Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's maintenance spanking

I went to Master early this afternoon for my weekly maintenance spanking.
I have come to regard maintenance as a glue that keeps our bond strong...and strengthens it when it starts to weaken. Yes, i get spanked, and Master believes maintenance needs to hurt to be effective, but we also get get a chance to talk things out, face to face, or sometimes bottom to face! It is a time of reconnection and of closeness.

As always, we start with me kneeling before Him as He claims my body. Lately He has been focusing on reclaiming my breast, which causes me to really focus on submitting. He pulls me into Him, so my face is smushed against His stomach, breathing in His scent. I am breathing deeply, becoming calm and focused.

Then it is over His knee, for the spanking part. He starts with His hand, for a short warm-up. Too soon, He is reaching for the bath brush. He starts off fairly slowly, but it quickly gets painful, more quickly than i expect. Maybe it is because i was just spanked on Monday. My legs start to kick up, and i get a warning that my thighs could be the target and i quiet my legs.
Master asks why we have maintenance, and i tell Him, to keep me on track, to remind me of my submissiveness, to keep from Him having to punish me.

The spanking is over fairly quickly, as Master's fingers start to roam. He likes to check to see if, at least part of me, is enjoying this. Of course He claims to find that evidence, and soon i am too busy asking for a permission to dispute that fact. After getting to the begging stage, i am granted a few permissions. We then quietly talk, as He rubs and massages and helps me to a safe "landing".

As i was sitting here earlier, thinking about this afternoon, all i could think of is how lucky i am. A Master who provides what i need, who takes care of me, who pushes me to be better, who has turned my life around, who has opened me to so many new ideas and sensations...
Thank You Master!


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