Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Mine had many special moments...four generations of females attending mass together on Christmas Eve, 30 members of my immediate family together for Christmas breakfast, seeing the faces on my 2 and 3 year old granddaughters when they realized Santa had come!..and more. Special times and special memories, it is always a special blessing when you see your grown children, and think... I must have done something very right!

I returned home a couple days early, on Thursday, I was unsure of the the weather this weekend, and I was missing Master way too much. (I must admit my "tool box" was not well utilized, and that always causes me to feel disconnected). I woke up on Friday morning with a running nose, congestion, cough, etc...I was miserable. I managed to do some unpacking and that was it...I was done in. I did not feel much better this morning, but planned on at least going to get some groceries, ended up giving my daughter a list and the credit card, so I am sitting here in my PJ's ready for bed. But first I wanted to say...

Thanks to all of my blogging friends for reading, commenting, even for lurking. You help me to realize I am more "normal" than I sometimes think, and you always have wonderful insights.

May you all get to have some of your wishes, dreams and fantasies come through in 2012!

Hugs, abby

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas...

I know I am about a week early with my wishes. I am leaving at 4:30 AM!!! to get to the airport for my flight to Boston. I will be there for a week helping with my 2 year old granddaughter..and then we will be traveling to Maine to meet up with the rest of the clan. It is always so heartwarming to see your children introducing long time family traditions to yet another generation!

I hope all of you have a Christmas that warms your hearts...and maybe your bottoms too!

hugs, abby

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 for the price of 1...

I gained a pound over the weekend. All things considered, I thought that was reasonable. I also had lots of reasons *excuses* ready for Master.

Of course, He was not buying any of them. I was over my 2 pound less than 1 pound....but I was over. My new weight is going to be my weight, He explained. Truthfully, I knew He would not let it slide, HE does not let me fail or go backwards. As much as I sometimes wish He would give a little, I know with me, a little is a dangerous thing.

I was told to lean over the ottoman as He took off His belt. No basement and no wood...His version of being kind. There was no warm up, and I knew He was not swinging as Hard as He could, but I was struggling with settling and accepting. For some reason lately, that seesm to be the case. I think I got 50 in all, He did stop half way and rubbed and calmed me, something I was..and am...very thankful for. I was more accepting of the last half, even those last harder ones.

As I was kneeling between His legs, He M&M?? My first thought was, He is offereing me candy after just punishing me for gaining? I looked up at Him, and He said...Monday Maintenance. I had totally forgotten about that. He invited me over His lap, and used His hand for this week's maintenance. Master's hand can be as hard as wood at times, but after a "belting", it was actually relaxing.

Then He started to roam, and just as I was squirming and panting, I hear, no permissions until you have lost what you gained, and I suggest you give yourself a little "wiggle" room before the holiday. I tried to move away from His hand and roaming fingers, of course that was futile. I was being punished, He wasn't. He finally told me to stand, and I could feel myself "dripping". The sooner I get that pound off the better!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis that time of the year

.....when busy takes on a whole new meaning! I applaud those of you who are managing to blog regularly, I have read some thought provoking and heart warming posts. It just reminds me what a wonderfully diverse and similar group we are.

I have been trying to get everything checked off my todo list for Christmas. I am flying to Boston on Saturday, to help my daughter in law, since they are hosting all of us, and since she is pregnant and working, she needs to find some sleep time. I have two more gifts to buy, and everything is wrapped. That part is under control.

I went to two Christmas parties in the past week, yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday. She wanted to celebrate at Cheesecake Factory. Does anyone eat there and NOT have cheesecake?? Today was cookie baking day. We tried some new recipes, so had to taste and see. Unfortunately tomorrow is weigh in day....Master is probably going to become the grinch.

Last Wednesday when Master was giving my my "mid-week tune up", as He called it, He noticed I was crossing my ankles,,,again. I keep telling Him it is just a natural reflex, He sees it as an attempt to block off access.
He asked how much longer He should give me before He starts making this a punishment issue. I asked how long I could have...He replied the beginning of the year.

Friday's weigh in was a stay the same...but I only had 1/2 pound left before I crossed Master's line of "don't go there". I was over His lap, enjoying a wonderful hand spanking, when I felt a couple sharp slaps on my thighs. I turned to look at Him, He was looking at my crossed ankles. I did not mention it was not yet the first of the year, I simply said sorry. After the spanking and other "fun activities" I got another couple swats on my thighs for the same reason. So I guess the first of the year was not an exact date. It is often these little things that really trip me up. Since I don't even realize I have crossed them, I will have to really think about keeping my feet apart. Wish me luck!

Have a good week all...


Monday, December 5, 2011

M&M day....and an OOPS

Today was our regular maintenance day for this week. My head was in a pretty good place for it, and I arrived at Master's thinking I knew what to expect. I was almost right.

After some chat time, I was kneeling before Master. We discussed last Friday, how special it was, and how much we enjoyed it. Master was playing with my nipples...not with His "gentle" power, but pulling and pinching and tugging. Master was pleased with my acceptance.

Then it was maintenance time. As always, Master reminds me that it is meant to help me avoid punishment, therefore it needs to a strong reminder. Master started right in with His acrylic paddle. He did give me two sets of lighter ones as a warm-up, which was much appreciated. He then put His arm around my waist, tucked me in, and I knew He was going to "rev" it up. They were fast and much harder, He did stop for a rub and to let me know when we were half way. I do much better knowing that we are half done. He finished the last half, and said He hoped it was enough to keep me out of trouble.

I was still over His lap, and we were discussing my coming week as He was playing and touching and getting me wetter. I mentioned it was going to be a tough diet week...I had 2 christmas parties planned. He replied...2 parties???? This week?? GULP, I knew what He was thinking, and He was right.
He asked if I had asked permission for those parties. I lay there quietly, He asked again...I finally admitted I had not. One of my rules is I ask for permission to go any place, I have struggled a bit with it in the past, but have learned to remember to ask first. I rarely get a no, Master sees it as a reminder that I am not in control.

"You don't have permission to go to those parties". I apologized and asked with a please if I could go...He asked how many times we had discussed this. I admitted to a few, He corrected me, saying it was more.

Master finally said, this time, I can choose, to eliminate one party or take a hard spanking. I did not want to choose either. Both parties were ones I wanted to attend, planning on seeing friends I had not in a while, and I had just received a maintenance spanking, I did not want a harder spanking on top of that. I asked for a 3rd option...staying home all week was a possibility.

I had been hiding my face in a pillow. Master told me to look at Hime. He said He knew I had not done this on purpose, that I was asked about the parties, wanted to go and said yes without thinking. That is what most people do, but not me. I belong to Him, I ask for permission before making plans. I need to remember that. So, I chose the spanking.

