Wednesday, October 26, 2011

consistency and follow through

If there ever was an award for most consistent and (almost) always follows through, Master would win. When we first started our journey, Master would threathen a lot of consequences, and after about the third time I figured out they were just threats. Spanking was not consistent, and I was often left wanting more. One day Master had read some blogs and said consistency seems to be very important to submissives. We talked about it, and since then, I know that threats are not just threats, and He is extremely consistent.

Yesterday, after my punishment, Master commented that He hoped when we saw each other on Friday, that it would be for the kind of pain that leads to pleasure, the kind of pleasure that overwhelms me and leaves me asking where did that come from? I asked if we could change that to Thursday instead. My 3 year old granddaughter and her 4 month old brother are coming to grandma's for Halloween! I don't usualy get excited about Halloween, but the house is decorated, and do I have plans. They are arriving Friday morning. Master agreed to Thursday.

This morning I sent Master His good morning message, and He replied...we are running out of time...M this afternoon. I read it 3 times and could not figure out what He meant. A few possibilities, but none of them really made sense. So I asked what he meant. Tomorrow is Thursday and we have not had maintenance, he replied. I should have known, since we started maintenance, 18 months ago, Master has not missed a week.
The word maintenance had not even crossed my mind, my bottom was still sore. But I replied, Yes Sir, I wil text You when I am back home.

This afternoon, Master calls, and asks how my bottom is...still sore, I replied. Is it ready for maintenance?, he asked. I quickly considered several responses, and replied, I don't know how to answer that. It is your call. He chuckled, always my call. He then asked if my bottom felt well maintained....I quickly replied yes. To my surprise...and delight...He said we could forget maintenance today, but when we did get together tomorrow, the spanking would depend on tomorrow's weigh in, and if He was not happy, I would report again on Friday, and we could meet early in the morning.

I know when I am being presented with a golden opportunity...consistency and follow through are important and woderful..but just once in a while an early pardon, a reprieve, is a great surprise!



  1. Isn't it just lovely when you get what you really need? Good for you! Sara

  2. Consistency is indeed needed!! I think the inconsistency was my biggest issue with hubby when we were doing DD. Maybe we'll give it a try again at some point.


  3. sara.....sure is! abby

    sarah....I know consistency is a sticky point for a lot of couples. Good luck! abby