Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello all....

I am typing this through watery, itchy eyes, and stuffiness, and sneezing. Allergies had not bothered me the last couple years, but this year must be really bad..UGH!

I returned from Boston yesterday. My weekend with my mom was bittersweet, harder than I expected. My time with my grand-daughter was wonderful! I introduced her to the joys of pasting..with a glue stick, some new songs, and how to make chocolate chip cookies!

When I got back to town yesterday, my first stop was to see Master, it had been wayyyyy toooo long. We got caught up, I had a wonderful, too short, welcome home spanking, and some play time ! Master warned me I had to send in a report this morning, and He was not going to be happy with a gain. I never weigh myself when I am away....much to Master's puzzlement.

Running around with a 21 month old must be as good as the wii...I lost almost 1 pound...pretty good for being away 10 days!

This is a busy week, kids flying in on Thursday for a family wedding on Sunday. I went out shopping with my youngest daughter looking for something to wear to said wedding. She had picked out a dress that we both thought was cute, but it looked small to me, so I asked what size it was. I told her I needed at least 1 size larger, she said try it....and guess what I am wearing to the wedding!


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