He tucked me in (again), picked up the acrylic paddle and let it fly. It was harder than manitenance and much longer. I was apologizing and asking for it to stop, and had tears in my eyes when He finally stopped. His fingers started to roam again, as He told me, it was a good thing we had this discussion today, not after the fact or on the day of the events. The consequences would have been harsher. I started to squirm and let out a shudder, He pulled out His hand, and reminded permissions when I am being punished.

Master then said that the next time I plan without permission , I will have to cancel, no matter what the occasion. He asked if I knew He would do it...for some reason I answered probably. He reminded me not to test Him, we are beyong that, and I will not be happy with the result. Consistency and follow through are 2 of Master's strong points, I know that, and I have to admit, it is reassuring.

We then had some hugging and kneeling time before we said good by.

On the diet front I gained 1/2 pound, not bad for a weekend away. I am still within my 2 pound range, but just barely. I will have to enjoy the conversation more than the food at my parties.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

gently powerful

I made a quick trip to visit my oldest (3 year old) grand-daughter and her baby brother this weekend. She was in her very first 'christmas concert' and I just could not miss it. It was well worth the trip. She was great, and we got to decorate the tree, make a gingerbread house and celebrate her mommy's birthday! Christmas magic is seeing it all through the eyes of a 3 year old!

Thursday afternoon Master and I met for some spanking fun. I enjoyed a lovely hand spanking and a few permissions, and we enjoyed each other's company in a lovely way.

On Friday, Master asked me to come over again. I was told to get naked and kneeling while He cleaned up. It took Him a while, and I started to get bored, let my hands slip from their proper position by the time He came into the room. He gently reminded me of their place. Little did I know that...gentle...would in a sense be the theme of that afternoon.

Master approached me and started to rub and massage all over. Then He gave my nipples a little squeeze, and started to gently circle them. At first I could barely feel His touch, as I relaxed and focused, I started to feel His gentle rubbing affecting me all over. He was quietly talking, reminding me that is how He touches my clit, as He continued, and I could not help but start to squirm. Master wondered out loud if I might need a permission before I even finished the kneeling was getting close when He stopped and called me over to Him.

He told me to sit on His lap, I always hesitate a bit, worried about how I will fit. He told me to sit with my back to Him, my legs stretched apart as much as possible. I was strugging with keeping my legs apart, when He suggested I get the ottoman to rest them on. Then, He started again, very gently, one hand on a breast and the other in my pussy. Nothing rough or fast, just slow and easy and gentle. He was nudging at my neck and talking sofly into my ear at the same time. It was soon sensation overload, and I could barely contain myself.

I hear master say power can be applied gently, and still be powerful. I am panting and squirming. I need a permission! Master says He will count to 10 and I may cum when he get to 10. I don't hear a thing and I ask Him to please start counting. He does, and takes a long time to get to 10. I manage to time myself and explode on the sound of His 10. (I am so surprised when that works!) Of course one was not enough and it took me a while to quiet down and breathe again.

I told Master that was an amazing afternoon! He always finds a way to surprise me....and with the hope for more surprises like that how can I not be "good". I almost forgot, I loss 1 pound on Friday, and that was my reward...sure beats a gold medal!

Hope you all have a good week, Christmas parties are on my agenda...wish me luck with my weigh-ins.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Before and After thoughts

After I had talked to Master this morning and we decided to meet early this afternoon, I started thinking about types of spankings. Way long ago when I first typed in the word "spanking" in a search engine, I was thinking OTK and maybe a hand or brush, and some spanking, resulting in a slightly sore bottom. Boy have I learned a lot!

Today, I was wondering what Master had planned...a welcome home spanking since I had just returned late yesterday....a maintenance spanking since today is Monday and He had decided before I left that MM's were a good idea...I knew it would not be a punishment since I had gained (1 and a half) but was still under my 2 pound limit...hmm...or maybe a surprise. I had my butterflies all fluttering by the time I was knocking on the door.

First...hugs...Master always says never too many hugs, and His hugs are real big bear type hugs. He then showed me what He had accomplished on His remodel project while I was away. Then it was kneeling and naked time, with Master for some "just us" time. Master reclaiming all of me, and me reclaiming my submission. Of course, Master can never resist some nipple play (torture), and I am getting used to it....

M&M day Master proclaimed. Maintenance I asked...that is what Monday's are for, every week, no guessing when or forgetting. He had me lean over the arm of the sofa. I groaned as I felt the cool, hard, smooth surface of a large paddle. (It was a large paddle ball paddle, that I hate.) Maintenance is not supposed to be is a deterrant to a punishment, He repeated once again. I was having difficulty wrapping my head warm up, not being spanked in over a week, and that darn paddle. He did not start off slowly or easily, and it did not take long efore I was rising a little...He warned me and put His hand on my back. I was strugging, it HURT and I could not get above it.

After a swat, Master told me to thank Him. I hesitated, and He swung harder. I thanked Him, and He continued, waiting for my Thank You Sir. I finally just put my head down and quietly repeated the Thank you without prompting. Good girl, I just saw all the resistence leave your body. You might as well accept your spanking, you can't really resist, and I do know what you need. ( all of which I know, but sometimes it is just so hard). After just a couple more I was allowed up and invited over his lap.

A hand spanking, after a paddling, is like a gentle tap. But I love Master's hands...wherever they choose to spank or roam. It took very little time for Master to inform me I was swollen and wet...(wonder how that happened??) I was soom squirming and panting...Master says he knows
I want to cum, but I should relax and enjoy (HUH??). I try, and I do slow down my breathing and try to slow myself. Master stops and pulls out my large toy and starts it vibrating and thrusting in...just enough to get me right to the edge. He says,,,,6 hard thrusts and you may cum. He starts with one slow hard one, the two..another slow and hard one,
I am not sure I am going to make it to 6. Master lets out a small chuckle and quickly thrusts 4 more times and gets to 6! I am off and flying, and Master keeps me there til I just need to breathe.

As I am still lying over His lap, I ask if maybe I can have a 5 pound leeway instead of just 2. The no comes quickly, He says I have worked too hard, to gain that much back, 2 pounds and I have used 3/4 of it already.
So then I ask if I can cut back to 1 weigh in a week, another quick no. Everthing stays the same. I know He is keeping me from back sliding, and that is a good thing. I just would like more wriggle room, not that wriggle room is usually a good thing for me, but it is nice to have.

I can finally sit up, more hugs and chat, some kneeling and Master tells me how proud He is of me. He knows I only lost this last 10 because he wanted it. Then it is back to the real world time.

