Friday, September 30, 2011

A welcome....then a caning

First let me say I spent a good part of today reading blogs....only my comments all seemed to disappear before my eyes. I did get a couple of comments to actually post, but mostly when I hit publish..a blank box. I tried several ideas, of course none worked. But I loved reading what you all have been up to.

Master and I finally both managed to be back home and had our welcome home yesterday. Hugging, kneeling time, a wonderful hand spanking...which really stung....and permissions to cum! The perfect welcome!

While we were together Master asked what I thought would happen when I weighed in today. I replied I have no idea. He looked at me, and then asked if I had used the wii since I have been back.....I had not. I commented He sould cut my some slack....He replied... I should be trying harder.

Today, my weigh-in was a plus 2. I promised to do better and He said OK. do I interpret that? During our noon time conversation, He said we would have a "meeting of the minds" this afternoon....I know how to interpret bottom will be sore.

When I walked in He was holding a small cane. Two pounds?? If you had gained 1, or maybe if you had used your wii this week, this might just be a maintenance or is a punishment. Was I surprised no....a little disappointed, but I know Master has expectations, and I also knew I had not met them.

I was told to be naked and kneeling. He massaged a little, covered my eyes and helped me to relax..a little. He was not really scolding, but He was telling me that He expected better. He knows that some of what He expects from me is not easy, but He does expect me to try my best. I had to admit I had not done that.

I was told to get over the arm of the sofa, one of my least favorite spots. He started right in, 10 on each cheek. Even with a hand warm up and Master being in a playful mood, the cane a HURTS!
He wasn't talking much, we both knew why this was happening. I was busy just trying to stay in position and breathe. Another round of 20...after which I said, please, no more. Of course the reply was that is my decision, maybe if your bottom is too sore, your would prefer I continue here (thighs), or here (shins), or here (back), or I could have you turn over and use your is all mine. By this time my voice was a whisper, and I agreed it all belonged to Him. He proceeded with another set of 20, and I was ouching and owing very loudly. Master was encouraging to let the tears flow, but I have never cried that during any spanking. I think I fear if I let myself start, I would lose all control....I know as if I have any control in the first place.

Finally Master announced 10 more....harder ones. I took a deep breath and told myself I can do this. I knew the last one would be the lardest of all, and then I could really breathe. Master told me to spread my legs wide, and He started probing and rubbing, and getting me all wet and panting. Then, He stopped, naughty girls do not get to cum...they get no pleasure, but Master's still do.

Finally I had permission to stand, and Master put His arms out for a big, long hug. I finally let the tears come, while Master spoke quietly to me, letting me know all was forgiven, I had earned that clean slate, we were good.

Master has let me borrow His Anne Rice, Beauty series...I started re-reading them last night. It has been a long time since I read them, I think before I met Master, and I do not remember reading the third one. I had to stop and text Master and ask for permission after I had read the first couple chapters. This afternoon, Master told me, not to bother to ask for more permissions when reading ..or otherwise..until I had loss those 2 pounds. I said I can't even ask...and hope. No, until those 2 pounds are gone, I cannot even ask. I have not picked up the book this evenig, and think I will put it aside for a couple sense torturing myself!

Have a good weekend, it is going to be a very soggy one here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jumping to conclusions

I am back, filled with funny moments and wonderful family memories. I had the opportunity to see all 3 of my "grands" and we had a wonderful family Christening on Sunday. My trip to Atlantic City was lots of fun.....and I even left with more money than I arrived with....YAHOO!!

I actually started an entry with this title while I was away. I have a new notebook computer, but after the second time it seemed to just eat my attempt I gave up...guess I should have read that intruction book.

About a month or so ago Master and I were having a "chat" about an issue that I referred to as a "bump in the road". Master finally said I needed to stop jumping to conclusions and ask Him for answers or clarifications. I am lucky, I know I can always ask Master to talk things out, or if I think He has misunderstood a situation. Our chats do not necessarily change His mind or even make Him reconsider, but I always feel better with His decision after we have talked it out. I do realize that is not very submissive, but as long as I ask respectfully and calmly Master has always agreed to hear me out.

