Monday, September 5, 2011

life happens.......

I have finally returned from my 10 day time away. My return date was supposed to be the 24th of August. The week before that was wonderful. My children, my 3 'grands', my mom and even my siblings mamaged time together. We spent mornings on the beach, ate lots of fresh sea food, and had a wonderful 2nd birthday celebration.

Then, the Monday before I was to head back home, my mom was hospitalized. She ended up having a heart valve replace, it went well and she is home doing better than we expected. I also survived the hurricane, with only downed tree in the road and no power for a day.

I cannot really complain, I got to spend time with all my family, had a ball with my 2 granddaughters, my mom is home and healing, and I am finally back to Master.

I am so far behind in all of your blogs and what has been happening, think I will just start with today...or tomorrow more likely. Time to unpakc, pay bills, do laundry, etc...



  1. I hope ur master relents on the extra 100 for everyday you were late under the circumstances.

    Glad your mom is doing better.

  2. Hey Abby,
    So glad that everyone's fine and you are back where you should be.


  3. Abby, I am happy for you that it all turned out well. I am looking forward to your posts.


  4. Anon....Master told me before my mom's surgery that He was not holding me to the 100/day. I have a feeing He will be using that again...abby too! abby

    appy....thanks for your comment....hope You enjoy your time here...abby