On my way home, my thoughts are that I am glad maintenance is over with for this week, and hopefully I can get through this month without going over my 2 pound limit. I am not sure that will happen, but I am sure what will happen if I go beyond the 2 pounds, so I will try. I also realize that I have finally come home, to where I belong, to whom I belong, and it is such a good, safe place. I feel more relaxed, more ready to face this busy month, more like "me".


Sunday, November 27, 2011

More catching up....

I returned from visiting my son, daughter in law, and grandaughter today. It was a fun week. My grandaughter has become a little girl, no longer a baby, thankfully she has a baby sister on the way. But she did keep me very busy, and when she napped, I tried to help her mom out with laundry, and cleaning and baking for the holiday. I put in no blog time, and yes I did miss you all and think about you.

First I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends and of course, great food. We celebrated on Friday due to the fact that my son is a fireman and daughter in law a NIKU nurse, and had to work the holiday. We had a wonderful meal, looked back on the happy times of the past year, and ahead to more good times.

A big THANK YOU to the three people who nominated me for a VBA award. I apologize, since I have not learned how to link to your blogs from here, that is on my to-do list..."Hidden Slave", "Composing Us", and "An Awakening Dominant", I promise you a link as soon as I get my act together! I will not be nominating from here, I follow many of you, and think you are all great. Anyone who is willing to put themselves out here and share deserves an award. I will list 7 things about myself:

1. I am a frog collector. When I was teaching I would wear something
that had a frog on it every day. My grandkids, have lots of frog

2. I always wanted to teach at the primary level. Until one of my
principals convinced me to try Junior High. I loved it...a
challenge and a new beginning every day.

3. I am a "crosswordholic". I complete at least 3 a day.

4. Orange is my favorite color.

5. I always dreamed of creating new jeopardy boards, all with a

6. I am the oldest of 4 children. The quiet and conservative one.

7. I have never understood why chocolate and ice cream do not have
a larger space on the food pyramid!

That's it for now, I need sleep!


Friday, November 18, 2011

catching up on the week

I have been meaning to post a couple times this week, but have been trying to get lots of other things done also, and they won out. One of those is my Christmas shopping. When my 3 children were little , I always had a goal of being finished by Thanksgiving...they were all born in December...yes poor planning, or no planning. This year, I decided to try again, and I am almost there!

When Master and I talked on Tuesday, He reminded me that my original target date for my recent diet goal was Thansgiving day, not the end of this week. I had decided to try for that goal, but He would only hold me to the original goal. In a way that was a relief, I still wanted this to be a really good week, but knowing I had more time eased the pressure.

Yesterday, Master was in the mood for nipple play, to be honest I am rarely in that mood. But, I have grown to relax a little and breathe...and even start to squirm. When I walked in Master was proud to show me the new yard stick He had acquired. I tried to show a little sincerety when I said it was such a nice yard can probably guess how that came off.
So, after my kneeling time, I was over the end of the sofa with the yard stick in His hand. It was very stingy, He tried it from near and from far...still stingy. Not like a large paddle, but I kept thinking a warm-up would really have helped.

Finally He had me go over His lap for a hand spanking. Lately he seems to be adding a warm-up after an initial spanking, but I love His hand so I will take it any time I can get it! He decided to play with my nipples while He was spanking me. He was going from one to the other, pulling tugging, pinching, not extremely hard. His fingers went to check and since I was starting to respond He decided to just play with my nipples. He was being gentle, circling, rubbing, massaging, and I was actually relaxing. Before I knew it, I heard this voice say, harder Sir please! He was only too glad to oblige. I have to admit, I felt that connection between my nipples and my clit, they were talking to each other! Master added a little extra, and I was off to the land of orgasms.

After I had landed and could breathe again, Master decided to give me an assignment for that evening. I was to play with my nipples until I was reading to cum, and only then could I ask for permission. Honestly, I wasn't sure I could do it. I asked, what if I can't, He said you can and you will. Last night, I sat for a long time, thinking about it, and knew I just had to start. I started slowly and gently, and remembering the afternoon , I could feel myself start to get wet and ready. I did stop and text Master for permission and waited. I usually get a quick reply, so I continued, when I had no reply and I was starting to near the point of no return, I decided to stop. No cuming without permission was one of Master's first that I had difficulty with. It has been a long time since I have crossed that line, and I have no desire to again. I did eventually get a permission, but I was ready for bed, and just replied with a good night.

My weigh in today was a minus 2.3 pounds! Master was very pleased, and although I am not at the goal, I am only about 1/2 pound away. Master had promised a flogging, rope, cuffs...session if I reached my goal, so I figured that was off the table, for now. We did not get our noon time chat in, but mid afternoon I get a text....flogger! Sometimes He is a softy!

Our afternoon, was amazing. Wrist and ankle cuffs, rope, and a blindfold. As I am laying there, I feel wood on my bottom, my head jerks around and Master chuckles and says...not what you were expecting. After lightly using several of His paddles, I feel the swoosh of the leather strands down my whole body. I instantly relax and let out a moan. Master says..guess I finally got it right!

He then stops and says He will be right back. He gets a toy to insert into my pussy and tells to be sure it stays put. Then He gives me what I have been craving. A long, hard, all over flogging. I can just feel all of the tension being pushed out of my body, all my muscles relaxing, my body just going with each swish. As I am floating, there is a short stop, and then I feel Master's whip. I am not surprised, Master loves His whip, and after a flogging, I can adjust to the change in sensation. I finally hear 20 more hard ones. Then He is rubbing and massaging and saying how hot my back is, and how it is so nicely welted. Master moves on to giving me a good hard release or two or three. I could feel all the sensations of the afternoon come crashing down on me and as I came, I also cried. I am always surprised and a little embarrassed when that happens. It takes me a while to get my bearings.

Master always movers right in, holds me, talks softly to me, telling me that is the best compliment I can give Him, my total release, giving up total control. The first time it happened I was scared, it totally takes all of my energy. I finally was able to speak and move. Master untied me and removed the cuffs, but kept the blindfold on. He had me get up and kneel with it on while He continued to speak softly and rub. Finally He removed the blindfold and I felt blinded by the bright light. After more hugs, I told Master I had a small confession to make.

When I ask or get a permission it is supposed to be used. So I told Master I had not used my permission last night. I explained that I did not want to cum without permission, so I had stopped playing with myself, and them it got late and I was tired. He said He was not surprised, whe he got my good nite, right after He sent my pemission. He was pleased that I did not cum without permission, and said I could have the 15 minute rule. It is a rule that I had a few years ago, and lost the privilege. If I don't get a reply in 15 minutes, I may cum. I said it was a dangerous rule. He smiled and said You have come a long way, You can handle it now.

