Friday, September 30, 2011

A welcome....then a caning

First let me say I spent a good part of today reading blogs....only my comments all seemed to disappear before my eyes. I did get a couple of comments to actually post, but mostly when I hit publish..a blank box. I tried several ideas, of course none worked. But I loved reading what you all have been up to.

Master and I finally both managed to be back home and had our welcome home yesterday. Hugging, kneeling time, a wonderful hand spanking...which really stung....and permissions to cum! The perfect welcome!

While we were together Master asked what I thought would happen when I weighed in today. I replied I have no idea. He looked at me, and then asked if I had used the wii since I have been back.....I had not. I commented He sould cut my some slack....He replied... I should be trying harder.

Today, my weigh-in was a plus 2. I promised to do better and He said OK. do I interpret that? During our noon time conversation, He said we would have a "meeting of the minds" this afternoon....I know how to interpret bottom will be sore.

When I walked in He was holding a small cane. Two pounds?? If you had gained 1, or maybe if you had used your wii this week, this might just be a maintenance or is a punishment. Was I surprised no....a little disappointed, but I know Master has expectations, and I also knew I had not met them.

I was told to be naked and kneeling. He massaged a little, covered my eyes and helped me to relax..a little. He was not really scolding, but He was telling me that He expected better. He knows that some of what He expects from me is not easy, but He does expect me to try my best. I had to admit I had not done that.

I was told to get over the arm of the sofa, one of my least favorite spots. He started right in, 10 on each cheek. Even with a hand warm up and Master being in a playful mood, the cane a HURTS!
He wasn't talking much, we both knew why this was happening. I was busy just trying to stay in position and breathe. Another round of 20...after which I said, please, no more. Of course the reply was that is my decision, maybe if your bottom is too sore, your would prefer I continue here (thighs), or here (shins), or here (back), or I could have you turn over and use your is all mine. By this time my voice was a whisper, and I agreed it all belonged to Him. He proceeded with another set of 20, and I was ouching and owing very loudly. Master was encouraging to let the tears flow, but I have never cried that during any spanking. I think I fear if I let myself start, I would lose all control....I know as if I have any control in the first place.

Finally Master announced 10 more....harder ones. I took a deep breath and told myself I can do this. I knew the last one would be the lardest of all, and then I could really breathe. Master told me to spread my legs wide, and He started probing and rubbing, and getting me all wet and panting. Then, He stopped, naughty girls do not get to cum...they get no pleasure, but Master's still do.

Finally I had permission to stand, and Master put His arms out for a big, long hug. I finally let the tears come, while Master spoke quietly to me, letting me know all was forgiven, I had earned that clean slate, we were good.

Master has let me borrow His Anne Rice, Beauty series...I started re-reading them last night. It has been a long time since I read them, I think before I met Master, and I do not remember reading the third one. I had to stop and text Master and ask for permission after I had read the first couple chapters. This afternoon, Master told me, not to bother to ask for more permissions when reading ..or otherwise..until I had loss those 2 pounds. I said I can't even ask...and hope. No, until those 2 pounds are gone, I cannot even ask. I have not picked up the book this evenig, and think I will put it aside for a couple sense torturing myself!

Have a good weekend, it is going to be a very soggy one here.


  1. *I think I fear if I let myself start, I would lose all control....*

    Boy, can I relate to that statement!!

    Good luck with the weight loss. It sucks! Oh, and I just sold my Sleeping Beauty Series on Amazon! The third book is just waaaaay out there.

    Oh, and with the it possible that people have comment moderation on, and thus you don't see your comment published immediately? On my blog your comments come through, but I must first approve them for publishing.


  2. sarah
    I am loving re-reading the first book, Master warned me that the last one is really out there.
    I did not see that the comments had to be approe, but maybe, I will have to look more carefully..thanks! abby

  3. How much weight are you trying to lose? Good luck losing the weight you need/want!


  4. That sounded awful! He's better be too..


  5. Kitty, I have lost 60, my current goal is 10 more. I still have more to go, any helpful hints?? abby

    Stormy, He is serious, He wants me to do my best, not exercising for a week is not considered my best. Hopefull I will remember the consequences for a while. abby