Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I have been meaning to post here since Thursday. By the time I sat and thought about it, I was just too pooped. So I am gettng to this earlier tonight, while I can still think and type.

Back to Thursday, Master asked me at noon time, if I was ready for Halloween. I was not. He wanted me to have a school girl uniform. I had gone to a couple thrift stores, found 2, but wayyyyyyy too small. I decided it was the wrong time of year, so I though maybe if I shopped the web, there might be a sale. I started at a well known store, and sure enough they were 1/2 price. I kept looking, and found some that were quite reasonable, but it would take a week to get it. I thought maybe it would come earlier.
It did not.

Master was disappointed at my not being ready, and I got a little "testy" about it. He finally said, just forget it, it was supposed to be fun, not frustrating. I did not want to just forget it. He told me He would see me later.

We hung up and I sat there and cried. Last week was really stressful and emotional for me, on a few levels. After a few minutes I reminded myself that he did not want a specific uniform, just for me to look like a school girl. I could be creative...I could do this. (I went to catholic school for 12 years.) I raided my and my daughter's closet. I found a black wool skirt (short), a white polo, and some stripped pink/grey knee socks. I typed up a note to the principal, saying this was the second time his week I arrived out of uniform....the knee socks.

I headed over to Master's, a little nervous, but hoping He would be pleasantly surprised. When He saw me, He did it. I handed Him the note and we were off. It's been a long time since we role played, but it is fun. He had me over His lap, scolding, and then reached back and had the hair brush in His hand. Since this was role play, I get to squirm and try to get free, and say...almost...anything that comes to mind. One of the things that I appreciate most about Master is that I can verbally throw anything His way,,,,and He has a reply.

I eventually realized He was spanking a LOT harder than I remember, for a role play, he also would stop, only to find another reason to continue. My bottom was throbbing when He finally finished. He wondered if I had enjoyed it,,,I replied it was too hard a spanking. As he reached in to test me, He chuckled, not too hard. He continued until I was wet and ready, pulled out, and started using the brush again, not as hard, but hard enough. He wanted me to cum, while He was spanking me. Sometimes I can, but not on Thursday, I was close, but just could not let over that edge. Master finally took pity on me, and stopped spanking, and pushed me over that edge. It was one, very long fall.

After some recovery time, it was kneeling time. Master is away for work this week, He will be back when the job is finished, so no set time. My 3 year old granddaughter and her 4 month old brother arrived on Friday, until Wednesday. We have been on the go to some fun activity every day, with lots more to come. It has been wonderful.

I am going to leave you with some 3 year old wisdom. After finishing a couple craft projects, I asked her to help grandma clean up. She did a great job, I thanked her, and she said, well you always help me grandma. I replied, we help each other. She looked at me and said...."grandma, people helping people, that is what life is about!"



  1. That truly is what life is all about! Thank you for sharing such wisdom!

  2. Re school girl outfits -- I go to whatever store(s) in town that cater to the parochial schools in our area for uniforms, and I try them on and get them there. If I want the skirt short, I take it to the dry cleaners and have them take it up. It's nice, cuz you can also get matching accessories like matching ribbons and headbands.


  3. Love your granddaughters wisdom. Out of the mouth of babes...

    @Sarah - great idea! Thank you!

    Happy Halloween. Sky

  4. Such wisdom from one so young, lovely. Thanks.


  5. Happy Halloween Abby. Can't wait for the wonderful she must be! Sara

  6. What a lovely granddaughter.

  7. Mikki, you are so welcomed, I keep thinking I should be writing these things down! abby

    Sarah...thanks for the tip, know I will be ready for next time. abby true! she is so sweet. abby

    ronnie..welcome, she is one special little one! abby

    sara...she is...grandbabes are truly the best! abby

    appy...she is such a joy! abby