Wednesday, September 14, 2011

At His feet

Master told me He has been busy trimming limbs in His back yard. Today, I saw...huge tree stumps and big chunks of trees. I laughed, only Master would consider that limb trimming. No wonder He looked tired today.

Our time together started, as always, with kneeling and claiming time. Then, to my surprise, instead of helping me up, I was told to put my head down, and bottom up. This was a new position, new on the floor anyway, not on a bed. To my credit...instead of thinking what??, I immediately got into the new position. Master has told me, don't stop and think, then act on what I tell you to do, act, then think.

Master told me to uncross my ankles, which I did. Then I felt Master's flogger, that wonderful large leather flogger that I love! He started slowly and increased speed and intensity. When Master traveled to my bottom and thighs the pain seemed more intense than usual.

Master then used a vaariety of the toys in His bag, starting with the leather ones. Then I found myself between Master's legs and He was squeezing me, as if to keep me from moving...I thought uhoh... Sure enough it was wood time. He was concentrating on my sit spots and bottom, and it seemed intense. I crossed my ankles, and immediately felt my thighs get a couple hard swats, Master telling me to uncross them...they stayed uncrossed. After a few more rounds I was allowed up.

Master said He felt like using His toys, and I was His plaything. It actually made me smile.

I was then invited over His lap, to feel the wonder of His hand. He was spanking, and touching, and rubbing, and suddenly asked me if I wanted maitenance to be today or tomorrow. I know He was being kind, since I am supposed to make the arrangement for maintenance and He was opening the door for me. I did not want Him to stop what He was doing, but I also knew that tomorrow I had plans for a day outlet mall shopping trip. (Yes, master had already given me permission.)

So I said, neither...He chuckled. So you want to be in big trouble on Friday, He asked. So I chose today, and He stopped just as I was working up a good pant. He took out the Winnie the Pooh paddle..sounds harmless, it isn't..any Winnie fans out there are welcomed to it.

He did go lightly at first and built up slowly. Then I heard the last 12, hard ones. Then Master went back to working me into a pant, some moans, and lots of noises...and releases.

As I was thinking about this afternoon, I realized that I needed to be at Master's feet this afternoon, I needed to feel like His play thing, I needed to be reminded of my submissiveness. Once again, He gave me everything I needed...and even some of what I wanted.


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  1. Wow!! You know, I think crossing your ankles is just instinctive -- everyone I know does it!! It takes some serious concentration to keep from doing it.

    Being at his feet can be so satisfying. I know, for me, there are times when I need it to kinda --- feel --- in place. We don't do it regularly, but every so often I will sit at his feet on my own and lay my head on his knee because it makes me feel calm. :)