Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catching up....

Like a lot of you, it has been a busy few weeks. Right after I returned from Boston, Master and I met for my maintenance spanking. He used His belt and it was fairly intense, but it was what I needed.

The following day, my 22 month old grand-daughter, and her mom and dad, flew in to attend a family wedding. They were here 6 days and we packed a lot in...children's museum, zoo, a working farm, library...we have a wonderful children's area, and she already wants to read "self"..on her own, a visit to the great lake, a few play grounds, and a couple of ice ream outings. It was a lot of fun, they left today, and I am one tired grandma!!

Master had warned me that I still had to weigh in and report. Last Friday I had stayed the same, Monday I gained a little over a pound and a half. Master hates "going backwards", and spending time re-loosing pounds already lost once.

When I went to Master today, He was standing in front of the basement door...not an encouraging sign. We said hello, hugged and He opened the door. I sighed, gathered myself, and headed down the stairs. He did ask if I was surprised, and I had to admit no, but was hoping that maybe the basement would not be involved....major Punishments always take place in the basement.

After I undressed, I knelt and Master reminded me why we were in the basement. He was not pleased at my actions, I had not kept up with several of His expectations, and splurged with my eating. He had me lean over the front of a chair and spead my legs. I was told to NOT let go of that chair.

I felt the coolness of wood, but I did not look back. It was Master's paddle ball paddle, it is thick and large. Punishments mean no warm-ups, no rubbing in between sets, and no permissions for me. I managed to count the first set, and there were 12 hard smacks, alternating sides. He repeated this set, and I was barely managing to breathe through them. Master then warned me that the next set would be all on the same side, with the other side's turn for a set following. At this point I started to ouch and yell loudly. Master said ouching and yelling and crying are all allowed, not allowed is letting go of the chair or being disrespectful.

After the second side I did ask if we could be done....no was the answer. Another set that covered all my bottom. Then Master said, ...you can choose. I hate hearing those words during a Punishment, if I really could choose it would be over. Of course that is not one of the choices, and there is never really a good choice. My choice was 12 more harder ones....harder ones??? ...or 24 of the same kind. See...no good choice. I just wanted it over with so I chose the 12 harder ones, and He threw in I had to thank Him after each one. I also really dislike having to say something after each stroke, it is like saying to Him,... go ahead,spank me again. They were harder, and I did say, Thank You Sir, quietly after each one, with the last one being the hardest of all. Master did continously rub my back during these, helping me to stay connected to Him, which helped me.

While I was still in position, Master let His fingers do some roaming. He remarked, I was quite "wet", and proceeded to rub and play until I was squirming...just because I am being punished does not mean he can't have some fun. I did not get a permission, no rewards when being Punished.

It was then time for hugging and forgiveness...and a reminder that maintenance still needs to be scheduled this week. He added, maybe it does not need to be a big deterrant this week...I probably already have "felt" that message!

Yes, I hate these punnishment sessions. Master never goes easy on me. but once they are done, I know that all is right again, and I feel like I have been re-set, to being the submissive Master wants, deserves and appreciates.


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  1. Good to hear, even though busy, you were having a good time with your family.
    Glad to have you back and re-set ;)