Friday, January 7, 2011


I hope everyone is staying nice and cozy and warm. It is way too cold here in Western NY, with more snow on the way. I love the four seasons, seeing the changes, but winter needs to be, at the most, 1 month long!

Master decided i needed some "warming up" this afternoon...i could not have agreed more. Since i was really cold when i arrived, He said we could start with clothing on and slowly pull off the layers. That rarely happens, but it was nice. He was using the hairbrush paddle, He seems to be attached to it lately. Over jeans, i don't mind it at all. After a bit he started peeling off the layers, over a bare bottom that hairbrush paddle heats things up much more quickly.

Once Master decides my bottom is sufficiently warmed up, he moves on to other parts. I am soon panting and sweating and needing a permission....or two. When i finally caught my breath again, i was so cozy and warm and comfy...winter is not all that After some chatting we had to be on our way.....short and sweet and cozy.....and warmed up enough to face the cold once again.