Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm off to meet the newest member of the family!

I got a call from my daughter yesterday from the OB's office. Yes, it made me hold my breath! They are recommending a C section on Monday, instead of waiting another week. My daughter who is 9 months along, said what any woman who has been carrying a "bowling ball" around....YES!

Master and I took some time this afternoon to say good bye.
Of course part of saying good bye, for at least 2 weeks, includes kneeling time and spanking. After kneeling time, I surprised Master with new "undies", I was not all that happy with them , they were really sheer and see through, but Master thought they were great and even let me keep them on for part of the spanking.

We enjoyed a long hand spanking, slowly building. My bottom was heating up more quickly than usual, still a little tender from the 2 spankings earlier this week. I just realized...3 apankings in one week, not so long ago that was the stuff of dreams and will never happen!

Of course the panties slowly came down, as Master's hands started to wander. He has this habit of rubbing and pulling and thrusting, and gets me going, and then He decides He wants to discuss a few things. So far I have not screamed, could You just concentrate on 1 thing please! But responding to Him takes a lot of concentration and determination. We were discussing, or trying to, my being able to stay focused while away, and not return having weigh in was a 2 pound loss this week!

Soon I was panting, and beyond conversation. After my first couple orgasm, Master started spanking me again. He wanted me to cum just from the spanking sensations. Master told me to be sure that I added...I came all over my Master's lap just from His hand spanking...more than once!
I am always amazed when that happens.

Then it was time to say good bye. I will be away at least 2 weeks, depending on how quickly my daughter recovers. With my oldest grandaughter (3), I was going to stay a week, and for several reasons, stayed over 3. I, of course will miss Master, I always do so much more than I think I will. I am lucky and blest that I have the time and ability to be there for
the births of my grandchildren, and to help out, and that Master understands that need and blessing. I will try to give a quick update, on the new arrival!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 days....2 spankings

Today was maintenance for this week...the day after a major punishment!
No, Master is not being least not this time. My oldest daughter is due to give me a grandson any day now. Her first pregnancy was full of problems, ending in an emrgency C-section and my daughter in ICU for 2 days. All turned out find..healthy mom and a beautiful baby girl. She and hubby had been told they would not be able to have more children...then she got pregnant last October. I was thrilled for them, and very scared. Thanks to many prayers, baby boy stayed put, and it has been a fairly normal pregnancy!@

As soon as she calls that she is in labor, I will head over to help with my grand-daughter, they live about 4 1/2 hours drive from here. So, knowing that I could get that call at anytime, when Master called today I asked if we could have maintenance during the early part of this week. I was thinking bottom is not sore, but bruised from yesterday.
Master says He has time early this afternoon, and might be busy tomorrow.
UGH, I simply said, guess I will see you this afternoon.

When I got there, Master asked if I was hoping for tomorrow, I admitted I was, He congratulated me for simply saying yes. He was pleased that I took the iniative to ensure that maintenance would happen. So, I am thinking, He is pleased, a nice hand spanking won't be too bad.

After some kneeling time, I am told to get over the back of the sofa. UMmmm...not a hand spanking position, usually. Then I hear the belt...UGH. I love leather, but was sure it would light up my bottom quickly. After 3 strokes, the fire had been lit, I stayed in position, and Master made it quick, with lots of rubbing.

He then sat and invited me to get over His lap, a short hand spanking, and lots of roaming and touching and rubbing and a few orgasms later, I was pretty much jello. Master said He wanted me to get myself wet, and swollen and ready, and then to ask for permission tonight,,,such a chore, LOL...

Master was very pleased with my submission and attitude, and repeated to me, I can do anything I set my mind to. With His help and encouragement, I can!

I will keep you posted on the new grand baby news, if she has not delivered by July 1st it will be C section day. I will staying for about 2 weeks to help out...lucky me!


Monday, June 20, 2011 careful what you wish for...

