Monday, February 14, 2011

Whoopie Pies!!!

Master is away this week, and although i miss Him already, I had a not so good weigh in this morning, so i have this week to make it up.

It is not really my fault. I am blaming it on the whoopie pies! For those of you not from New England or more specifically, Maine, whoopie pies, are related to devil dogs. They have nothing to do with making whoopie, althought they are almost as good! They are traditionally a soft, moist chocolate cookie cake top and bottom filled with a rich sweet vanilla buttercream frosting. (See why it is all their fault!)

My wonderful son and daughter in law in Boston sent me a package from Wicked Whooppie Pies for Valentine's day. Now i have never tasted a bakery or store bought whoopie pie that comes close to the home made ones. The home made ones are the kind of recipe that takes all afternoon, and dirties everyting in the kitchen...but soo worth it.

Anyway, i tasted one of the these Wicked ones...and OH MY...heavenly!!!
And, they had the traditional ones, some with a chocolate chip cookie, a double chocolate one, and a maple one....all to die for. The were also at least twice the size of the ones i would make. Seeing their size i decided i would only eat 1/ a time. And of course i had to taste each of the varieties...they were a gift! Did i mention that when i finally decided to check on the calorie count...800 per pie...that would be 400 for each half i enjoyed.

So this morning i packed up the rest of those tasty treats and sent them with my daughter to share with the family she nannies for...and to keep them there!

May you someday get to taste a "wicked whoopie pie"....amd may i be satisfied with just the memory for a long time to come!


  1. Sounds like a delicious treat, enjoy!
    Happy Valentines Day

  2. Don't get me neat moist chocolate and cream filling. I think I gained reading this. Good luck losing this week.


  3. submissivebf..i did enjoy! Now to get rid of those calories before Master returns! abby

    PK..thanks, i am putting extra time with the wii, and hoping the diet gods are smiling on! abby

    hidden..let me know if you really want the temptation...i will gladly share the recipe. abby

  4. Wow, they sound rich but I bet they are good. Best to keep them out of the house. :)

  5. Stormy...i so agree...they are gone! abby