Thursday, January 13, 2011


It is FREEZING here..and way too much snow. I want to go someplace warm!
Since that doesn't seem to be in my future, guess i will have to rely on Master to warm me up.

This afternoon was maintenace or "reminder" spanking day. Usually i have to ask, but we seem to be having a hard time connecting during the day. I got a text, "Come on over", did not hear my phone, was in the basement, but luckily i checked and read the message soon after it was sent. So i came on over.

Master was busy cutting some tile, He is doing a bathroom re-model. So He told me to get comfortable...translation...kneeling and naked. I did, but my mind was wandering. When Master walked in, He immediately told me to focus! Naked, kneeling time should have my focus totally on Him, even if He is not in the room with me.

He started to claim every part of me, remarking that i went a little short on the hair cut this morning. Might limit His "caveman" ways. Then it was over His lap. Maintenance is pretty much the same, i have to say why i am being spanked, and why we have weekly "reminders". He graciouly started with a nice hand warm-up, with some rubbing, before that hair brush paddle came out. He reminds me that i need to remember this for a while, so i know i need to prepare myself. Starting off slowly, He builds to a hard and fast series, My feet are kicking, but i am staying put, and concentrating on breathing. Soon i am ouching rather loudly, and after a harder set we are done.

Master is talking, rubbing, comforting, and checking to see if i am "wet", of course i am. I will never understand that connection, but it is there. Master soon has me on the verge of cumming, and being the nice "Guy" He is, tells me to cum before i can even get the words out. It is intense, and i find myself, not sobbing, but crying. Master comforts me, and brings me to a safe landing, assuring me that my emotions are good, that He is my safety net, that He is here for me. Finally i am back.

One of the things that i love about Master is the way He uses words. I taught english for a long time, and i know the importance of words. Master can make me laugh, breathe, regret, cum, think, bring me to tears, all with the way He uses words. It is not something i went looking for, but i am soo glad i found it, it is important to me.

Master asked about my weigh in tomorrow. I honestly told Him i had no idea. Using the wii, means i get weighed every day, but this week it has been a very inconsistent week. Lose, gain, lose, gain. He says, i would hate to have to punish you before you leave. ( I am off to Boston, for a babysitting stint). I say, i thought 2 spankings a week was our limit, He laughed and gave me "that" look. We shall see tomorrow.



  1. i'm with you abby... if my Sir wasn't adept at language usage i don't think i would have been nearly as firmly bonded to Him.

    i, too, am extremely grateful for that aspect of O/our relationship!!



  2. is those words that often have far more impact than any spanking. Nice post HS xx

  3. I think that is also one of the things I respect most about my Daddy; His words and his intelligence. Being a smart woman myself, I am rarely challenged on my knowledge, but not only does my Daddy push the limits of my sexuality, he also pushes the limits of my thinking - So Sexy! :)

  4. KK..."head space", is important to Master...His words ehlp greatly with that.

    Hidden Slave...sooo true, they get me to tears more easily.

    One....I totally agree!