I think most would agree that one of the most important factors in making a power exchange relationship work is consistency. When I first met Master, it was just to get an occasional spanking, as we progressed through the stages of our relationship, consistency became an issure. At first the lack of it, not always, but occasionally. He would threaten, and after about the 5th time I figured out it was a threat, and not much of a motivator. At times it would be so long between spankings that a promised punishment would be forgotten. As we traveled down the M/s path, Master realized the importance of consistency. Now if a punishment is not delivered I am thrilled, until I start to get "antsy" and uneasy and Master realizes what is missing.

As much as I know how important consistency is, there are times when I wish for some wriggle today.

I gained a pound over the weekend, the same pound I had lostlast week, so there has been no progress in a couple of weeks, at least. When Master has to punish for the same reason a second time, it makes Him think He did not do a good enough job the first time, I disagree, He always does a good job!

I sent in my report asking for clemency..."nope" was the reply. I tried all the excuses I could think of, He was not buying any of them. I know how much last week's paddling had hurt, and I did not want another one.

Now, Master does not grab me by the hair and force me to be punished, so we started this afternoon by talking. What's been going on in my head, why was I struggling so, and what happens when I get out of a deserved punishment. Master wants me to submit to my punishment and I finally submitted, just not all that graciously. Master sent me to the basement to get ready , and to be in position and waiting for Him. I was, although it was a while...thinking time , I suppose.

Master told me to ask nice for my punishment, for a hard punishment. It took me a long time to get the words out, and the sincerety seemed to be missing. He told me to get up and look Him in the eyes.

We talked some more. I said I wasn't sure I could lose anymore. He replied He knew I could, I just had not decided that I really wanted to. He continued, He had seen me when I was determined, and nothing could stop me. If I wasn't in a place where I wanted it for myself, then I was doing it to please Him. eventually I was ready to get back on position.

I asked for my hard paddling punishment in a stronger voice. Master reminded me that this was the second punishment in a week for the same reason, so this one would be longer, harder.

He was using the same big, think, heavy paddle as last week. I really struggled through the first 10. Master stopped and asked why I was struggling so....(DUH) hurts was my obvious answer. His reply was that He was not yet spanking as hard as last week, and I had taken harder spankings, without such fussing and moving. I had not pleased Him, and my head was not in the right place, He put the paddle on my back and told me not to let it drop while He gave me a little time to get myself refocused.

By the time Master was ready to start again, I was more ready. I managed to hold my position, and be quieter. Master was using sets of 10, and giving a tiny bit of recovery time between sets. He finally asked if I was ready to end this punishment...Yes Sir...realizing that the hardest were yet to come. He told me to count, loudly. I counted the first one..One Sir...He said I forgot the thank You. He did not start over, this time. There were 10, each one a little harder. I tried to get the count out as soon as I could just to get done. He gave me the last 2 in rapid fire.

He rubbed my bottom a little, and told me to get up and give Him a hug. He checked my bottom again, and said could not have been that bad, no marks...I do have marks tonight. He then sat in the chair and told me to sit on His lap. The first time Master told me to site on His lap, I looked at Him as if He were nuts. I was much heavier and had not sat in anyone's lap in a very long time. He insisted, and although it does not happen often, it does give me a feeling of safety and being cared for. He eventually reached over and started to rub and play...He continued until I was wet, hot and which time he told me to get up. cumming for me.

Before I left Master did say that if we end up in the basement again anytime soon, He will get out His long, heavy paddle, and use 2 hands to swing's up to me. I hate it when He says it is up to choice. I understand why He says it more than I used to, but I still don't like it. works...I am lucky that Master believes in it...but sometimes...the words "wriggle room" are the words I long for...


Sunday, June 19, 2011


When I was awake enough to think this morning, I realized it was father's first without being able to call and hear his voice and his laugh. He would be full of questions...a new great grandson is due to be born at any day...and dad did love us all...but new additions to the family were special!

All morning I have been thinking about the things that I remember most about dad..

...He worked 2 jobs, one was a summer job at a local racetrack. We would show up on sunday afternoons, dad would take a break and give us each ( 4 of use) 2 dollars. We were to read the horse's names and pick out a winner. Mom would place the bet for us...if any of us picked a winner, it was ice cream time!

...Whenever I asked mom to go someplace and she said, wait til your dad gets home and ask him...I always asked tons of questions, but rarely said no (after asking what did your mom say, of course!)

