Friday, May 13, 2011

Maintenance....on a still tender bottom

...I returned home after my punishment on Tuesday with a very sore bottom. It is rare for me to still be sore the day after, tender maybe but not sore. Tuesday nite I thought of Master each and every time I rolled over, and sitting on Wednesday, made me catch my breath. I texted Master when I first woke up on Wednesday, telling Him about my nite....His reply was,...good!!..which was what I expected. To my surprise, the same thing happened Wednesday nite, and all day Wednesday sitting was not a happy time. Two days after a spanking and still sore...Master had outdone Himself.

On Wednesday morning when I texted Master to tell Him I was still very sore, His reply was....and you still have maintenance for this week. Honestly, for the first time since we started maintenance..a little more than a year...the word had not even crossed my mind. When we talked later in the day, I asked if we could wait until Friday, He does not like to wait until Friday, so He said maybe.

We did wait until today, my bottom is still tender, but not as sore. We started with hugs and some kneeling time, which is really shutting out the whole rest of the world time...and I have started to really look forward to that time. Master also reminded me, that no matter what other spankings I get during the week, maintenance will still happen. During this time, Master had me put my head down, bottom up, so He could examine the marks on my bottom. They are still there, a little faded. The ones on my breasts and thighs are just about gone.

Then it was over Master's lap for the spanking. Master reminded me that to be effective maintenance has to be a serious spanking. I was very happy to feel Him start off with His hand. It was a long and hard hand spanking, and rekindled the fire in my bottom, knowing I was still very tender, the spanking ended with just His hand.

Then came a little discussion. One of my more recent rules, is that I need Master's permission before I make the final plans for a trip. For a couple years now, I have had to ask for permission to go any place from home. I was a little hesistant about this rule, but it turns out to be not nearly as restrictive as it sounds. Master is very good at answering a text, and the asking really reminds me that I am His submissive.

A few months ago, Master decided He wanted me to start asking for permission for all trips. Although I know that Master does not say no just fo the sake of saying no, I was very hesistant about this. He simply wants to know when I will leave and return, and where I will be. He also would like me to limit time away to 1 week. So far it has not caused a problem, although I still am uncomfortable with the asking.

When I returned from my recent trip to Boston, Master asked when the next trip was....and I started right in telling Him we were all...both granddaughters and moms and dads...going to Sesame Street Place for a weekend in May. As I was telling Him about the plans, I realized He was quiet....til He said, You told them you would go and the plans are all set, and this is the first time I hear about it. GULP Sooo....I quickly asked if I could go and explained that we had talked about it, and since it was just a weekend I figured it was not a problem. I kept saying to Master, but it is just a weekend, and He kept saying, You made plans without asking for permission. He also pointed out that this is a "want to, and not a have to" trip. So Master said we would discuss it again later.

Well, the trip is next weekend, and I have been good and not mentioned it again. But today I had to ask again. The plan is to leave Thursday afternoon, got to my daughter's, and on Friday we would all meet up at Sesame Place. Master said I could go, but He wanted me to wait til Friday to leave, as my punishment for not asking before planning. I told Him that I would have to leave between 3 and 4 in the morning to make it to Sesame Place by 10....and that my daughter who lives here was coming with me. Master said, since my daughter was coming along, I could leave on Thursday, but that I would find out that there might be worse things than getting up at 3 AM....He is going to let me know what that is next week...I may be travelling with a very sore bottom, or a filled on. "You will learn to ask before planning", is an exact quote...and I guess I will. As I thought about this, I have come to realize to...just a not a good excuse. It could be just and overnight, and I would still need to ask.


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