Monday, January 10, 2011

mmmmmmm.....sounds of contentment

I received a surprise message from Master this afternoon, i was to meet Him in an hour. We had not really connected all day, i had texted Him my weigh-in, He texted back, and i called at lunch, but did not even leave a message. So i was surprised, but sometimes surprises can be soo nice.

We hugged and chatted and i knelt for Him. Then it was over his knee for a nice hand warm up. He lightly tapped my thighs, just only as a tease. We were chatting about different things, and it was just nice and relaxed and special.
He then commented that since i had said that He seemed to be attached to His brush paddle, He decided to make this a leather day! I love leather, leather over wood and day! (hmm..maybe i can hint at a few more things here...)

Over the side of the sofa i went, and the large leather strap was in His hand. He started with a set of 20 that i struggled through. Not sure why, i was warmed up and it was leather, but the last few seemed to really hurt, and i was struggling to stay in place. He announced that was 20 out of 100, and i panicked. He started rubbing and soothing and talking quietly, saying i could do this, i needed to relax a little, and it was LEATHER. I took a deep breath, He changed sides and i sailed through the next 20. We made it to 80, but i did notice everytime he went to that first side, they definately did hurt more. I did complain, not that it changed His plan. The last 20 were 10 harder ones on each side. By the end, i could feel my wetness.

Master likes to "check" to see if my complaining was valid....He chuckled and said one part of me was certainly not complaining. Using His magical fingers He quickly brought me to the edge.....when he decided we should chat.
Sometimes i wonder what is He thinking, here i am trying to remember just to keep breathing, not to cum without permission, squirming, and He wants to chat! He claims this is when He as my complete attention, and i will agree more quickly. So we chatted about my diet and my upcoming babysitting trip to Boston, and i honestly don't remember what else. He certainly did not stop enjoying my "wetness". Finally i nicely asked if we could please stop with the chatting.....i needed a permission....and it was granted. I'm not sure how many orgasms i had, more that usual 2 or 3....i just could get enough.
I never thought that i would or could be so orgasmic.

When i came back to earth, Master had me lay my head in His lap, and was rubbing and kissing and helping me to a "safe landing". It was such an unexpected, wonderful, special of those, i want to remember this forever times. Master said He wanted to make sure i came back from Boston as soon as possible....He ensured that. I always miss Him, of course, but i am already wishing i were back.

As i was getting dressed, Master said this was not maintenance. I looked at Him, and he continued, i had not asked for it, i am supposed to ask for maintenance. So, maintenance is on tap for later this week, for now i just want to enjoy the aftermath of this afternoon.

I was going to wait til tomorrow to post this, since i had blogged this morning. But Master thought 2 postings in one day were not too much.

Thank you Master...i have rarely felt as content, at peace, and cared for, as i do this evening.



  1. A wonderful surprise, you lucky girl.


  2. submissinve was wonderful, and special!

    justagirl...i am lucky, Master has brought so many good things in my live

    ronnie...still smiling and remembering today!


  3. Thank you for your support and guidance ... I am hoping to please my man as you please yours :)