Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's news

Hope you all had a good day. It was sunny and coolish here..almost perfect! I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out closets. I know does not sound too exciting, but I view it as a treasure hunt, and even found a couple forgotten items!

I have not reported on my diet in a while. When I weighed in last Tuesday, after being away for 3 weeks, I had gained 3 pounds. I was not looking forward to having that discussion with Master, but He surprised me. He said considering the time away and the stress I was under, that was not too bad, as long as I got right back to the wii and my food reporting, which I have. I actually lost almost 2 1/2 pounds last week...amazing what no ice cream snacking will do! I stayed the same over the weekend, but that is acceptable, I just have to report a loss on Friday.

When I retired from teaching, one of the things I got to cross off my 'bucket list' was joining a book club. Last week I told Master I was going to spend most of the day reading to get ready for my book club. He asked if it was a good book...about a crochety old woman, so far. He asked if I was interested in more "interesting" reading. That got my curiosity up, Master never seemed like much of a reader. He asked if I had ever read the "Sleeping Beauty" series, He thought they were a great fantasy read. I had read them, even before I met Master...seems like a lifetime ago.

This morning I was told to search and see if I could find the books. (hence my real incentive for cleaning out closets..) I did not find them, He said He would lend me His...I am more than a little surprised that He has the set and has kept them.

I think this is a huge clue as to the assignments I will have while I am away next week. I have been trying to figure out what He has in mind.
I always love the anticipation of something new being added, at least until I find out what it is...LOL.

Have a good week everyone!



  1. the anticipation is always nice. i have read the Sleeping Beauty books and will be curious to hear if they gave him some ideas.

    Do you know Anne Rice wrote the books under a different name?


  2. I wonder if these boos are available on the have sparked my curiosity.

  3. FD..I will ask if He got ideas from the books, at the very least they had to feed His imagination. Do you know what other name Anne Rice writes by? abby

    hs..don't know about the kindle. If you have never read the series I highly recommend you do.