Monday, September 26, 2011

Jumping to conclusions

I am back, filled with funny moments and wonderful family memories. I had the opportunity to see all 3 of my "grands" and we had a wonderful family Christening on Sunday. My trip to Atlantic City was lots of fun.....and I even left with more money than I arrived with....YAHOO!!

I actually started an entry with this title while I was away. I have a new notebook computer, but after the second time it seemed to just eat my attempt I gave up...guess I should have read that intruction book.

About a month or so ago Master and I were having a "chat" about an issue that I referred to as a "bump in the road". Master finally said I needed to stop jumping to conclusions and ask Him for answers or clarifications. I am lucky, I know I can always ask Master to talk things out, or if I think He has misunderstood a situation. Our chats do not necessarily change His mind or even make Him reconsider, but I always feel better with His decision after we have talked it out. I do realize that is not very submissive, but as long as I ask respectfully and calmly Master has always agreed to hear me out.

I did not think I jumped to conclusions, I always thought I looked at all the facts and came to a well thought out decision. The night before I left on my recent trip, I found myself in bed with my brain popping. Master and I had not had a chance to see each other before I left, I was supposed to be assinged a task, it had not happened. So, I lay in bed jumping to conclusions, I had a restless tossy turny night, and woke up to get ready for an early flight still tired.

I got to the airport, and through security to find that my flight was delayed. As I sat and thought about the night before and Master, I suddenly remembered the jumping to conclusions admonition. That was exactly what I had done. So, I sent Master a text, admitting it and apologizing, wishing Him a good week.

Master called me after He got the text. After we chatted for a bit, He volunteered to come to the airport to give me my good bye hug and to drop off the Anne Rice books. Honestly I was stunned, I know Saturdays are very busy for Him, and it was the last ting I expected. He told me to check the security check-in line first to see how long it was, since I would have to get through it again. It turns out the line was very long, so I did not get to see Master.

This was definately one of those cases where the thought is what counted. I thought about Master's generous offer the whole time I was gone, and hopefully the next time I start to jump to conclusions I will remember His offer.

As it turns out, Master and I probably passed each other on the thruway today. He had to leave town, just as I was returning, so no welcome home hug yet. But, I am NOT jumping to any conclusions, I am looking forward to an extra big hug in a couple of days.



  1. Wow. How timely for my current situation. Why do we DO this?! My situation stands on the edge of a knife. Mine has always been patient & understanding about my overreactions until now. I pray this storm of my disbelief & doubt with blow over us without much harm...they always prove themselves, don't they

  2. Yay to leaving with more money than you came with! I've never had much luck in Atlantic City. Vegas on the other hand....

    It can be hard not to jump to conclusions. We must discern situations and meanings in every day life for a variety of reasons in order to make choices by taking in what is around us and analyzing it to make the right choice. In my line of work, taking in the facts and evidence and coming to a conclusion is a HUGE part of it! It's what I must do. How hard it would be to stop that! What a test for you that may be! :) Good luck!


  3. anon...when you find our the answer to why?, clue me in! Hope all has blown over is is well with you. abby

    Sarah, you are right about coming to comclucions, it is the jumping part I need to work on. abby