I am flying to Boston tomorrow to see my 2 year old granddaughter and to help my daghter in law. She is pregnant and works overnight in a preemie extensive care unit, and is hosting Thanksgiving. Hopefull she can get more sleep and I can teach my little sweetie how to bake pies! If I don't get a chance to say this later....hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Among the things I am thankful for....your friendship and acceptance.


Monday, November 14, 2011

M & M (s)

Sorry, my title is not refering to those tempting little hard coated candies filled with chocolate, peanuts, almonds, peanut butter, or at this time of the year peppermint. Can never eat just one. Today was Maintenance Monday...M & M day.

I returned Master's "Beauty" books today. I had a lag between reading the 2nd and last one, due to having to finish a book for my monthly book club. The third one was my least favorite, but am glad I persisted since I liked the ending.

When we started maintenance Master decreed, I was to be the one to mention it each week, and find a time. Since Master views it as a deterrant to punishment, it never made much sense to me to have it happen at the end of the week. But, I often would not mention it til near the end of the week. I was determined this week to mention it today, Monday.

When I arrived at Master's we started with the kneeling "ritual". He reclaims all of me, I relax, and let myself just be. After I crawled over His lap, Master started with a wonderful hand warm-up. I don't always get one, but I always want one! Master commented that He thought it was the first time we had maintenance on a Monday. I replied,,,,M & M day. He chuckled and said He liked that...we should always have an M & M day, so looks like maintenance will be on Mondays.

Master then decided to search my "meager" bag of toys. I don't have many spanking toys in there, the first one He pulled out was a paddle shaped like a frog. ( I am a frog collector). It is light and stingy, so I said that would work. After about 10 swats Master was asking if I was asleep yet. He reached in and pulled out my short strap, but it is difficult to use OTK. I thought that was it, but he found a spatula. I forgot that was in there. Spatulas can have a big sting. But Master was not liking it, so I had to get up and fetch the plastic paddle. He tucked me in , and proceeded to paddle my bottom for too long a time. it was a hard paddling, one designed to last all week. (so maybe having maintenance at the end of the week, has its advantages).

When the paddling part was done, we moved on to more pleasant activities. Master was rubbing and using His talented fingers to get me wet and wanting. We were chatting, and I finally said, You could concentrate on what your fingers are doing. His reply was, "she" is mine as is all of you, I will play with "her" as long as I want. So I continued to try to breathe, and carry on my part of the conversation. Finally, when I was really struggling, Master revved it up, and I finally hear....cum for your Master. I don't have to be told twice, I was off and soaring.

After I was back, we discussed my diet goal. Master started by telling me that maintenance would still be weekly, even if I am not trying to lose. I lost 1/2 pound over the weekend. Not a gain, but I was hoping to get to the goal by Friday. I need to lose 3 more pounds to do that. I was hoping Master would extend the deadline, I have been trying really hard, at least for the past couple weeks. He is sooooooo stubborn. "Just make it happen", I hate those words. If I do lose the 3, I get a break until after the first of the year, and then I get to decide if I want to continue. Master also added today...that a flogging, blindfold, and rope would be in my near future. That is so unfair, I love those!

When I got home I walked the bike path trying to decide if I could do this...lose the 3 pounds. At first I was mostly thinking He's nuts, He's so stubborn, this is too hard. But by the time I got home, I had decided I had to at least really try, it is only 4 days. So I will be exercising twice a day, drinking lots of water, and watching my intake closely. Wish me luck!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy weekend all!

We have had some great weather here this fall. reality wake up call today, rain, sleet, cold and know what is on its way.

I lost a little over 2 pounds this week, I was excited and Master was very pleased! I am determined to get to this goal by next Friday..that's 3 more pounds. I am leaving for Boston a week from tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my 2 year old grandaughter.

When I saw Master this afternoon, I got to stay dressed...well mostly, anyway. That has not happened in a while. After kneeling time, He even started spanking me over pants and panties. He was using a light paddle, so it worked well as a warm up. Of course, eventually, they both came down, but it was a short, light spanking.

Then I went over His lap, for some hand spanking and lots of touching and rubbing. Master was in a talking mood, so we chatted as He continued to ge me very wet. Every now and then He would permission yet. I am pretty proud of the fact that I mostly kept up with my end of the conversation. Eventually tho, I just really needed for the chat to end, and the permissions to be granted. Master obliged me and away I went!

A great start to the weekend, and the weather is supposed to improve..a little!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks all.....and Maintenance day

First I would like to thank everyone who stopped in and left a comment on this blog for LOL. There is one delurker, I would really like to send a special thank you too...Master! When I started this blog He offered that I could make it private, it could be a place just for me. I thought and decided I did not want that, I wanted Him to read seemed like a good way to open up more communication. He reads here, and often it spurs a discussion, and He is clear, I can write whetever I feel, it is a safe place. He had never commented, but I was so pleased to read His comment this morning, in fact I read it twice, just to be sure I had read it correctly!

Yesterday was maintenance for this week. Master was in the garage when I arrived. He told me to go in and get naked and kneeling. I could hear Him working on something, so I did as I was told. When He came in, He covered my eyes and spoke quietly, then started claiming all of me. When He got to my breast, He pulled and pinched, but only a little. Then, I could feel just His fingertips touching them, but as he gently rubbed it was like a lightening bolt, He pulled away and repeated and I could feel the sensations going right through me. It was amazing....maybe I am finally able to relax enough during breast play to enjoy it....maybe.

Then Master showed me what He was working on in the garage. He had found an old wodden pizza paddle, and had sawed it to a more manageable size. I gulped, He laughed. It looked mean. I said...for maintenance. He said it is not heavy and had me hold it, it was light. I was then told to get over the back of the sofa. No warm-up and swats coming fast and hard...not as hard as He could swing, but still not a slow start. I was staying in position, but voicing my pain. Master is found of telling me to stop concentrating the stokes as pain on my bottom, and think of them as going to my clit..and go with them. Most of the time , I want to try that. Master stoppped and rubbed, and started again, more lightly and slowly, with more stops for rubbing. Now I was able to stop concentrating on the pain. After a bit master stopped to roam and feel if I was "enjoying" my spanking...I always start to deny it, but He finds proof that I am.

Master continues with His magic hands, and suddenly asks how many more swats I want. I hate that question...most of the time I want to say none, but I know that is not really an option. I answer 10...He says that is how many it will take for you to cum? I don't my reply. I get the 10, and I am on the edge, but not quite there, so being the kind Master He is...I get some help, and am soon asking for permission.

