Sunday, June 19, 2011


When I was awake enough to think this morning, I realized it was father's first without being able to call and hear his voice and his laugh. He would be full of questions...a new great grandson is due to be born at any day...and dad did love us all...but new additions to the family were special!

All morning I have been thinking about the things that I remember most about dad..

...He worked 2 jobs, one was a summer job at a local racetrack. We would show up on sunday afternoons, dad would take a break and give us each ( 4 of use) 2 dollars. We were to read the horse's names and pick out a winner. Mom would place the bet for us...if any of us picked a winner, it was ice cream time!

...Whenever I asked mom to go someplace and she said, wait til your dad gets home and ask him...I always asked tons of questions, but rarely said no (after asking what did your mom say, of course!)

...Watching dad rocking the newest little members of the family and whistling the whole time. My granddaughter, as soon as dad picked her up eventually would pucker her lips and blow! Naps were in dad's arms, with dad watching over his newest little one.

...When the babies were toddlers, dad would take them for a walk, collect rocks, come home and teach them how to paint rocks! It soon became a favorite activity, and many of those rocks still "decorate" all of our homes. Last time I was in Boston I introduced my youngest granddaughter to the joys of painting rocks. I sent a phone picture to here dad, he replied...memories!

...As soon as the grandchildren could count and sit still, dad taught them all how to play cribbage...not sure who is going to have the patience to teach the great grands! He was so patient, until they were good enough to beat him, then he showed them no mercy!

...Dad was a quiet man, accepting of everyone and their choices. Every time anyone visited and left, he always left us with..."Be good, if you can't be good have a good time", my mom always cringed.

...As each granddaughter brought a partner to meet "pepere", he was given a third degree, marrying one of his granddaughters was a privilege

I love you dad...and I miss you...


  1. I am really sorry Abby. I am missing my Dad today too.


  2. What lovely memories you have of your Dad abby, you can read the love in your writing.

  3. I also am thinking of my dad today, hugs.

  4. Sara, thanks. We both have good memories, a wonderful gift! abby

    hs...Dad was a good man and a wonderful father, a great role model...thanks for the comment. abby

    SBF...thanks and hugs to you too! abby