Tuesday, August 9, 2011

maintenance and.............shopping!

Maintenance day was today this week. I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it early to Master, since I have dropped the ball lately. Maintenance has come to be an important part of my submission, and Master has worked at being sure it happens weekly. This afternoon's maintenance started without a warm-up and it really stung right fromt the beginning. I tried to twist and see what He had chosen, since I could not tell. I could not see it, but He told me it was a lexan piece of shelving. He increased the strength of His spanks til I was really starting to squirm. Master stopped to let His fingers roam and play, and as I relaxed again, He picked up the paddle. He upped the speed and reminded me why we have maintenance...to keep me focused and away from punishment. Then I felt Him grab me around the waist and pull me in.....always a sign that He is about to rev things up a notch. No, it was not punishment, but it was close...thankfully it was a short volley.

Then it was play time, and it took no time for me to be so ready! Master prolonged giving me that first permission, til I think I was growling. I am always amazed when I think back to the sounds, noises really, that He seems to draw out of me. Finally, I heard...cum for me...and so of course,,,I did! We continued to play a while longer, then as I was getting dressed, Master asks if I wanted to go shopping?

We have talked about my getting myself a new toy...vibrator...I only have one, it is small, but it does the job. I looked on line and when I was telling Master what I had found, He suggested we should go shopping together. I agreed. I had slmost figured it was not going to happen, but I have learned to be patient...at least a little patient...

So I told Master I was ready to shop. Now, most of you know I am not a "young chick"... I am a retired school teacher with grandchildren. Today was my first visit into an adult toy store! It was interesting, lots of things in there.....some silly....some interesting...and some just...OMG!!!! As Master and I were looking at the available toys, Master and I had different opinions on what we should get....You can all guess who's opinion won out. So Master treated me to a new toy, but I somehow think He will get to enjoy it also...A surprising, fun, interesing afternoon!



  1. How brave of you...a grandma stepping out! ;) (I've never been to one either...shhh!) Sara

  2. I bought my sex toys on line for almost ever !! because i couldn't face going into an adult sex shop.

    Then one day about five years ago (I was celebrating my 50th birthday ) My girlfriend took me to one... ONLY ... it was in the gay village - AND - it was mostly a male shop. She delighted in pulling out every damn vibrator they had and educating me on the pros and cons of each. The 'boys' in the shop were having a good laugh at my expense. I was leaning against a "jewelry" display case .... and was trying very hard not to see what my friend was doing - so i was glancing nonchalantly at the "jewelry". Finally i said something about the pretty bracelets..... and that really set the "boys" off.. turned out they were cock rings!! I had never heard of such a thing. Trust me when I say I grabbed the first vibrator available and beat a hasty retreat out of the shop!!

  3. Sara...it is time for you to step out...if I can, so can you! abby

    morningstar.....LOL, Thank you for that comment, Master wanted to stay and browse, but I talked him out of it. abby

  4. My OMG moments in a sex shop always, always come from seeing the butt plugs. I'm not talking about little plugs, I'm talking about the huge "I should be called Marmaduke" plugs. Glad you went out to one. The one in my town is owned by a nice lady that looks like she is a retired teacher/grandmother... sorta weird looking around with her over my shoulder lol, always wondering if she'd give me heck for looking.