As I come back to Him, we chat a bit. Master reminds me that my submission is not a weight loss submission continues even after I reach my goal. I knew this, but did need to hear it again. Oh and by the way...that pizza paddle, it cracked in half...LOL...I think that is the second spanking instrument to hit the dust while being used on my bottom.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

LOL.....(We) Love Our Lurkers!!!

This is my first "official" LOL day as a blogger. for a long time I was a lurker. Reading, laughing, enjoying, fantasizing, not sure if I should comment or not. I know you are out there. Come on in, share a comment. I have found it is like conversing with an acquaintance, getting to know them better, until you have found a blogging or cyber friend! I went from reading to commenting and then to blogging ( with Master's not so gentle push!)

We are a diverse group. Accepting our differences, diffferent point of views, cheering each other on and sharing some sorrows. I would love a hello from you, if that is all you have to say, or more if you wish! Who knows, next November could be your first LOL day as a blogger!


Monday, November 7, 2011

diets, belts and submission

I have been sitting here trying to think of a title. The above is the best I could do.

I haven't mentioned that miserable D word is a Usually after I reach a goal, I either ask Master to help me reach another goal, or Master will ask if I am willing to try for more. This time I wavered, did not really want to go on, wanted a break. Master enticed me by saying if I lost 10 more by Thanksgiving I could stay the same (plus 2 pound from my goal) until Jan. 1st. Then we would discuss it and I could decide if I wanted to set another goal. This was a few weeks ago, and I agreed. It's been a struggle. I just really want a break. When I said that to Master, He said, we made a deal...You can do this. I asked if I did not reach the goal by Thanksgiving, would the deadline be extended. He replied, yes, but the goal would also be higher. "Not fair", was my instant reply. I do know that "fair", as most people look at it, does not exist in a power exchange relationship. I am half way there. I told Master this afternoon, my heart was not in this, He acknowledged that, and said reach your goal, you get a break. I have always believed that in order to lose weight it has to be for have to really want to. I still believe that, but I guess if you have a Master who really wants you to....that works also.

Part of my problem with this, I think, is that we have been working on this diet for a long time. It has been a part of our dynamic for so long, I am afraid that without it, maybe...Master will consider His "job" done. It scares me, even though I realize it is not logical.

When we met this afternoon, Master treated me to His belt. After my kneeling time, He had me lay over the arm of the sofa. As soon as I started to hear Him taking His belt through the loops I looked's been a while since His belt came into play. He started off lightly and stopped often to rub....oh...I was just beginning to float when the thud changed to a sharp sting. Master had "unlooped" the belt and the single strip was really stingy. I was struggling both with the surprise and the sting. Master quickly said, I don't like this as much and the double, I quickly agreed. I was soon settling in again to the feel of the leather, and the increase in heat. I hear Master say, "Hang on tight", and I know He is going to rev it up. Last 12 were much harder, but I was in my zone by then, and welcomed them.

Master then had me get over His lap for a hand spanking. It occured to me to say to Him this part should come first...His hand can be hard, but after a good "belting", its effect is diminished. After more spanking, rubbing, and some roaming of His fingers, I was told to kneel between His legs. Let's just say, He had other submissive activities in mind.

Then it was my turn. I could feel myself getting wet, and wanting to cum. Master, slowly brought me to the peak, and it was amazing. Master even commented, how are you going to descibe this orgasm on your blog. So I am not even going to try...the word "earthquake" does come to mind. It took me a while to come back to my senses, Master was there holding and rubbing and speaking smoothly to me.

Submission, it covers lots of ground. Losing 5 more pounds when it is the last thing I want to do.....and spending the afternoon pleasing and being pleasured.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

a good bye and a welcome back!

I said good bye to my two little sweethearts. But we had a great time, made lots of memories, and will be seeing them again in a month! On a happier note...Master is back!

I got to welcome Him back in person this afternoon. Foolish me, I had this idea in my head about how it might go...of course Master had a different idea. After a few welcome back hugs, I noticed He was holding a small cane in His hand. We had our re-connecting kneeling time, and Master was very pleased with my control while He mauled, pulled and pinched my breast. Then He told me to get over the end of the sofa...He wanted to add a few stripes to my bottom.

I looked and walked (slowly) over...He told me to relax, it was not punishment. I was thinking, why don't we change places and you can relax..but I only thought it. He did start off lightly, and after a couple sets He stopped to rub. Then I hear, another set of harder ones, luckily, He cannot always read my mind.

I was then told I could go over His lap, for a hand spanking. Now that was more like what I had in mind. He was trying to spank hard enough, to hide the stripes He had just does He think of these things? He then said, He would have to add the stripes again at the end, I looked up at Him, with my " You have to be kidding" look....and He said the look sealed it, more stripes at the end. ARGHH

Master then moved on to rubbing and touching and probing. Just as I was really starting to squirm and get all squishy......

Master then decides since it was Thursday, He should add maintenance to this spanking. My thought had been along the lines, since it was Thursday, maybe we should let it slip this week. I also remarked that His order of how things should happen was a bit off today. He told be to get up and get the paddle He uses for maintenance. It stays on the floor at the end of the sofa. I got up and looked and said I did not see it. "Really ?", He said as He got up....He looked and there it was. Magic! When I was back over His lap, He smacked my bottom a dozen hard ones....for not just picking up the paddle and bringing it over. Then, it was tuck me in, and let the paddle do the talking. Maintenance is meant to be a deterrant, and it hurts!

Master then goes back letting His fingers drive me wild. Just as I was nearing the brink, I hear Master say....repeat....R. is my Master, and I will not cum without His permission...and keep repeating. When I get to the third time, Master focuses in on THAT spot...the one that puts me over the edge...I get the phrase out a third time, but then I want to tell Him to stop, but I don't want Him to stop, I really really want to cum. Not sure what I am saying, but I hear Master ask if I would like to cum for Him....Yes pleaseeee....and it is a wild ride. I used to always be amazed at my orgasms, today was more than amazing... Looking back I find it hard to beleive that all that noise and movement..and...everything else is me. It is the me that Master worked hard to find and let loose...I am so glad He did.

After some cool down and snuggling and hugs, I got up and asked for permission to get dressed. As I walked by the sofa, Master pulled me over the end, and reminded me I had earned a few more stripes....for the "look". There was only one set...more than enough Sir!...and they were fairly light.

It is good to have Him back. I know even when one of us is away, I am still His, and nothing really changes, but it feels different.
Before I left we talked about my weigh in tomorrow and how the diet was going. More on that tomorrow.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I have been meaning to post here since Thursday. By the time I sat and thought about it, I was just too pooped. So I am gettng to this earlier tonight, while I can still think and type.

