Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been a draggy kind of week. When Master is away the days seem longer. I always start by telling myself i won't miss Him as much this time...and it seems i miss Him more.

On the bright said, giving the whoopie pies a new home was a great idea. I weighed in this morning and loss the pound and a half i had gained on Monday! So i am back to 1 pound away from my goal!

Problem is, i am leaveing early tomorrow morning (yes before Master returns), for NJ to spend some time with my almost 3...going on at least 12...year old grand daughter. She is one of those innately funny little ones, who constantly surprises you. She cannot wait to see what "grandma" has planned for our cooking time each day! (alphabet bread sticks, silly snake dogs, bunny pancakes, crackerpillars are a few of the goodies!)

On Sunday my daughter and son in law are taking me to NYC for lunch and a early birthday gift! I love musicals, so i am really looking forward to it.

Be good all....well not necessarily
hugs, abby


  1. Send the whoopee pies to me, I could use them this weekend,lol.

  2. Have a good trip and enjoy your family time.... and well done on the weight