...Watching dad rocking the newest little members of the family and whistling the whole time. My granddaughter, as soon as dad picked her up eventually would pucker her lips and blow! Naps were in dad's arms, with dad watching over his newest little one.

...When the babies were toddlers, dad would take them for a walk, collect rocks, come home and teach them how to paint rocks! It soon became a favorite activity, and many of those rocks still "decorate" all of our homes. Last time I was in Boston I introduced my youngest granddaughter to the joys of painting rocks. I sent a phone picture to here dad, he replied...memories!

...As soon as the grandchildren could count and sit still, dad taught them all how to play cribbage...not sure who is going to have the patience to teach the great grands! He was so patient, until they were good enough to beat him, then he showed them no mercy!

...Dad was a quiet man, accepting of everyone and their choices. Every time anyone visited and left, he always left us with..."Be good, if you can't be good have a good time", my mom always cringed.

...As each granddaughter brought a partner to meet "pepere", he was given a third degree, marrying one of his granddaughters was a privilege

I love you dad...and I miss you...

Friday, June 17, 2011

maintenance, those "voices"

Usually after a harsh punishment like I had on Tuesday, I am calm and focused for quite a while. I have been focused this week, but those darn little voices that reside in my head made an appearance on Thursday. I am familiar with those voices, and they usually lead right down the path to TROUBLE. Only this time they seemed to be making sense.

Master always has more than 1 project addition to work and family and friends, so He is always busy. But it seems lately He has been busier than ever. That the voices and I agreed on. My problem was that one of my rules is that I am the one responsible for making the arrangements for making maintenance happen...every single matter what...or maintenance turns into punishment, and then maintenance.

Master has been so busy, and seemed so stressed, I had to agree with those voices, my punishment could count as maintenance for this week. Yes, the voices and I made that decision on our own. I did not want Master to feel like He had to find time to aqueeze me in, I was only thinking of Him..I truly was!

This morning while we are texting He tells me to be available at 3 this afternoon. Then around 1 He calls and asks what I am doing. I was on facebook. He decides we will meet in 10 minutes, I do say if He is too busy... but He says 10 minutes.

I arrive we hug, chat, and Master starts to undress me....kneeling time, to be sure that I am focused, some breast play, that I must say I tolerated very well. Then I am directed over His lap, He tells me He is pleased...I lost a little over a pound this week, and He is warming up my bottom very nicely, I am sooo relaxed.

Then He stops and asks if I am going to ask for this week's maintenance, since it is now Friday afternoon and I have not asked...yet. I answer that I have noticed He is very busy lately and....He jumps in, maintenance is every week, no matter what....that is the rule. I take a breath and ask nicely for my weekly maintenance. Master generously just says yes, not mentioning that I did not really make the arrangements. Maintenance is a harder hand spanking. He asks if He has to take off His belt....saying even though it is leather, which is my favorite, He can make me think it is not so nice. No Sir, I quickly reply, remember your rules, Young lady! (Thank You Sir, for letting me off that hook...)

Usually after a punishment I am not allowed to cum. Last Tuesday evening, I so wanted to cum, I took a chance and asked Master for permission. His reply was to rub and play and when I was very close to ask again. This was something new, but it was not a no, so I did as was instructed and received permission. This afternoon, master proceeded to demonstrate exactly what He wanted me to do to get myself "ready" and how wet I had to be for next time. I asked if He would actually say no when I was ready ...He gave me that look and said I will do whatever I want...and get whatever I want...I take that as a possible yes.

Finally, Master was telling me to cum, to show Him how ready I was. I was soo ready, and off I went. As i was recovering Master started to spank my pussy, softly and steadily. I don't remember that happening before, but it felt nice...good...and finally arousing. Master was using His voice, telling me to cum for Him, to let go, to show Him how obedient I can be...and cum I did...just from that pussy spanking. I am always still amazed and what He can get me to do...I would have bet more money than I will ever have a couple years ago, that a pussy spanking would not be something I would ever enjoy, cum from, or even allow...

A great way to end the week,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catching up....

