Thursday, September 8, 2011

Master's version vs. my version

Today was maintenance day for this week. At the end when Master said He would be looking for my blog entry, He mentioned His summary for today...
extended kneeling time...hard paddling...hard fu******! That was His summary. I must say it is accurate, but a little lacking in details.

Maintenance...when I used to dream of maintenance it was of a weekly reconnecting, playful time with leather and rubbing and.....Master's view of maintenance is as a deterrant to punishment, therefore it needs to be a reminder of what will come if I find myself headed to His dreaded basement. needs to be felt, and hurt, and make me want to avoid anything that would hurt more. It has worked that way, but I so wish I could convert Him to my idea of maintenance.

Maintenance today started with extended kneeling time for me. Master was working on a remodel project and needed a bit more time...I thought standing around and chatting with Him, was a good idea. But I was told to go undress, kneel, and start focusing. He asked me once if I was keeping good posture...I was. Not sure how long I was kneeling there, but longer than I have kneeled in a while.

Suddenly I feel Master's hands covering my eyes and starting his descent down my body. He always stop at my nipples, to tug, pull and pinch, since that is a sensitive spot for me. Master then helps me get up, and reminds me that maintenance is a deterrant, so it needs to be felt. He tells me to get over the end of the sofa, bottom high, feet off the floor. One of my least favorite positions, feet off the floor always makes it much harder to me to stay in position.

I look up and see Him holding the plastic paddle. This is my first maintenance spanking in over 3 weeks, that paddle HURTS, I am dreading it.
He starts right in, no warm up, going from cheek to cheek. I manage to not stand up, but my legs are kicking up, and Master is putting them back in place reminding me to keep them there. I am struggling almost from the beginning, I am trying to go with the pain, but it seems like it is too much. I start voicing that it hurts, it is too much...

Master stops and leans into my ear and starts to talk slowly and calmly to me. He knows its been 3 weeks and my bottom is feeling it more than usual, but that is maintenance. He wants to avoid punishments, He knows I can do this, reminding me again why we do this type of spanking.

Once I am calmer, He stands and says 12 more on each cheek. Usually knowing how many really helps me to get though the harder spankings, I can say one less..only 11 more...I was a little calmer, but still having trouble keeping still. Finally we were down to 3 more on each cheek and I finally managed to keep myself still.

Master was rubbing, and telling me that I was out of condition, but that He was not spanking as hard as a punishment. Then He asked if I had brought my toys. On Tuesday, Master had said He wanted me to bring my toys along from now on. Master has a large wonderful toy bag, mine is limited, a frog paddle (I collect frogs), a short strap,a blindfold, and some "personal" toys. I said they were in a black bag by the door. Master asked if I was hoping He would forget. I said I almost left them in the car...He chuckled and said....would have been interesting to see you hustle out there and get them. I know better than to challenge Him, so I simply said, I will not forget them.

Master pulled out my newest toy, a gift from Him, a large vibrator/dildo. I argued when we were shopping that a smaller one would be better, but.....So while He is getting me very hot and ready and wet, He wants me to suck on it..."mouth training". After a bit, Master takes it, and uses it to make me cum. Yes, more than once, maybe 3 or 4...who can count at a time like that? Finally I say no more please, and this time He listens and stops, pulls me over to him, so I can snuggle into His chest.
We snuggle for a long time, chatting quietly, just enjoying the haze we are in.

This was more than the every week maintenance, not the maintenance I used to dream of, but in some ways....way better!



  1. I am like you; I view maintenance as a reconnecting time, a recalibration of sorts! because it's getting uncalibrated that leads to the needing punishment!!

    Alas, we don't do maintenance, because my hubby feels like it's senseless to give a spanking to avoid a spanking. Not quite the point of maintenance in many eyes, but that's how he sees it. :( So we don't do it.

    However, in the first paragraph when your Master described what was to be,

    *extended kneeling time...hard paddling...hard fu******! *

    YUM!! Except for extended kneeling time (way way too hard on my knees and actually cuts off my circulation), the rest sounds delicious!! :)


  2. was step in in intensity for me...but that's a ladder I am happy to climb!
    abby was yummy...Master would say...a spanking to avoid a more serious