Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a welcome back!

I just re-read yesterday's post...guess I should not try to write while exhausted...sorry about all the typos.

His text this morning was be ready to serve Your Master...I was so ready!
I had a wonderful welcome back to where I truly belong, with Master.

We started with several long hugs....Master always says one can never have too many hugs, and backs it up. I think we both just needed to feel each other and hold each other once again. We then took time to chat and get caught up on the past 3 weeks.

Soon, I was kneeling and being "claimed", being still, hands behind my back, eyes closed, just feeling Masters' hands all over me. Rubbing, pulling, tucking, making sure I felt that all of me was His.

Master then pulled out, this long, fairly thick paint stick. I had not seen that one before, and was a little apprehensive. It had been over three weeks, and Master kindly started out with a very long hand warm-up. He even started out slowly and lightly, and built up the pace and intensity. I love being spanked by Master's hands, He has a wonderful toy bag, but His hands are my favorite spanking implement.

He spanked me for a long time, stopping to rub frequently. Each set was a little harder, a little longer, leading me to the path of total relaxation and acceptance, and not wanting Him to stop. He was spanking all over, the sides of my bottom, my thighs, inner thighs, and my pussy, it all felt sooo good, soo hot.

I had forgotten about that paint stick, til I felt the sting. It replaced Master's hand, repeating the same path, bottom, sides, thighs, and pussy. By then I was really squirming and really just wanted a release, a permission. I told Master I was going to burst, He said...not yet, but soon.

He went back to His hand, but all I could think about was the throbbing inside of me. Finally, He is saying, you are very wet and swollen. Several rather sarcastic repsonses crossed my mind, but I wanted that release, so I just asked for permission. "Cum for your Master"...finally! I did, over and over, I was loud and wanton and breathless, it was amazing. Master remarked He had really released the tigress within me ...guess I was also growling. I was finally just laying there, totally spent trying to keep breathing, feeling Master's hands once again, gently rubbing and tapping, helping me back to earth.

I then got to snuggle into Master's fur...I love His furry chest. We talked quietly, and just enjoyed some quiet time. I brought up my grandson's christening in a few weeks, another trip, for me. Master wanted me to make it an overnight, but I was able to get permission for a week......but....Master said there will be tasks and asignments to be completed while I am away. That is something new, He said He would put on His thinking cap, and let me know what He decides....I am intrigued, as this is something new. I think it will help me to feel our connection and stay focused, but also a little apprehensive, something new is....well new and unknown. I will keep you all posted.

We ended as we started, kneeling time and hugs. I am still enjoying the afterglow. This seemed like one of those extra-special times and connections. It is truly good to be back where I belong.



  1. Wow, such a hot post! Loved reading it!


  2. Sarah...thanks, it was a great afternoon! abby

    appy..thank you...