Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 for 2

Over the weekend, Master and I were were discussing the lack of maintenance last week, and how it happened. I said altho maintenance spankings are not fun, I did feel sad that we had missed a week. His comment was we will make it up next week, I replied something along he lines...that would be interesting. His next remark was...or maybe a spanking every day for a week. Now I have learned from past experiences to be careful what I reply when He casually makes a statement that totally wows me. If I express any doubt that He would do it, He becomes very determined to prove me wrong, if I don't reply He starts to question me. I honestly can't remember exactly what I said, I think I laughed and said something that might be much, even for me. That was the end of discussion.

Yesterday it was not mentioned, so I figured it must have been a thow away comment. Today, when we were discussing my plans for the day, He told me to be available late this afternoon, when He got out of work.

When I arrived the first thing I said, was that this was a bit of a surprise. His reply.....this is only day 2, there are 3 more to go...a whole week's worth! Now I have imagined a lot of things before I actually got spanked, and even more since, but the thought of being spanked every day, for 5 days in a row, has never been one of my fantasies. I am intrigued, and I trust Master ... so, we will see if we got to 5. If I were a betting person..I would be yes!

Back to today, we started out with some kneeling and focusing time. We chatted a little about yesterday's punishment, and some of the "loose ends" that we settled. Then, it was over His lap. He chuckled, a little, remarking how relaxed I was this afternoon over His lap. My bottom was marked a little from yesterday, but was not sore or tender. Still, it did not take long for the heat to build, both on my bottom and elsewhere. Master was quickly commenting on how wet and ready I was, and that I probably would cum even if all He did was keep spanking me. I was ready, I could feel it. He started to roam, and play, it took very little time for me to be begging for permission. I don't often plead, but I was so ready... and so spent after a string of permissions...maybe 4. We then had some quiet time, some coming back to earth cuddling, and more kneeling time. I have been spanked 2 days in a row before, but never 3....


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