Friday, September 16, 2011


I am almost all packed for my next time away. I am flying to NJ in the morning curtisy of my son-in-law. My new grandson is being christened a week from Sunday and I volunteered to come and help. My son-in-law enticed me with a side trip to Atlantic City as a thank-you for my past babysitting. I said I did not need thanks, but he seemed so I get to go to Atlantic City also!

Master was supposed to give some assignments for this trip, to help keep me centered. He either forgot or has been too I get to just have fun bing a grandma....and gambling!

I should be gone about 10 days...
Happy spanks to all!


  1. Have a wonderful time abby!! :) I've always wanted to go to Atlantic City.

  2. Enjoy your new grandson and Atlantic City!

    Take care


  3. Have a great trip! Atlantic city is fun! Enjoy the new baby :)

  4. Atlantic City is so fun!!! Enjoy your trip and precious grandbaby!


  5. Jazmine..thanks, the boardwalk is a great place to stroll.

    Sky...thanks, being a grandma is sooo much fun!

    Heather...I agree Atlantic City is fun!

    Sarah...thanks, I know I am fortunate that I can spend so much time with my precious grands