Back to Thursday, Master asked me at noon time, if I was ready for Halloween. I was not. He wanted me to have a school girl uniform. I had gone to a couple thrift stores, found 2, but wayyyyyyy too small. I decided it was the wrong time of year, so I though maybe if I shopped the web, there might be a sale. I started at a well known store, and sure enough they were 1/2 price. I kept looking, and found some that were quite reasonable, but it would take a week to get it. I thought maybe it would come earlier.
It did not.

Master was disappointed at my not being ready, and I got a little "testy" about it. He finally said, just forget it, it was supposed to be fun, not frustrating. I did not want to just forget it. He told me He would see me later.

We hung up and I sat there and cried. Last week was really stressful and emotional for me, on a few levels. After a few minutes I reminded myself that he did not want a specific uniform, just for me to look like a school girl. I could be creative...I could do this. (I went to catholic school for 12 years.) I raided my and my daughter's closet. I found a black wool skirt (short), a white polo, and some stripped pink/grey knee socks. I typed up a note to the principal, saying this was the second time his week I arrived out of uniform....the knee socks.

I headed over to Master's, a little nervous, but hoping He would be pleasantly surprised. When He saw me, He did it. I handed Him the note and we were off. It's been a long time since we role played, but it is fun. He had me over His lap, scolding, and then reached back and had the hair brush in His hand. Since this was role play, I get to squirm and try to get free, and say...almost...anything that comes to mind. One of the things that I appreciate most about Master is that I can verbally throw anything His way,,,,and He has a reply.

I eventually realized He was spanking a LOT harder than I remember, for a role play, he also would stop, only to find another reason to continue. My bottom was throbbing when He finally finished. He wondered if I had enjoyed it,,,I replied it was too hard a spanking. As he reached in to test me, He chuckled, not too hard. He continued until I was wet and ready, pulled out, and started using the brush again, not as hard, but hard enough. He wanted me to cum, while He was spanking me. Sometimes I can, but not on Thursday, I was close, but just could not let over that edge. Master finally took pity on me, and stopped spanking, and pushed me over that edge. It was one, very long fall.

After some recovery time, it was kneeling time. Master is away for work this week, He will be back when the job is finished, so no set time. My 3 year old granddaughter and her 4 month old brother arrived on Friday, until Wednesday. We have been on the go to some fun activity every day, with lots more to come. It has been wonderful.

I am going to leave you with some 3 year old wisdom. After finishing a couple craft projects, I asked her to help grandma clean up. She did a great job, I thanked her, and she said, well you always help me grandma. I replied, we help each other. She looked at me and said...."grandma, people helping people, that is what life is about!"


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

consistency and follow through

If there ever was an award for most consistent and (almost) always follows through, Master would win. When we first started our journey, Master would threathen a lot of consequences, and after about the third time I figured out they were just threats. Spanking was not consistent, and I was often left wanting more. One day Master had read some blogs and said consistency seems to be very important to submissives. We talked about it, and since then, I know that threats are not just threats, and He is extremely consistent.

Yesterday, after my punishment, Master commented that He hoped when we saw each other on Friday, that it would be for the kind of pain that leads to pleasure, the kind of pleasure that overwhelms me and leaves me asking where did that come from? I asked if we could change that to Thursday instead. My 3 year old granddaughter and her 4 month old brother are coming to grandma's for Halloween! I don't usualy get excited about Halloween, but the house is decorated, and do I have plans. They are arriving Friday morning. Master agreed to Thursday.

This morning I sent Master His good morning message, and He replied...we are running out of time...M this afternoon. I read it 3 times and could not figure out what He meant. A few possibilities, but none of them really made sense. So I asked what he meant. Tomorrow is Thursday and we have not had maintenance, he replied. I should have known, since we started maintenance, 18 months ago, Master has not missed a week.
The word maintenance had not even crossed my mind, my bottom was still sore. But I replied, Yes Sir, I wil text You when I am back home.

This afternoon, Master calls, and asks how my bottom is...still sore, I replied. Is it ready for maintenance?, he asked. I quickly considered several responses, and replied, I don't know how to answer that. It is your call. He chuckled, always my call. He then asked if my bottom felt well maintained....I quickly replied yes. To my surprise...and delight...He said we could forget maintenance today, but when we did get together tomorrow, the spanking would depend on tomorrow's weigh in, and if He was not happy, I would report again on Friday, and we could meet early in the morning.

I know when I am being presented with a golden opportunity...consistency and follow through are important and woderful..but just once in a while an early pardon, a reprieve, is a great surprise!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

intense, emotional, and...needed

My title sums up my afternoon. I sent in a report yesterday that I had gained 1 pound. I knew Master would not be pleased. I had a funeral in the morning, and spent my afternoon at DMV getting a new license, since I had discovered I lost mine.

By this morning, I had allowed my "voices" to invade and take over. I was questioning myself, Master, my submission. I did not send Master my good morning message, nor did I make my lunch time call. I even toyed with going shopping this morning without permission, but I could not bring myself to go that far. Master sent me a text, asking about my day, I barely replied. He said He would see me this afternoon, and instead of my Yes Sir, I replied ok. I was sinking fast.

When I got to Master's He gave me a look....and I melted. I said I owe You an apology as I sat down. He nodded, but said, there is a better place for you to be when you do that. I knelt at His feet, and apologized ...for all of it. Did not offer any excuses, just said I was sorry. Master said I had saved myself a trip to the basement, but I was still going to be punished.

"Run to me, not away from me", He said. He first spoke those words to me many years ago. For a while I could not figure out what He meant, I never physically ran away. But I did have all those walls that I retreated behind, and closed myself off. When I heard those words again, I realized I had just taken a big step into the past....and was even more sorry.

Master had me get up in the seat of an easy chair, and bend over the back so that my bottom was high and presented. Master used a strap, started hard and fast, and ended harder and faster, all over my bottom and some on my thighs. All the while reminding me what an expert scolder He is, telling me He does not fail, so I do not fail. He will do whatever is necessary to get me to the agreed goal, having me get permission before I eat anything, limiting my computer time (EEK!), tying me to a treadmill and paddling me...which has been done when we first started on this journey. I do not know how Master breathes when He scolds, since He never stops for breath. He let it be known that if I had another gain on Friday, the strapping would be doubled, and there would be more restrictions.

I love leather, but being punished by a determined Master is enough to make me re-think that love. My bottom was burning and welted. Master finally asked if I ahd been punished enough... after my Yes Sir, He rached around and started to play and tease and get me wet. When I started panting and wriggling He stopped. No permission to cum, this afternoon and tonite, maybe tomorrow, maybe longer. He sat down and I got up and went back to kneel by His feet. He smiled and said "good girl", my world was being put right again.

