can be such a comedian. "yes, Sir", I panted out. Then He asked do you want to a lot?? Without thinking, I relied....Yes, Yes.

I was off...and off...and off...When I started to say no more...Master reminded me I had said I wanted a lot! He did not let up, until I was totally spent and exhausted. Master said, I guess over a week is too long...I just moaned. That man, My Master, can get reactions out of me I never would have thought possible, and...enjoy himself at the same time.

It is going to be a beautiful weekend here...hope the great weather is where you are also....



  1. Your maintenance sounds wonderful. I wish I could get Nick sold on the idea. Hope your weekend is wonderful.


  2. PK..thanks, it was wonderful!

    SBF, 80 and sunny 3 days in a row, in 2 weeks it will probably be snowing! I did enjoy! abby