Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm off to meet the newest member of the family!

I got a call from my daughter yesterday from the OB's office. Yes, it made me hold my breath! They are recommending a C section on Monday, instead of waiting another week. My daughter who is 9 months along, said what any woman who has been carrying a "bowling ball" around....YES!

Master and I took some time this afternoon to say good bye.
Of course part of saying good bye, for at least 2 weeks, includes kneeling time and spanking. After kneeling time, I surprised Master with new "undies", I was not all that happy with them , they were really sheer and see through, but Master thought they were great and even let me keep them on for part of the spanking.

We enjoyed a long hand spanking, slowly building. My bottom was heating up more quickly than usual, still a little tender from the 2 spankings earlier this week. I just realized...3 apankings in one week, not so long ago that was the stuff of dreams and will never happen!

Of course the panties slowly came down, as Master's hands started to wander. He has this habit of rubbing and pulling and thrusting, and gets me going, and then He decides He wants to discuss a few things. So far I have not screamed, could You just concentrate on 1 thing please! But responding to Him takes a lot of concentration and determination. We were discussing, or trying to, my being able to stay focused while away, and not return having weigh in was a 2 pound loss this week!

Soon I was panting, and beyond conversation. After my first couple orgasm, Master started spanking me again. He wanted me to cum just from the spanking sensations. Master told me to be sure that I added...I came all over my Master's lap just from His hand spanking...more than once!
I am always amazed when that happens.

Then it was time to say good bye. I will be away at least 2 weeks, depending on how quickly my daughter recovers. With my oldest grandaughter (3), I was going to stay a week, and for several reasons, stayed over 3. I, of course will miss Master, I always do so much more than I think I will. I am lucky and blest that I have the time and ability to be there for
the births of my grandchildren, and to help out, and that Master understands that need and blessing. I will try to give a quick update, on the new arrival!


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  1. Congratulatulations on the new baby Abby...just womderful news!