I did not think I jumped to conclusions, I always thought I looked at all the facts and came to a well thought out decision. The night before I left on my recent trip, I found myself in bed with my brain popping. Master and I had not had a chance to see each other before I left, I was supposed to be assinged a task, it had not happened. So, I lay in bed jumping to conclusions, I had a restless tossy turny night, and woke up to get ready for an early flight still tired.

I got to the airport, and through security to find that my flight was delayed. As I sat and thought about the night before and Master, I suddenly remembered the jumping to conclusions admonition. That was exactly what I had done. So, I sent Master a text, admitting it and apologizing, wishing Him a good week.

Master called me after He got the text. After we chatted for a bit, He volunteered to come to the airport to give me my good bye hug and to drop off the Anne Rice books. Honestly I was stunned, I know Saturdays are very busy for Him, and it was the last ting I expected. He told me to check the security check-in line first to see how long it was, since I would have to get through it again. It turns out the line was very long, so I did not get to see Master.

This was definately one of those cases where the thought is what counted. I thought about Master's generous offer the whole time I was gone, and hopefully the next time I start to jump to conclusions I will remember His offer.

As it turns out, Master and I probably passed each other on the thruway today. He had to leave town, just as I was returning, so no welcome home hug yet. But, I am NOT jumping to any conclusions, I am looking forward to an extra big hug in a couple of days.


Friday, September 16, 2011


I am almost all packed for my next time away. I am flying to NJ in the morning curtisy of my son-in-law. My new grandson is being christened a week from Sunday and I volunteered to come and help. My son-in-law enticed me with a side trip to Atlantic City as a thank-you for my past babysitting. I said I did not need thanks, but he seemed so I get to go to Atlantic City also!

Master was supposed to give some assignments for this trip, to help keep me centered. He either forgot or has been too I get to just have fun bing a grandma....and gambling!

I should be gone about 10 days...
Happy spanks to all!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

At His feet

Master told me He has been busy trimming limbs in His back yard. Today, I saw...huge tree stumps and big chunks of trees. I laughed, only Master would consider that limb trimming. No wonder He looked tired today.

Our time together started, as always, with kneeling and claiming time. Then, to my surprise, instead of helping me up, I was told to put my head down, and bottom up. This was a new position, new on the floor anyway, not on a bed. To my credit...instead of thinking what??, I immediately got into the new position. Master has told me, don't stop and think, then act on what I tell you to do, act, then think.

Master told me to uncross my ankles, which I did. Then I felt Master's flogger, that wonderful large leather flogger that I love! He started slowly and increased speed and intensity. When Master traveled to my bottom and thighs the pain seemed more intense than usual.

Master then used a vaariety of the toys in His bag, starting with the leather ones. Then I found myself between Master's legs and He was squeezing me, as if to keep me from moving...I thought uhoh... Sure enough it was wood time. He was concentrating on my sit spots and bottom, and it seemed intense. I crossed my ankles, and immediately felt my thighs get a couple hard swats, Master telling me to uncross them...they stayed uncrossed. After a few more rounds I was allowed up.

Master said He felt like using His toys, and I was His plaything. It actually made me smile.

I was then invited over His lap, to feel the wonder of His hand. He was spanking, and touching, and rubbing, and suddenly asked me if I wanted maitenance to be today or tomorrow. I know He was being kind, since I am supposed to make the arrangement for maintenance and He was opening the door for me. I did not want Him to stop what He was doing, but I also knew that tomorrow I had plans for a day outlet mall shopping trip. (Yes, master had already given me permission.)

So I said, neither...He chuckled. So you want to be in big trouble on Friday, He asked. So I chose today, and He stopped just as I was working up a good pant. He took out the Winnie the Pooh paddle..sounds harmless, it isn't..any Winnie fans out there are welcomed to it.

He did go lightly at first and built up slowly. Then I heard the last 12, hard ones. Then Master went back to working me into a pant, some moans, and lots of noises...and releases.

As I was thinking about this afternoon, I realized that I needed to be at Master's feet this afternoon, I needed to feel like His play thing, I needed to be reminded of my submissiveness. Once again, He gave me everything I needed...and even some of what I wanted.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's news

Hope you all had a good day. It was sunny and coolish here..almost perfect! I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out closets. I know does not sound too exciting, but I view it as a treasure hunt, and even found a couple forgotten items!

