Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Repercussion" ??

On Monday while i was over Master's lap, we had this discussion. He had used the word repercussion to mean a good result or consequence. I qestioned that and said i thought it only meant a bad outcome. We debated a bit, i said i would look it up and let Him know He was wrong...pretty brave in that position! Well, i looked it up in several places, and............
Master was right...go figure! It is merely a consequence of actions, altho most of the time the connotation is negative.

Also, after Master read my blog on Monday, i was informed that He used a cedar shake, not plank on my bottom. He said there is a big difference in size and He is not a brute!

Today was Maintenance day. After my kneeling time, we sat and talked over a coupe family issues i have coming up that will cause me to be away, and the worries that they entail. Then it was over His lap, my bottom was still tender from Monday, it did not take long before i was squirming and ouching. Master was using the compact, but thick wooden brush. Happily the spanking was short, and Master was soon soothing and rubbing, and "checking". It still amazed me how quickly He can get me from 0 to full speed ahead! After a couple permissions, He took pity on me and let me breathe and come back to calmness.

I told Master today, i don't tell Him enough, how thankful i am that He is in my life. When we met, i was hoping to find someone who might be willing to spank me once. I never thought He would take me on this magical, wonderful journey! He always says it is a 2 sided coin, and He is as lucky, i guess that makes us both lucky!



  1. So nice that you both see the value in what you give to each other. :)

  2. Sometimes it is hard to understand that "other side of the coin", but it is nice that we both appreciate what each gives. abby