Friday, January 14, 2011

no loss....but no gain

Monday i was only 1/2 pound away from my goal weight. I was sure i would be there when i weighed in today. I used the wii, i was fairly careful with what i ate....and, i did not lose the 1/2 pound...i did not gain...but that darn scale did not budge. When i texted Master, His reply was Hmmmmm..

On my way to see Master, i was not sure what to expect. A 'stay the same week' is usually cause for punishment..not a major one, but not a play time. But i am leaving for Boston this weekend, and will be gone about 2 weeks. I had told him that i tried, and He had agreed.

After some chatting, i was kneeling for Him. He decided to attack my nipples. I reacted and lifted my hands, but quickly recovered. I was reminded they are His, and He could make this more painful. I stayed in place and managed to breathe through the rest of His nipple play time. He then said i was to stay the same while away, He would not punish me for the stay the same week. I asked for a little wriggle room, but did not get it, and was reminded that it has been a while since we had a trip to the basement. Those are to be avoided if at all good or happy memories down there.

We sent time chatting and hugging and enjoying each others company. Master reminded me to use all the tools in my tool box..more about that in my next post. Then it was time to say good-bye. I miss Him all ready, but He will be waiting when i return. On the bright side, there is an 18 month old, with big plans for grandma!


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  1. Hope you have a safe trip and a lovely visit. HS xx