Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretend this is last night

I was supposed to write and post last night. I did think of it early on, but then got busy, forgot, and remembered today while I was driving to Boston.

Yesterday was maintenance day. I had been shopping the day before for some new "undies"...I had asked Master for permission to go on a scouting mission. The shopping was fun, there is lots of stuff out there, and deciding what to buy was difficult. I did find some sales, so I stuck to those items. I tried them on when I got home. I was pleased that they fit, I had brought them in a non plus size store, in a size I have not worn for a while..and they fit! Did I feel sexy when I looked in the thought...darn I should lose more weight. But they did feel nice.

I wore the balck lace bra and panties to maintenance. I have to admit, dressing in something special for Master was more exciting than just wearing the usual. We chatted for a bit when I arrived and then He told me to undress and He stood there watching with great interest...made me a little squirmy. He approved....very much so! I even got to keep the bra and panties on, until He peeled them down during my spanking. Maintenance was a long hand favorite kind of maintenance! We had extended play time after...leaving me very breathless.

We talked about the fact that I would be leaving today, too soon after I just returned home. I am in Boston for a couple days, before I take my grand daughter and go to see my mom. She has been wanting me to come for a while, and since this weekend is Memorial Day and would have been mom and dad's 63 anniversary, I decided this would be a good time.

I will be away for about 10 days, and Master expects me to stick to my rules ,,,, and no gaining, or I could be facing one of those nasty basement sessions. I promised to try...I have leaarned that gaining just means I have to lose it again...and that is a lot of work for no progress.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend...



  1. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

  2. Have a great trip! Don't earn any spankings!