Wednesday, August 10, 2011

baseball bets are paid off...

This afternoon, Master and I met to settle up our recent bets on the Yanks/Red Sox series.

Master had the cuffs ready...I love those cuffs, they are lined with a soft fur, and make a great accessory...He has a wrist and an ankle set. Just having Him put them on me, and I feel my submission wash over me.
Then I was tied on my tummy to the bed. Being tied actually gives me the freedon to relax more, I don't have to worry about moving or concentrate on anything, but the sensations Master is creating.

Master's winning bet was that He would stripe me..with His cane. Without warm-up, He started right in on my bottom. He did stop after each short set, to rub and massage some of the sting away. After several sets He moved to my thighs, just because He can, reminding me that all of me is His. Then on to my back, this was a bit of a surprise...He started off horizontally across my back, then remembered that His Yanks wore straight up and down stipes, so went back over everything so I could have Yankee stripes. He was quiet pleased with Himself. All during this time Master had my new toy vibrating in me, warning me that I had better not let it slip out.

Then my turn, blindfolded and waiting to feel the relaxing sensation of my "wheelie" toy all over. He started out tracing my stripes with it, and then went on to other places. He had also turned up my vibrator a level, so my attention was somewhat divided between 2 sensations. After a break for more rubbing and some more massaging, He continued to "outline" other parts of my body. The blindfold, being tied, the vibrator, the feel of the prickly toy outlining, I was in my own little world. At one point I realized Master had spoken to me, and I asked Him to repeat...He just laughed.

Master then treated me to His horse hair flogger and the large leather flogger. My 2 favorite toys to come out of His bag. I had to be reminded that I did not have permission to cum, yet. An extra special little treat for me to have Master use these....thanks so much Master!

After several permissions, I was insisting I was done, but Master was showing me...not yet. Finally, all sensations quieted and I was just trying to catch my breath and come back to earth. Master and I had our quiet, cuddle time, and I came back to reality with a soft landing.

Master seems to have a wonderful sense of when I am ready to go with somehing new. I love that He pushes me to new experiences and sensations, while still having me feel perfectly safe.

The Yanks and the Sox have 2 more series to play yet this season...I cannot wait to see what play opportunities will arise with our wagers on those games.



  1. My slut call the Wartenberg wheel the "Wheelie" thing too. Very funny. It sounds like you both had fun.

  2. An interesting twist on an "as American as apple pie" sport! ;) Sara

  3. William....we both enjoyed ourselves...lots! Wheelie is such a bette name... abby

    Sara..LOL..I so love your way with words, you gave both Master and I a chuckle abby