Thursday, August 11, 2011

endless orgasms.....(Master chose this title)

In all fairness...for all of you who are reading just to get the orgasms part, I did not just lay around and cum all day. The orgasm part is a small part of this. This is actually one of those entries that jumps around on a few topics.

I got a call from Master this afternoon asking for my help. One of His projects is putting a new transmission in a car. I said I would be glad to help, but on my way over I was thinking, I know nothing about cars, I can't even drive a standard. But Master had an easy "task" for me, just switching gears, so I was able to help Him out. While we were working on the car, I mentioned that my bottom was still tender from yesterday, kind of a hint that maybe my bottom needed a break. He replied I am sure it is still tender.

One of the many things that has surprised me about Master is how He seems to be able to read my thoughts. He has said to me...I heard you thinking that...(insert my thoughts)...way over from here...and whatever he thinks He heard, is usually what I was thinking. Yes, it is more than a little discerning. For the past few weeks I have been thinking that I ready...for more control...for a deeper submission. And although I always advise all of you to talk out your needs/wants with your HOH or Doms, I did not follow my own advice. I felt it might be like "topping from the bottom", and Master has been so darn busy lately, I have held back.

This morning when I was discussing my plans for today with Master, He added more control to my "planning". He actually thought it was something I was doing, but I honestly did not think it was something He expected. Anyway, I now know, and it has been added...Master has grabbed a little more control, without my even having to ask.

When we went in the house for Master to clean up, He told me to get my kneeling pillow.

While I was kneeling for Master, He mentioned my going away. I am leaving tomorrow, and that He expected me to not push Him and my submission way to the back of my not return having taken a "break" from us, which has happened in the past. In order to help me remember He was going to give me a hard paddling. I groaned, my bottom was still tender, and it was not what I expected.

He sat and as I went to get over His lap when I saw that darn lexan slat, I know how much that stings. He started right in, I was struggling, it really stung. After about 20, I said it was enough, Master did stop to rub a bit, but also informed me that he was just beginning, this was meant to be a paddling I would remember while I was away. I think He did 4 sets of 25, each set a little harder. I was ouching and owing very loudly, and squirming, but we got to the end.

Master then checked to see if all that squirming and ouching was real, or if I had enjoyed it a bit. I really did not, but unfortunately there is a part of me, that always contradicts me. Master chuckled as He felt for my wetness. He did ask if I had any orgasms left in me after yesterday. I waited a minute and replied....I think that for Him, my supply is endless...hence the title. Master then reminded me...which He loves to do...that when we were first beginning our journey, I was certain that orgasms were meant for me...for a few reasons. He proved me wrong, then for a long time, I would plead that 1 was enough, I could not have or take anymore. Well, if you have been reading here, you all know how wrong I was there also, and yes I did have a few more leftover for today.

Master then gave me a few extra "rules" for my trip. When we first dicussed it, I said I would be gone for 10 days. That has been expanded by a few days, and Master was not all that thrilled. I need to be back on the 24th in time for Him to spank me, or I will get 100 with His large paddle the next day. I cried fowl and not fair, and things come up, driving is unpredictable, etc.......all to no avail. If I decided to stay a couple extra days,it is 100 per day. No matter how unfair I judged this to be, I was not changing His mind. I also am to cum for Him every day while I am me this is a big deal. It will be busy and crowded, so I guess I will be taking long showers... I am also to continue with all of the other expected tasks. I know all of this is to help me, but as I sit here it seems like a lot.

I am off tomorrow to Boston and Maine. My children will all be there and my 3 little grand children. We will be introducing my mom to her newest great-grand son, and celebrating a second birthday. It will be crazy busy and crowded, so much fun, and such a blessing. I will try to check up on all of you, but will not be posting, or commenting. My computer time will be very limited...have fun, be good, or at least try, and have a spanking good 10 days!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

baseball bets are paid off...

This afternoon, Master and I met to settle up our recent bets on the Yanks/Red Sox series.

Master had the cuffs ready...I love those cuffs, they are lined with a soft fur, and make a great accessory...He has a wrist and an ankle set. Just having Him put them on me, and I feel my submission wash over me.
Then I was tied on my tummy to the bed. Being tied actually gives me the freedon to relax more, I don't have to worry about moving or concentrate on anything, but the sensations Master is creating.

Master's winning bet was that He would stripe me..with His cane. Without warm-up, He started right in on my bottom. He did stop after each short set, to rub and massage some of the sting away. After several sets He moved to my thighs, just because He can, reminding me that all of me is His. Then on to my back, this was a bit of a surprise...He started off horizontally across my back, then remembered that His Yanks wore straight up and down stipes, so went back over everything so I could have Yankee stripes. He was quiet pleased with Himself. All during this time Master had my new toy vibrating in me, warning me that I had better not let it slip out.

Then my turn, blindfolded and waiting to feel the relaxing sensation of my "wheelie" toy all over. He started out tracing my stripes with it, and then went on to other places. He had also turned up my vibrator a level, so my attention was somewhat divided between 2 sensations. After a break for more rubbing and some more massaging, He continued to "outline" other parts of my body. The blindfold, being tied, the vibrator, the feel of the prickly toy outlining, I was in my own little world. At one point I realized Master had spoken to me, and I asked Him to repeat...He just laughed.