I have not reported on my diet in a while. When I weighed in last Tuesday, after being away for 3 weeks, I had gained 3 pounds. I was not looking forward to having that discussion with Master, but He surprised me. He said considering the time away and the stress I was under, that was not too bad, as long as I got right back to the wii and my food reporting, which I have. I actually lost almost 2 1/2 pounds last week...amazing what no ice cream snacking will do! I stayed the same over the weekend, but that is acceptable, I just have to report a loss on Friday.

When I retired from teaching, one of the things I got to cross off my 'bucket list' was joining a book club. Last week I told Master I was going to spend most of the day reading to get ready for my book club. He asked if it was a good book...about a crochety old woman, so far. He asked if I was interested in more "interesting" reading. That got my curiosity up, Master never seemed like much of a reader. He asked if I had ever read the "Sleeping Beauty" series, He thought they were a great fantasy read. I had read them, even before I met Master...seems like a lifetime ago.

This morning I was told to search and see if I could find the books. (hence my real incentive for cleaning out closets..) I did not find them, He said He would lend me His...I am more than a little surprised that He has the set and has kept them.

I think this is a huge clue as to the assignments I will have while I am away next week. I have been trying to figure out what He has in mind.
I always love the anticipation of something new being added, at least until I find out what it is...LOL.

Have a good week everyone!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Master's version vs. my version

Today was maintenance day for this week. At the end when Master said He would be looking for my blog entry, He mentioned His summary for today...
extended kneeling time...hard paddling...hard fu******! That was His summary. I must say it is accurate, but a little lacking in details.

Maintenance...when I used to dream of maintenance it was of a weekly reconnecting, playful time with leather and rubbing and.....Master's view of maintenance is as a deterrant to punishment, therefore it needs to be a reminder of what will come if I find myself headed to His dreaded basement. needs to be felt, and hurt, and make me want to avoid anything that would hurt more. It has worked that way, but I so wish I could convert Him to my idea of maintenance.

Maintenance today started with extended kneeling time for me. Master was working on a remodel project and needed a bit more time...I thought standing around and chatting with Him, was a good idea. But I was told to go undress, kneel, and start focusing. He asked me once if I was keeping good posture...I was. Not sure how long I was kneeling there, but longer than I have kneeled in a while.

Suddenly I feel Master's hands covering my eyes and starting his descent down my body. He always stop at my nipples, to tug, pull and pinch, since that is a sensitive spot for me. Master then helps me get up, and reminds me that maintenance is a deterrant, so it needs to be felt. He tells me to get over the end of the sofa, bottom high, feet off the floor. One of my least favorite positions, feet off the floor always makes it much harder to me to stay in position.

I look up and see Him holding the plastic paddle. This is my first maintenance spanking in over 3 weeks, that paddle HURTS, I am dreading it.
He starts right in, no warm up, going from cheek to cheek. I manage to not stand up, but my legs are kicking up, and Master is putting them back in place reminding me to keep them there. I am struggling almost from the beginning, I am trying to go with the pain, but it seems like it is too much. I start voicing that it hurts, it is too much...

Master stops and leans into my ear and starts to talk slowly and calmly to me. He knows its been 3 weeks and my bottom is feeling it more than usual, but that is maintenance. He wants to avoid punishments, He knows I can do this, reminding me again why we do this type of spanking.

Once I am calmer, He stands and says 12 more on each cheek. Usually knowing how many really helps me to get though the harder spankings, I can say one less..only 11 more...I was a little calmer, but still having trouble keeping still. Finally we were down to 3 more on each cheek and I finally managed to keep myself still.

Master was rubbing, and telling me that I was out of condition, but that He was not spanking as hard as a punishment. Then He asked if I had brought my toys. On Tuesday, Master had said He wanted me to bring my toys along from now on. Master has a large wonderful toy bag, mine is limited, a frog paddle (I collect frogs), a short strap,a blindfold, and some "personal" toys. I said they were in a black bag by the door. Master asked if I was hoping He would forget. I said I almost left them in the car...He chuckled and said....would have been interesting to see you hustle out there and get them. I know better than to challenge Him, so I simply said, I will not forget them.

