Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's update

I got back here over the weekend, but i never feel like i am home...i am where i belong...until Master has welcomed me home. Luckily He makes that happen quickly. My weigh in report this morning was that i had gained 1 1/2 pounds. I was pleased with that, it has been 2 weeks, and last week was fast foods, goodies, restaurants and lots of temptations. I was pretty sure He would give me a "good girl", and ask when i would be back to the goal.

I was greeted with a long, tight hug, some catching up chat, asking how i really was,...i am OK, still processing that dad is gone. Kneeling time was like a long slow massage, taking in His scent, His touch, His voice, filling what had been depleted within me. When i was finally relaxed, He mentioned my report, i said pretty good, right? He said it was a gain, but eventually agreed considering the circumstances it was pretty good.

Our reconnection spanking was a long, slow build up, using His hand, slowly peeling off the layers of my clothing, the kind of spanking that makes one wonder why everyone doesn't do this and wishing it would last for hours. Eventually he moved on to His paddle turning up the heat on a well warmed bottom. I was on my way to floating, when He stopped and said, time to address the gain. i argued...a bit...He countered with...not a punishment, nothing harsh, but a definate reminder that gaining is never acceptable. He had to wait a bit to get my Yes Sir, but he was patient, and i have learned that delaying too much only adds to my eventual discomfort.
It was over quickly, and "we" decided that i would lost the 1 1/2 by next Monday.

Then it was play time. i was has been 2 weeks. It did not take me long to start moaning and requesting persmission to cum, and cum, and cum. Master chuckled and reminded me that i used to say enough after once, saying there was no way i could orgasm more than once. Some things, i am only too happy to be wrong about!

Surprisingly i found myself fighting my tears. It took me years to cry in front of Master, and now the tears seem to have a mind of their own. He encouraged me to let them go, but i held on...guess i still need some practice in letting go.

After some coming back to earth time, with lots of rubbing and quiet talk, i was back to kneeling. I asked if this counted as this week's maintenance. Since i did not ask or arrange for today, it does not. Master insists that i ask for my maintence spankings, since asking for what i need is difficult for me.

It was a wonderful welcome back!

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