Like a lot of you, it has been a busy few weeks. Right after I returned from Boston, Master and I met for my maintenance spanking. He used His belt and it was fairly intense, but it was what I needed.

The following day, my 22 month old grand-daughter, and her mom and dad, flew in to attend a family wedding. They were here 6 days and we packed a lot in...children's museum, zoo, a working farm, library...we have a wonderful children's area, and she already wants to read "self"..on her own, a visit to the great lake, a few play grounds, and a couple of ice ream outings. It was a lot of fun, they left today, and I am one tired grandma!!

Master had warned me that I still had to weigh in and report. Last Friday I had stayed the same, Monday I gained a little over a pound and a half. Master hates "going backwards", and spending time re-loosing pounds already lost once.

When I went to Master today, He was standing in front of the basement door...not an encouraging sign. We said hello, hugged and He opened the door. I sighed, gathered myself, and headed down the stairs. He did ask if I was surprised, and I had to admit no, but was hoping that maybe the basement would not be involved....major Punishments always take place in the basement.

After I undressed, I knelt and Master reminded me why we were in the basement. He was not pleased at my actions, I had not kept up with several of His expectations, and splurged with my eating. He had me lean over the front of a chair and spead my legs. I was told to NOT let go of that chair.

I felt the coolness of wood, but I did not look back. It was Master's paddle ball paddle, it is thick and large. Punishments mean no warm-ups, no rubbing in between sets, and no permissions for me. I managed to count the first set, and there were 12 hard smacks, alternating sides. He repeated this set, and I was barely managing to breathe through them. Master then warned me that the next set would be all on the same side, with the other side's turn for a set following. At this point I started to ouch and yell loudly. Master said ouching and yelling and crying are all allowed, not allowed is letting go of the chair or being disrespectful.

After the second side I did ask if we could be was the answer. Another set that covered all my bottom. Then Master said, can choose. I hate hearing those words during a Punishment, if I really could choose it would be over. Of course that is not one of the choices, and there is never really a good choice. My choice was 12 more harder ones....harder ones??? ...or 24 of the same kind. good choice. I just wanted it over with so I chose the 12 harder ones, and He threw in I had to thank Him after each one. I also really dislike having to say something after each stroke, it is like saying to Him,... go ahead,spank me again. They were harder, and I did say, Thank You Sir, quietly after each one, with the last one being the hardest of all. Master did continously rub my back during these, helping me to stay connected to Him, which helped me.

While I was still in position, Master let His fingers do some roaming. He remarked, I was quite "wet", and proceeded to rub and play until I was squirming...just because I am being punished does not mean he can't have some fun. I did not get a permission, no rewards when being Punished.

It was then time for hugging and forgiveness...and a reminder that maintenance still needs to be scheduled this week. He added, maybe it does not need to be a big deterrant this week...I probably already have "felt" that message!

Yes, I hate these punnishment sessions. Master never goes easy on me. but once they are done, I know that all is right again, and I feel like I have been re-set, to being the submissive Master wants, deserves and appreciates.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello all....

I am typing this through watery, itchy eyes, and stuffiness, and sneezing. Allergies had not bothered me the last couple years, but this year must be really bad..UGH!

I returned from Boston yesterday. My weekend with my mom was bittersweet, harder than I expected. My time with my grand-daughter was wonderful! I introduced her to the joys of pasting..with a glue stick, some new songs, and how to make chocolate chip cookies!

When I got back to town yesterday, my first stop was to see Master, it had been wayyyyy toooo long. We got caught up, I had a wonderful, too short, welcome home spanking, and some play time ! Master warned me I had to send in a report this morning, and He was not going to be happy with a gain. I never weigh myself when I am away....much to Master's puzzlement.

Running around with a 21 month old must be as good as the wii...I lost almost 1 pound...pretty good for being away 10 days!

This is a busy week, kids flying in on Thursday for a family wedding on Sunday. I went out shopping with my youngest daughter looking for something to wear to said wedding. She had picked out a dress that we both thought was cute, but it looked small to me, so I asked what size it was. I told her I needed at least 1 size larger, she said try it....and guess what I am wearing to the wedding!