Master then treated me to His horse hair flogger and the large leather flogger. My 2 favorite toys to come out of His bag. I had to be reminded that I did not have permission to cum, yet. An extra special little treat for me to have Master use these....thanks so much Master!

After several permissions, I was insisting I was done, but Master was showing me...not yet. Finally, all sensations quieted and I was just trying to catch my breath and come back to earth. Master and I had our quiet, cuddle time, and I came back to reality with a soft landing.

Master seems to have a wonderful sense of when I am ready to go with somehing new. I love that He pushes me to new experiences and sensations, while still having me feel perfectly safe.

The Yanks and the Sox have 2 more series to play yet this season...I cannot wait to see what play opportunities will arise with our wagers on those games.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Maintenance day was today this week. I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it early to Master, since I have dropped the ball lately. Maintenance has come to be an important part of my submission, and Master has worked at being sure it happens weekly. This afternoon's maintenance started without a warm-up and it really stung right fromt the beginning. I tried to twist and see what He had chosen, since I could not tell. I could not see it, but He told me it was a lexan piece of shelving. He increased the strength of His spanks til I was really starting to squirm. Master stopped to let His fingers roam and play, and as I relaxed again, He picked up the paddle. He upped the speed and reminded me why we have keep me focused and away from punishment. Then I felt Him grab me around the waist and pull me in.....always a sign that He is about to rev things up a notch. No, it was not punishment, but it was close...thankfully it was a short volley.

Then it was play time, and it took no time for me to be so ready! Master prolonged giving me that first permission, til I think I was growling. I am always amazed when I think back to the sounds, noises really, that He seems to draw out of me. Finally, I heard...cum for me...and so of course,,,I did! We continued to play a while longer, then as I was getting dressed, Master asks if I wanted to go shopping?

We have talked about my getting myself a new toy...vibrator...I only have one, it is small, but it does the job. I looked on line and when I was telling Master what I had found, He suggested we should go shopping together. I agreed. I had slmost figured it was not going to happen, but I have learned to be least a little patient...

So I told Master I was ready to shop. Now, most of you know I am not a "young chick"... I am a retired school teacher with grandchildren. Today was my first visit into an adult toy store! It was interesting, lots of things in there.....some silly....some interesting...and some just...OMG!!!! As Master and I were looking at the available toys, Master and I had different opinions on what we should get....You can all guess who's opinion won out. So Master treated me to a new toy, but I somehow think He will get to enjoy it also...A surprising, fun, interesing afternoon!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Sox and bumps in the road

I am a Red Sox fan, have been since I used to listen to them on the radio back when I was in Junior High. I love Fenway Park, it is like a street party every game! Master is a Yanks fan....oops...guess we are not totally compatable. We usually get a little wager going when they play each other, as they did this past weekend. Master asked if I was game, and I replied when Sox win I get to feel lots of leather, He decided that I would get stripped (cane) when the Yanks win. Guess I get stripes, He said He loves the look of me in stripes...

I did not get back to Him on Saturday's wager, so there was none...and Sox won. Sunday's game I wagered some time with a metal pin wheel toy I have, I just love the sensations of it being rolled all over my body, and I cannot remember the last time it was used. So that is what I chose, along with a blindfold, to add anticipation. Master stuck with the cane. Thankfully, my boys came through for me...and I get to relax and enjoy my little toy...after I am wearing Master's stripes.

That was the fun part of the weekend. Sunday night as we were chatting we hit a "bump in the road", it had to do with miscommunication, both of us not realizing we were on different wave lenghts, among a couple other issues. We talked, but I got frustrated, so we met again this afternoon. I was calmer, still a little upset, but Master has a way of talking things out and getting me to explain my feelings, and making sure that we cover all the bases...just to keep up with baseball! We worked it all out, and both learned a lesson, about what might be important to the other person.

One of the important realizations I have learned from Master is that, "bumps" can be smoothed and worked out....we just have to keep trying. It is good to feel that we are both once again reading the same book and on the same page.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

still at 2 for 2

I had to get to a funeral home for a friend's mom, and had dinner plans with a small group of friends, Master had a meeting at work that ran late, so getting spanked 2 days in a row is still my bottom is not complaining. It was interesting to imagine, a whole week of spnakings...guess somethings are better left to the imagination.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 for 2

Over the weekend, Master and I were were discussing the lack of maintenance last week, and how it happened. I said altho maintenance spankings are not fun, I did feel sad that we had missed a week. His comment was we will make it up next week, I replied something along he lines...that would be interesting. His next remark was...or maybe a spanking every day for a week. Now I have learned from past experiences to be careful what I reply when He casually makes a statement that totally wows me. If I express any doubt that He would do it, He becomes very determined to prove me wrong, if I don't reply He starts to question me. I honestly can't remember exactly what I said, I think I laughed and said something that might be much, even for me. That was the end of discussion.

Yesterday it was not mentioned, so I figured it must have been a thow away comment. Today, when we were discussing my plans for the day, He told me to be available late this afternoon, when He got out of work.