Master then reminded me that our agreement is I get to minus 70 by Thanksgiving, He is holding me to it, and I just made it more difficult. My food and exercise choices need to get better, and less of one and more of the other. He reminded me that once the goal is reach, we take a break and I get to decide if I want to continue.

He then told me to get closer and lay my head in His lap. As He was rubbing my back and my head, the tears finally came. MY walls were crumbling a little more. When I first met Master, I was just looking for a spanking or two. In fact, I was pretty convinced that every spanking would be my last, He would get smart and find someone younger, prettier, and definately sexier. He would tell me He wasn't going anyplace, I would nod, and think for now. When we started down the M/s road, I was a little more sure of "Us", but in the back of my mind always wondered if when the day came that I said I am happy with my weight, no more dieting, would He say fine, my job is done, good-bye.

Master has always reassured me that He is not going anyplace, that He has found what He was looking for. It has been almost 9 years now, and my trust has grown to a place I never imagined. Today, Master thanked me for giving Him the gift of "me", a gift He treasures and would never throw away or not cherish. I think He finally got through to me.

So, as I sit here on a sore bottom and thighs, I am content, I am at peace, I am His....His submissive, I am so lucky!


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Master is away for the weekend, so I am left to my own devices. Master will get a laugh out of that sentence, He claims I am never left to my own devices. We spent some of Thursday afternoon, spanking and cuming and was not so very long ago I never thought I would ever write such a sentence!

I sense that Master is starting to push me a little. I have been feelig very comfortable and content with where we are now, and I think He takes take as a green light. I feel I am ready for more also, so we will see, He has started in little ways.

He has started to give me more tasks. He wants me to find a school girl skirt, I did hit a thrift store on Friday, but I think it is the wrong time of the year. He also told me to find 2 passages, that I enjoyed, from book 2 of the "Beauty" series this weekend, and send them to Him.

The teacher in me took over, and I started wondering, passages..sentences or paragraphs, did He want ones that were Hot or of significance for some reason, did he want me to elaborate. Finally I got a hold of myself and said, just find 2 you found interesting. I enjoyed that second book, so there was no lack of passages. I have not started the third book yet, been catching up the book for my book club.

I went to see "Dracula" with a friend earlier this evening, at a local theater group. I usually really enjoy their productions, but tonite for the whole last hour I just kept thinking, kill him already! The acting was good, and the stage sets great, but it was too long for my taste.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

panty hose, reading and buckets

When master and I talked this morning, it was decided that maintenance would be this afternoon. He wasn't sure what time He would be free, but said He would text me.

I get a text....15 minutes, wear a skirt and panty hose. I read it twice, laughed sent back a yes Sir. I don't usually dress-up for Master since for the most part, my clothes come off as soon as I walk in. Then I thought...panty hose?????...who wears panty hose any more?? I do maybe once a year for something very special, and then I go out and buy a pair. I did not even know if I had a pair in my sock drawer. The clock was ticking so I went and found a skirt, and actually found a pair of panty hose in that drawer.

I walked in and Master smiled. I told Him panty hose almost did me in. He said he was very pleased with my quick yes Sir, with no arguments or excuses. Kneeling time with the skirt and panty hose still on. Then over His lap. He was surprised that I also had my panties on...3 layers. He started to spank with His hand and we were soon both giggling, His hand can be very hard, but 3 layers...So I had to pull off the panties but put the panty hose back on.

He proceeded with a nice hand warm up, checking to see if my bottom was warming up, it was, but barely. So out came the paddle, and although it was still very stingy, it was not as bad as it usually is. He would padddle, rub, reach in and see if my bottom was heating up. I was heating up, but He wasn't checking there.

Finally Master said...maintenance time. Tucked me in, and starting in harder and much faster. Yes, even over the panty hose, maintenance hurts! This time when Master reached in to rub my bottom it was hot. His fingers roamed to the front and kept rubbing and poking. It was not nearly enough, and I was releaved to hear Him ask if I wanted the panty hose to come down. Did I ever! I was soon whimpering and asking for permissions.

Master then pulled tha panty hose back up, and told me I was to wear them until this evening....when I was to ask for permission to cum and take them off. (that has already happened). Master then said maybe a school girl's skirt should come next, I was to look for one in the thrift shops. When we first met, we did did quite a bit of role playing...we both enjoyed it and it was a way of getting to know each other, and of introducing me to some of His toys. So I am thinking this could be fun, my deadline is Halloween...guess what my costume will be??

I have just finished reading the second book in Anne Rice's "Beauty" series. I enjoyed the first one, stayed in today to finsih the second one, which I really enjoyed. I will start on the third one in a few days, Master said it was "out there"...I have never read the third one. in a bucket list. I have read that some of you have spanking bucket lists. I have a short life bucket list, and I thought it would be fun to create a spanking bucket list. I have been trying to come up with 10 items, or activities, things that are not wishes that need magic to accompish, but things that are doable. I am either pretty unimaginative or Master has been good at using a wide variety of activities..but so far I am far from listing 10 things. I will continue to think on it, and when I come up with my list will share. Any ideas to help me along??


Friday, October 14, 2011

A wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon!

I have been struggling with my diet lately. I lost a pound this week, cutting out most carbs, but when I reported the loss to Master I also said, I wasn't sure it was worth the struggle. He said He would decide that, and that we would have time this afternoon. By noontime it was was to be a rainy afternoon.

We started as we always do, with my kneeling and Master pulling my hair, playing with my nipples, rubbing and reclaiming my He then asked me how many pounds I have lost since we started, 61. He then asked if could lose 9 more pounds before Thanksgiving. I replied, a pound a week, probably. So Master, made me a deal.....I lose 9 more pounds by or before Thanksgiving and I can maintain, plus or minus 2 pounds until the beginning of the year. In January we will discuss if I want to start again, or if I am happy with where I am, and He will let me decide. I was surprised with Master's offer, and I accepted it, I need to know there is a break soon, and knowing that Master will not allow me to gain the weight back is comforting.

With that settled, I was over Master's lap. He started with a wonderfully long hand spanking. He then sent me to get my toy bag ( a new rule is that I bring it everytime I see Master). It is not a large bag, I have a small variety of items. When I was back over His lap, I could hear him rummaging through the bag. I started to get a little nervous, as there are "toys" in there we have not used in a while.

Sure enough, Master had chosen one of my bottom toys...thankfully the smaller one. As soon as He started to insert it, I kept telling myself...relax. I managed to relax and Master went back to hand spanking me with stops to play with the toy. He then went back to my bag and was using a small leather strap. Since I was still OTK, He was not getting a lot of leverage, and it felt great...just stingy enough. He then chuckled as He pulled out my frog paddle..I am a frog of course I would have a frog paddle, It is light and as Master continued to use it with stops to play, I could feel myself start to get wetter and want more, offering Master my bottom.

