Monday, January 3, 2011

A good start to 2011

Master and i had a wonderfully delicious morning..a great way to start 2011!

Only it started out with a misstep. Master emailed me early this morning, to remind me to start on the wii and that i needed to report my weigh in. I read the text and did both. Later Master calls and asks if there is a problem...He has been waiting for me. I had not read the whole text...big OOPS! I quickly apologized and went to Him.

The oops was forgiven, but with a warning i should check my messages more carefully. We hugged and chatted, Master was pleased with my New Year's note and with my last blog post on obedience/submission. He pointed out how far i have come, places where i have definately improved recently, and how He looks forward to this year.

Then it was kneeling time where He claimed all parts of me, and i never even flinched..even with pinching and pulling of my so sensitive nipples. A wonderfully relaxing long hand spanking mixed in with lots of rubbing was next on the agenda. I was soo relaxed. Then Master said, "reach over and hand me to bath brush". Not words i enjoy hearing. Without hesitation, i reached over and gave it to Him. I could feel His smile as He commented, good job, very submissive, no hesitation.

He started off slowly, built slowly, and i was still somewhat relaxed.
Mater then asked if i wanted my first maintenance for the year, now or after my flogging. I opted for now, and He reminded me that i am to ask for maintenance. I did, and that darn bath brush was heating up my bottom with harder spanks. Master had me tell Him why we have keep me on track, to keep my "voices" quiet, to help to avoid a major punishment session. Then without warning a fast and hard flurry of spanks. I did manage to breathe through them and stay in place, but was very glad when they stopped.

FLOGGER time!! Master remarked that we ended the year with a flogging and are starting the new year with one...that is one tradition i intend on keeping. The feel of that leather all over my back and bottom, the THUDS, the dragging of the leather strips up and down my body, between my legs, the harder landings that seem to push out any stress that might still be lingering....have i mentioned that i love Master's flogger! Master ended with 20 much harder ones, my back and bottom were nice and warm and tingly.

Master then tells me to get my bottom high over the back of the couch. I hate that position, and always wait to be told at least twice, but i took a deep breath and walked over and got into position. Master reminded me to keep my legs open, and i complied. Master had a large strap in His hands. I managed to stay in position during the strapping even the last 20 much harder ones. Yes, i did have those elusive tears in my eyes, but there was no sobbing.

When i get up there is a big hug waiting for me, with lots of praise.
Master then has me get back in kneeling position where He reaches in and brings me to the brink of orgasm. He reminds me to stay in position, as He continues, and has me asking for permission to cum. It is granted, and i am soon lost in all the sensations, as i cum for my Master. Master immediately pulls me between His legs and is rubbing and cuddling and bringing me back to earth. Master is speaking softly to me, telling me how proud He is that i stayed in postion and kept myself open to Him, how much my submission pleases Him.

I then asked for permission for an errand i wanted to run, took a deep breath and asked for permission to go to Boston to do some babysitting in a couple of weeks. Asking for permission for my trips to see family is something i have been avoiding. Not because Master would ever just randomly say no...He knows how important they are to me, and is always generous with any permissions....but it was just something i did not want to let go of. Asking for permission always opens the door to a no. Master asked if i had already said yes, i honestly said that i had said i probably could. He did give me permission, and said next time i have to check would be a better answer. This was a big step for me, a step in submission and trust. After more hugs, i was off to run my errand.

A wonderful way to start the new year, with hopes of many more wonderful times to come. Thank you Master for leaving me feeling submissive, safe, cared for, and satisfied. My submission to You is the road to being "me", to a special place and feelings i never imagined possible.


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