When I arrived the first thing I said, was that this was a bit of a surprise. His reply.....this is only day 2, there are 3 more to go...a whole week's worth! Now I have imagined a lot of things before I actually got spanked, and even more since, but the thought of being spanked every day, for 5 days in a row, has never been one of my fantasies. I am intrigued, and I trust Master ... so, we will see if we got to 5. If I were a betting person..I would be yes!

Back to today, we started out with some kneeling and focusing time. We chatted a little about yesterday's punishment, and some of the "loose ends" that we settled. Then, it was over His lap. He chuckled, a little, remarking how relaxed I was this afternoon over His lap. My bottom was marked a little from yesterday, but was not sore or tender. Still, it did not take long for the heat to build, both on my bottom and elsewhere. Master was quickly commenting on how wet and ready I was, and that I probably would cum even if all He did was keep spanking me. I was ready, I could feel it. He started to roam, and play, it took very little time for me to be begging for permission. I don't often plead, but I was so ready... and so spent after a string of permissions...maybe 4. We then had some quiet time, some coming back to earth cuddling, and more kneeling time. I have been spanked 2 days in a row before, but never 3....


Monday, August 1, 2011

That dreaded basement....

My text message to Master this morning included my weigh in...a gain, but only 1/2 pound. His reply was that He would see me at lunch time. I was thinking that maybe he wanted to get maintenance in early this week, or maybe just some fun time to start the week. Boy was I ever WRONG!

I am rarely surprised by a punishment. Master's rules and consequences are clear, and I rarely resist, He expects me to accept them, since I have earned them. So when I arrived today, got a quick hug, then He opened the basement door I balked, and started to plead my case. It was only 1/2 pound, if I did not have a digital scale it would have been a stay the same, I certainly had not earned a besement punishment. He wasn't buying it, just kept pointing to the darn Florida houses have basements???

Once at the bottom of the stairs, Master "explained" that without a digital scale it might have shown a gain of 1 pound, and last week when He granted me a stay the same on the weekend, He also explained He was doubful it would mind set is different when I am trying to stay the opposed to losing.

I was told to bare myself and lean over the chair and stick my bottom head was not in punishment mode at all...and that always makes things worse. I hesitated, but only for an instant and Master started in with the big, heavy paddle ball paddle...He bought it for 1 dollar at a garage sale, I would pay a lot more to have one of you buy it!

I was still a little upset at being punished, and was moving and ouching loudly. Master kept telling me to stick my bottom out, then I did something I rarely do anymore, I stood up. I was up before I realized what I was doing, surprising both myself and Master, Master looked at me and quietly said, back in position that will cost you 5 extra hard ones. He gave me a moment, and I was back on position. He gave me the penalty ones next, then went on with the punishment spanking. Finally I hear, 10 more til the end. I let out a big breath....then He continues you will count them for me. I hate counting, I hate that I have to concentrate one each stroke, and that once I have counted it is like saying go ahead give me another. But I counted, and added a Sir after each number and finished with a Thank You Sir, without being reminded.

I was waitig for permission to get up, when I felt His fingers start to roam. This never happens after a punishment, so I was a little confused, but decided I should just enjoy. Just as I was starting to pant and squirm, I hear....calm down, you are not getting a permission, this is solely for my enjoyment. I slowed my breathing and try to think of anything else but what was happening. Master is finally done, and I get permission to stand.

I stand and absentmindedly pull up my pants...Master notices and gives me the "look". I realize what I have done, apologize and put them back down. He allows me a rub.

We then chat about last week, the lack of maintenance and my plans for this week. One of my rules is I am to ask for permission before going anyplace that I have to drive is not all that restrictive, I practically always get a yes, and a quick response to a text. I have always considered it a reminder that Master is in charge of me...nothing more. He does not like me to ask far in advance, prefers the request to come on the day that I need them. Often I was asking for permission for plans that I had made a few days before. I brought up that I was planning to go out to dinner on Thursday with some friends, He asked about my planning without permission. I replied that was always the case, He wanted me to ask on the day I was going, so I considered it a kind of formality.

Needless to say that has changed. I need to ask for permission before I make the plans, and should not take a yes answer for granted. I got permission for Thursday night, but since I was the one who planned the dinner, I need to call and adjust the time..a litte later or earlier, for not asking before planning. Truthfully I never thought asking after I had made the plans made much sense,except as a reminder that Master is in charge. Master reminded me that I do better when I am sure of His control, and with little wriggle room, since giving me an inch almsot always mean I try for a foot. He wants us to be solid.

After I left I went to mail a package at the Post Office...yes I had permission. There was a line of 25 a small Office! I was mailing a birthday gift that needed to go out today, so I took my place in line. The lady in front of me asked if she had fallen asleep and missed summer and fall, and it was really Christmas..with everyone mailing packages..LOL. As i was standing there I was processing my time with Master. I realized how lucky I am to have someone in my life, a Master even, who cares for me, takes care of me, and wants to be sure that we stay connected and strong. A hot, tender bottom, does not seem like a high price to pay!