Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's report

Hello all from Boston. I drove over yesterday, through some nasty weather, but needed sunglasses when i finally got to Massachusetts. My son and daughter in law leave for Hawaii, very early Wednesday morning...Maya and i get to be buddies....she is a great buddy!

I don't weigh in when i am not home. No wii, not the same scale...when i weigh in i need to have everything the same as it always is. Luckily Master allows me this indulgence. It makes my first weigh in when i return a surprise, and not always a good one.

For the past 6 months i have been away from home often. I have always taken time to visit my adult children, but throw in my dad's health, and grand children and lately it seems i am away at least 1 week a month.

I used to go away, and after a couple of days i would have completely forgotten that i have rules, or a weigh in awaiting me. I would slowly start to feel detached from being accountable to Someone, and my returns were almost always bumpy. I had a whole new mindset, and not a great submissive one.

Over time Master and i have worked that out. I use to think that Master looked forward to my going away, i would not be bugging Him, he could forget about me, more free time for Him. He never said that to me, i just convinced myself. We would not be in touch as much, i would slowly let go of my rituals and rules, and start to drive myself crazy.

Luckily Master does not give up easily. I now know that being away is a time for me to be more conscience of my rituals and rules. To keep Master in my head as well as in my heart. My first text to Him this morning was...knelt for You, could smell, feel, and hear You, Sir,. He said it was a good start.

Master always tells me to use all the tools in my tool box, and to use them as often as i need/want to. What He is telling me is...this is NOT the time to stop asking for permissions, to forget to do a daily task, to not keep in touch. I can call, text, email as often as i need. I now believe that He means it. He gets texts and pictures and calls and emails, as often as i need to be in touch with Him. I now know, that i am His submissive 24/ matter where i am. I know He will be waiting for me when i return. I know that it is up to me to make that reunion one we both enjoy!

I already miss You Master!


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