Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Sox and bumps in the road

I am a Red Sox fan, have been since I used to listen to them on the radio back when I was in Junior High. I love Fenway Park, it is like a street party every game! Master is a Yanks fan....oops...guess we are not totally compatable. We usually get a little wager going when they play each other, as they did this past weekend. Master asked if I was game, and I replied when Sox win I get to feel lots of leather, He decided that I would get stripped (cane) when the Yanks win. Guess I get stripes, He said He loves the look of me in stripes...

I did not get back to Him on Saturday's wager, so there was none...and Sox won. Sunday's game I wagered some time with a metal pin wheel toy I have, I just love the sensations of it being rolled all over my body, and I cannot remember the last time it was used. So that is what I chose, along with a blindfold, to add anticipation. Master stuck with the cane. Thankfully, my boys came through for me...and I get to relax and enjoy my little toy...after I am wearing Master's stripes.

That was the fun part of the weekend. Sunday night as we were chatting we hit a "bump in the road", it had to do with miscommunication, both of us not realizing we were on different wave lenghts, among a couple other issues. We talked, but I got frustrated, so we met again this afternoon. I was calmer, still a little upset, but Master has a way of talking things out and getting me to explain my feelings, and making sure that we cover all the bases...just to keep up with baseball! We worked it all out, and both learned a lesson, about what might be important to the other person.

One of the important realizations I have learned from Master is that, "bumps" can be smoothed and worked out....we just have to keep trying. It is good to feel that we are both once again reading the same book and on the same page.



  1. Good for you! Bumps in the road don't stand a chance when you take the time to understand each true.

  2. Communication is everything!Sara

  3. Stormy...bumps are no fun, but sometimes a learning and growing experience. abby

    Heather...we can root them on together! abby sure is, Master is helping me to open up and grow. abby