Thursday, August 11, 2011

endless orgasms.....(Master chose this title)

In all fairness...for all of you who are reading just to get the orgasms part, I did not just lay around and cum all day. The orgasm part is a small part of this. This is actually one of those entries that jumps around on a few topics.

I got a call from Master this afternoon asking for my help. One of His projects is putting a new transmission in a car. I said I would be glad to help, but on my way over I was thinking, I know nothing about cars, I can't even drive a standard. But Master had an easy "task" for me, just switching gears, so I was able to help Him out. While we were working on the car, I mentioned that my bottom was still tender from yesterday, kind of a hint that maybe my bottom needed a break. He replied I am sure it is still tender.

One of the many things that has surprised me about Master is how He seems to be able to read my thoughts. He has said to me...I heard you thinking that...(insert my thoughts)...way over from here...and whatever he thinks He heard, is usually what I was thinking. Yes, it is more than a little discerning. For the past few weeks I have been thinking that I ready...for more control...for a deeper submission. And although I always advise all of you to talk out your needs/wants with your HOH or Doms, I did not follow my own advice. I felt it might be like "topping from the bottom", and Master has been so darn busy lately, I have held back.

This morning when I was discussing my plans for today with Master, He added more control to my "planning". He actually thought it was something I was doing, but I honestly did not think it was something He expected. Anyway, I now know, and it has been added...Master has grabbed a little more control, without my even having to ask.

When we went in the house for Master to clean up, He told me to get my kneeling pillow.

While I was kneeling for Master, He mentioned my going away. I am leaving tomorrow, and that He expected me to not push Him and my submission way to the back of my not return having taken a "break" from us, which has happened in the past. In order to help me remember He was going to give me a hard paddling. I groaned, my bottom was still tender, and it was not what I expected.

He sat and as I went to get over His lap when I saw that darn lexan slat, I know how much that stings. He started right in, I was struggling, it really stung. After about 20, I said it was enough, Master did stop to rub a bit, but also informed me that he was just beginning, this was meant to be a paddling I would remember while I was away. I think He did 4 sets of 25, each set a little harder. I was ouching and owing very loudly, and squirming, but we got to the end.

Master then checked to see if all that squirming and ouching was real, or if I had enjoyed it a bit. I really did not, but unfortunately there is a part of me, that always contradicts me. Master chuckled as He felt for my wetness. He did ask if I had any orgasms left in me after yesterday. I waited a minute and replied....I think that for Him, my supply is endless...hence the title. Master then reminded me...which He loves to do...that when we were first beginning our journey, I was certain that orgasms were meant for me...for a few reasons. He proved me wrong, then for a long time, I would plead that 1 was enough, I could not have or take anymore. Well, if you have been reading here, you all know how wrong I was there also, and yes I did have a few more leftover for today.

Master then gave me a few extra "rules" for my trip. When we first dicussed it, I said I would be gone for 10 days. That has been expanded by a few days, and Master was not all that thrilled. I need to be back on the 24th in time for Him to spank me, or I will get 100 with His large paddle the next day. I cried fowl and not fair, and things come up, driving is unpredictable, etc.......all to no avail. If I decided to stay a couple extra days,it is 100 per day. No matter how unfair I judged this to be, I was not changing His mind. I also am to cum for Him every day while I am me this is a big deal. It will be busy and crowded, so I guess I will be taking long showers... I am also to continue with all of the other expected tasks. I know all of this is to help me, but as I sit here it seems like a lot.

I am off tomorrow to Boston and Maine. My children will all be there and my 3 little grand children. We will be introducing my mom to her newest great-grand son, and celebrating a second birthday. It will be crazy busy and crowded, so much fun, and such a blessing. I will try to check up on all of you, but will not be posting, or commenting. My computer time will be very limited...have fun, be good, or at least try, and have a spanking good 10 days!



  1. I wish you a fine stay with your family.


  2. Have a lovely time with your family.

    My DM has been giving me tasks (Long distance relationship), and I find it really helps keep me focused on HIM and my submission. I hope your tasks help you, too :) I'm new to your blog :)

  3. Dearest abby,

    i love the fact that your Master cares enough to give you ways to stay submissive to Him at all times. He is very thoughtful in assisting you in always feeling submissive, especially when you are away. your Master is what i would term an "active Dom" and so many subs do not gt a chance to experience the joy from this - Gratz!

    Wishing you and your Master well,


  4. Ow! I am glad my husband has not started to do "reminders" before he leaves, but he keeps saying he is going to.

    Hope you had a great time!

  5. appy...thanks, it has been terrific so far! abby

    ABF...I am...3 little ones are so much fun! abby

    Sky..welcome and thanks for the comment. The tasks have helped, I am definately staying focused. abby

    Kitten, thanks for your comment, I fowarded it to Master! I am lucky, we have managed to build a strong relationship. abby

    Stormy... this was much more of a reminded than I wanted, but I have stayed focused and was what I needed. abby