Master pulled out my newest toy, a gift from Him, a large vibrator/dildo. I argued when we were shopping that a smaller one would be better, but.....So while He is getting me very hot and ready and wet, He wants me to suck on it..."mouth training". After a bit, Master takes it, and uses it to make me cum. Yes, more than once, maybe 3 or 4...who can count at a time like that? Finally I say no more please, and this time He listens and stops, pulls me over to him, so I can snuggle into His chest.
We snuggle for a long time, chatting quietly, just enjoying the haze we are in.

This was more than the every week maintenance, not the maintenance I used to dream of, but in some ways....way better!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a welcome back!

I just re-read yesterday's post...guess I should not try to write while exhausted...sorry about all the typos.

His text this morning was be ready to serve Your Master...I was so ready!
I had a wonderful welcome back to where I truly belong, with Master.

We started with several long hugs....Master always says one can never have too many hugs, and backs it up. I think we both just needed to feel each other and hold each other once again. We then took time to chat and get caught up on the past 3 weeks.

Soon, I was kneeling and being "claimed", being still, hands behind my back, eyes closed, just feeling Masters' hands all over me. Rubbing, pulling, tucking, making sure I felt that all of me was His.

Master then pulled out, this long, fairly thick paint stick. I had not seen that one before, and was a little apprehensive. It had been over three weeks, and Master kindly started out with a very long hand warm-up. He even started out slowly and lightly, and built up the pace and intensity. I love being spanked by Master's hands, He has a wonderful toy bag, but His hands are my favorite spanking implement.

He spanked me for a long time, stopping to rub frequently. Each set was a little harder, a little longer, leading me to the path of total relaxation and acceptance, and not wanting Him to stop. He was spanking all over, the sides of my bottom, my thighs, inner thighs, and my pussy, it all felt sooo good, soo hot.

I had forgotten about that paint stick, til I felt the sting. It replaced Master's hand, repeating the same path, bottom, sides, thighs, and pussy. By then I was really squirming and really just wanted a release, a permission. I told Master I was going to burst, He said...not yet, but soon.

He went back to His hand, but all I could think about was the throbbing inside of me. Finally, He is saying, you are very wet and swollen. Several rather sarcastic repsonses crossed my mind, but I wanted that release, so I just asked for permission. "Cum for your Master"...finally! I did, over and over, I was loud and wanton and breathless, it was amazing. Master remarked He had really released the tigress within me ...guess I was also growling. I was finally just laying there, totally spent trying to keep breathing, feeling Master's hands once again, gently rubbing and tapping, helping me back to earth.

I then got to snuggle into Master's fur...I love His furry chest. We talked quietly, and just enjoyed some quiet time. I brought up my grandson's christening in a few weeks, another trip, for me. Master wanted me to make it an overnight, but I was able to get permission for a week......but....Master said there will be tasks and asignments to be completed while I am away. That is something new, He said He would put on His thinking cap, and let me know what He decides....I am intrigued, as this is something new. I think it will help me to feel our connection and stay focused, but also a little apprehensive, something new is....well new and unknown. I will keep you all posted.

We ended as we started, kneeling time and hugs. I am still enjoying the afterglow. This seemed like one of those extra-special times and connections. It is truly good to be back where I belong.


Monday, September 5, 2011

life happens.......

I have finally returned from my 10 day time away. My return date was supposed to be the 24th of August. The week before that was wonderful. My children, my 3 'grands', my mom and even my siblings mamaged time together. We spent mornings on the beach, ate lots of fresh sea food, and had a wonderful 2nd birthday celebration.

Then, the Monday before I was to head back home, my mom was hospitalized. She ended up having a heart valve replace, it went well and she is home doing better than we expected. I also survived the hurricane, with only downed tree in the road and no power for a day.

I cannot really complain, I got to spend time with all my family, had a ball with my 2 granddaughters, my mom is home and healing, and I am finally back to Master.

I am so far behind in all of your blogs and what has been happening, think I will just start with today...or tomorrow more likely. Time to unpakc, pay bills, do laundry, etc...