Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big party weekend!

I am excited that i will be partying this weekend! No not a munch or a spanking party, or anything do to with granddaughter turns 3!
She is sooo excited, she has called me twice this week,to be sure i don't forget. She wants a cake...with the letters C A K E on i teased and said grandma put on k e a c...she said that does not spell cake grandma! She wants balloons, ice cream and surprises! My son and his family are also driving to the party from Boston, so we will all be together. Looks like a hectic, busy, wonderful time!

I did see Master today, for a reminder, weekend maintenance spanking...not sure why every spanking needs a title. He's been working on a complete re-do of a bathroom, is getting close to being finished and it is beautiful. But lately, everytime i get spanked it seems to be with some leftover piece of material! I can't wait for Him to start putting the towels in place!

Today's "gem" was a piece of acrylic something...He gave me the technical name i just can't remember. He used the other part of it for a shelf in the shower. So, after some kneeling time, i went ovet His lap, and He started with my clothes on, a few with His hand, then this big sting! I put my head up and tried to see what He was using. He showed me and i moaned. We worked our way to my bare bottom, and that thing packs a wallop! Much more sting that any of the leftover pieces of wood He has been using. The last 10 were very hard! As i was squirming, He said, these can't be that hard or any worse than my head i am saying then let's try them on You and You can judge! I have learned to keep those conversations in my head, at least most of the time.

When He was done He said i took that i had a choice! i did get nicely rewarded, with Master checking and playing and rubbing til i just had to have a permission or 2. Actually it seemd like one very long orgasm, just more and more and more. Finally when i calmed down, i asked for another...which i rarely do. Master chuckled and said, oh...more than one....even when it is a never ending one? When Master and i first started on this journey, i always told Him 1 was enough...more than enough...He only listened to me the first couple of times, before he decided how many was enough.

We chatted a bit about the coming weekend and staying in touch, and that the maintaining part of the diet does not take a break. Master hates to go backwards. As i was leaving i told Master to be sure to put that acrylic thingy in the recycle bin!

Hope you all have a great weekend....and i will be enjoying party time with my 2 sweet granddaughters!



  1. Hope the birthday celebrations go well!!

  2. Sounds like your going to have a wonderful weekend with your family and birthday celebrations, enjoy.


  3. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! We redid our bathroom last year. I'm so glad Nick didn't experiment!!


  4. Abby,
    I hope you have a wonderful time at the birthday party and the cake has the letters on the right way.

  5. Thanks was a great party, we had one happy, growing too fast, 3 year old!