Monday, March 14, 2011

Mondays report...

Last Friday i reported a 1 pound loss, only 1/2 pound away from my goal. Master was as pleased as i was, and said He would see me later that day. I was sort of surprised since i had just had my maintenance spanking the day before. Later that day i got a call from a good friend i had not seen in a while, saying she had the "KACHIING" itch. Our code work for Casino time! One of my few (?) vices...gong to a casino. I have not been in months, and i was free, except for Master. So i text Him, and He said come right over and then you may go. It was a quick visit, He wanted to be sure i stayed focused over the weekend, and there was a quick hand spanking. He asked about my limit for losing, i hemmed and hawed...i hate having a pre arranged limit. But we agreed on a number, and i went to meet my friend. Yes i did lose to my limit, but we had a great time, and it was wonderful to see my friend again. Master text me early Saturday morning, to see if i was treating for luck!

Today my weigh in was plus 1/2. I figured it was only 1/2 pound and over the weekend so no problem. I text Master, adding i will be extra good this week. His will be sore this week. When i read His reply i immediately got pouty, it was the weekend, and only !/2 pound, He is being mean. I sort of spouted to myself all morning, and when we talked, He just said, it was not what He expects and He would see me this afternoon.

Going into a spanking, especially a possible punishment one, with resentment and attitude is not a good thing. It has happened, and it just prolongs the spanking, until i let it all go. So i kept telling myself, let it go, He is in charge, you know He gives very little wriggle room, and it is because of Him that you are close to having lost 60 pounds!

When i got to Master, i was not pouting, but i was quiet. He asked several times what was wrong, i kept saying nothing. You are too quiet, quiet is not good, He said. I finally said i was upset that i had dissapointed Him. After some kneeling time, i was over His lap. We were chatting, discussing the meaning of a word that we disagreed on. I said i would look it up and let Him know i was right. He chuckled, and soon i was laughing and smiling, as He said, you were pretty determined not to laugh or smile when you walked in here. He was right, He had succeeded in dispelling most of my "bad mood". He also told me this was not punishment, He was not upset with me, maybe He just wanted an excuse to spank me. I looked at Him...You need an excuse?

He kindly started with a hand warm-up, and slowly peeled off my layers of clothing. He had a cedar plank that He was going to use. (I did not know what it was until i asked Master). It was thin and light, but very stingy. After a few sets, Master asked how long it took me to lose my limit. He then gave me a fast volley on one cheek. When He was done i said, that was 1/2 my limit right? He said Yup, and the other cheek gets the last half. They were fast, take your breath away swats.

I assumed he was finished. When i started to move, He informed me He was not done, my cheeks were barely pink. I guess i will start having to put make up on all my cheeks! He pulled me in close to Him, and finished with a long hard flurry. That cedar plank went into the recycle bin, but i would not mind feeling it again...much nicer than most of Master's wood toys.

On the way out, Master said, You were right. I don't need a reason to spank you, just an itchy palm.

I felt much better when i got home, you have to love someone who can make you smile and laugh, when you think that is the last thing you want to do.



  1. abby...sounds like you got just what you are so right, going into anything like a spanking with a bad attitude does make it last longer, but sometimes its hard not to.

  2. Hidden slave, Yes usually the voices and attitude take over . This time i was able to stop that...abby

  3. Nice to know you were able to drop the pouty thing and laugh, that's always good.

  4. Good job! One time I had to kiss him, with a punishment pending. I said "Am I still going to get a spanking?" he said yes. I said "then it's kind of hard to kiss you!" he didn't get why. Men!

  5. Malcolm, yes laighing is better, but someitmes it is hard to let a good pout go. abby

    Stormy, Men! Indeed! They have an instant turn on, turn off button....we gals seem to be missing that!