Friday, June 17, 2011

maintenance, those "voices"

Usually after a harsh punishment like I had on Tuesday, I am calm and focused for quite a while. I have been focused this week, but those darn little voices that reside in my head made an appearance on Thursday. I am familiar with those voices, and they usually lead right down the path to TROUBLE. Only this time they seemed to be making sense.

Master always has more than 1 project addition to work and family and friends, so He is always busy. But it seems lately He has been busier than ever. That the voices and I agreed on. My problem was that one of my rules is that I am the one responsible for making the arrangements for making maintenance happen...every single matter what...or maintenance turns into punishment, and then maintenance.

Master has been so busy, and seemed so stressed, I had to agree with those voices, my punishment could count as maintenance for this week. Yes, the voices and I made that decision on our own. I did not want Master to feel like He had to find time to aqueeze me in, I was only thinking of Him..I truly was!

This morning while we are texting He tells me to be available at 3 this afternoon. Then around 1 He calls and asks what I am doing. I was on facebook. He decides we will meet in 10 minutes, I do say if He is too busy... but He says 10 minutes.

I arrive we hug, chat, and Master starts to undress me....kneeling time, to be sure that I am focused, some breast play, that I must say I tolerated very well. Then I am directed over His lap, He tells me He is pleased...I lost a little over a pound this week, and He is warming up my bottom very nicely, I am sooo relaxed.

Then He stops and asks if I am going to ask for this week's maintenance, since it is now Friday afternoon and I have not asked...yet. I answer that I have noticed He is very busy lately and....He jumps in, maintenance is every week, no matter what....that is the rule. I take a breath and ask nicely for my weekly maintenance. Master generously just says yes, not mentioning that I did not really make the arrangements. Maintenance is a harder hand spanking. He asks if He has to take off His belt....saying even though it is leather, which is my favorite, He can make me think it is not so nice. No Sir, I quickly reply, remember your rules, Young lady! (Thank You Sir, for letting me off that hook...)

Usually after a punishment I am not allowed to cum. Last Tuesday evening, I so wanted to cum, I took a chance and asked Master for permission. His reply was to rub and play and when I was very close to ask again. This was something new, but it was not a no, so I did as was instructed and received permission. This afternoon, master proceeded to demonstrate exactly what He wanted me to do to get myself "ready" and how wet I had to be for next time. I asked if He would actually say no when I was ready ...He gave me that look and said I will do whatever I want...and get whatever I want...I take that as a possible yes.

Finally, Master was telling me to cum, to show Him how ready I was. I was soo ready, and off I went. As i was recovering Master started to spank my pussy, softly and steadily. I don't remember that happening before, but it felt nice...good...and finally arousing. Master was using His voice, telling me to cum for Him, to let go, to show Him how obedient I can be...and cum I did...just from that pussy spanking. I am always still amazed and what He can get me to do...I would have bet more money than I will ever have a couple years ago, that a pussy spanking would not be something I would ever enjoy, cum from, or even allow...

A great way to end the week,


  1. abby, its amazing how as time passes, the things we thought we wouldn't or couldn't do change and disappear. A good end to the week for you.

  2. true...and some things that i was most afraid or apprehensive about...I have grown to like. abby