Master pulled out the toy, and found the larger one in my bag. I was ready, and fairly relaxed, and with only a tiny struggle it popped in, and Master went back to spanking and playing. I have never really enjoyed this type of play, but this was definately a step in that direction.

Master then decided I should have both holes full, which was also a new sensation. It did not take long for me to be moaning and begging for permission. A few permissions later, I was unable to move or even moan. Master gently lead me back to earth, with wonderful after care.

When I got back home, I wa so relaxed, content and at peace, I decided to just enjoy the rest of the day. I put on some of my favorite music, did some and blogs, and just enjoyed the afterglow and the memory of what fun a rainy afternoon can be!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

maintenance, punishment and permissions!

Master and I had plans for yesterday. I asked if we could move maintenance spankings to the beginning of the week, thinking it would be more of a motivator. Just as I was leaving I got a call, canceled until Tuesday. He was disappointed as I was, and part of our conversation went like this..

M...I will be seeing you tomorrow, and we will have Maintenance.
me...I don't think so , I have book club tomorrow
M...(repeating), I will be seeing you tomorrow
me...(repeating), I have book club tomorrow
M...maybe you will be at book club with a sore bottom
me... guess we will see...

I will admit, after we hung up I thought, hmmm, maybe I was a little too "cheeky". Master least so far...says no to a request for a planned club meeting or social I did not think, He would not allow book club.

Today, Master and I met at lunch time. We started with the usual kneeling time, only as He was tugging, pulling and pinching my breasts, He was also pulling my hair, hard. It did take my mind off my breasts, and quickly put me in a very submissive place.

Then it was over His lap. We started with a hand warm-up. Yummy! A little rubbing, some all over spanking, and I was relaxed. He asked if it was enough of a warm-up...and although it never really is....I said it was. I felt the cool wood of a light paddle and took a deep breath. Master was paddling at a steady rate, and heating up my bottom, but I also recoginized it was not the hardest paddling. I crossed my ankles, and Master said to open them, than later crossed them again. He pulled them apart, I apologized and said it was instinct. He said, partly, but it is also not being totally open to me, do not cross them. They ( notice I am blaming my feet), did cross once more, but I quickly spread them on my own. One more thing for me to think about when I am trying to breathe.

Master stopped, and I am thinking, this was a pretty good maintenance.
Then, as the paddle is circling my bottom, He asks....what did you think of out last phone chat? Ut Oh....this might not be good. I ask,,,yesterday's? He says yes, that was the last time. I am stalling, trying to think of a good that might not set that paddle going again.

I say it was not my best submissive self. He asks why...what did I do that I should not. The respect word comes up, and I am always disappointed in myself when He feels I have been disrespectful...and He is right. He reminds me He does not allow even a little bit of disrespect.

Maintenance will now move on to punishment. The paddle is really flying, and much harder. I am hanging on to my pillow, and determined to stay in place, and accept this punishment. It seems to go on forever, my bottom is on fire. I finally shout out...I am sorry Sir. He says that's a start, and has me tell Him what I am sorry for, and why...and how I will change that behaviour...all the time still really swinging that paddle. finally I hear...Count them!...I hate counting...One Sir, and He is now swinging even harder....I decide to count quickly, and I manage to get to 10...with of course the last one being harder still. He stops, I am trying to catch my breath...

I am sent to fetch the toy that He bought for me, the one that I always insist is too big...and He chuckles. I am ready and soon I am close to needing permission, it is granted and I am off. After a bit, I try to calm, but Master is still navigating the toy, and now has started using the paddle at the same time. I ask for another permission, and even after, I seem to be full of "smalled tremors" as Master put it.

On the diet front, I lost 1/2 pound over the weekend. I was getting discouraged, and wondering if maybe I needed a break. Master....who I swear can read my mind suggested a no carb week. Actually He said, no carbs this week. I am a carboholic, especially at breakfast and lunch. Since the weather has been great, I have been walking a near by bike path, even on the weekend. We discussed how the no carb was going, and I think pretty well. I have a breakfst, a lunch and a dinner out this week, each with a different group of friends, so we will see. I really want a good number on Friday, so hopefully I will make wise choices.

Our amazing weather is about to come to an end...but it has been great!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Now that is my idea of maintenance!

Master and I have different ideas on the definition of maintenance spankings. Most weeks, you can guess who's definition is used...Master's...maintenance is a deterrant, and therefore should be remembered and leave me not wanting to chance a harder spanking.

My definition is more of a reconnection, fun time spanking. This past week Thursday was maintenance day. After our kneeling reclaiming time, Master sat and told me to go over His lap....YEAH! Master started with a wonderful hand warm up...YEAH YEAH! The feel of His hand is the best, I know I can relax and let myself go. He continued with His hand, the spanks getting harder and more deliberate...and I was sooo getting into it...His hand can be hard, but I was eagerly waiting each next spank.

Finally His fingers started to roam...YEAH YEAH YEAH!. I had not been permitted to cum all week, until I had loss the 2 pounds I had gained the week before...I reported that loss on that very morning of maintenance. Master almost immediately chuckled, saying I knew you would be soooo ready for me. He had barely touched me and I was whimpering and trying to urge Him on to more...silently, of course. He kept reminding me that I did not have permission yet, to slow down...but oh my!

Master then asked me if I really wanted to cum...he can be such a comedian. "yes, Sir", I panted out. Then He asked do you want to a lot?? Without thinking, I relied....Yes, Yes.

I was off...and off...and off...When I started to say no more...Master reminded me I had said I wanted a lot! He did not let up, until I was totally spent and exhausted. Master said, I guess over a week is too long...I just moaned. That man, My Master, can get reactions out of me I never would have thought possible, and...enjoy himself at the same time.

It is going to be a beautiful weekend here...hope the great weather is where you are also....


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just a quick post to say THANK YOU to Jazmine and Bonnie for their help in solving my posting problem! I would give a link to their blogs, but of course I do not know how to! Blogging friends are the best!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Anyone have any ideas...I cannot post of others blogs, or even post a reply on my. I am signed in, abt no matter what I try my posts do not get through, and it is not that they have to be apporved...the message just POOFS..disappears. I have been able to post on a couple blogs, but tonight I cannot even post a reply on my own???? thanks abby

Friday, September 30, 2011

A welcome....then a caning

First let me say I spent a good part of today reading blogs....only my comments all seemed to disappear before my eyes. I did get a couple of comments to actually post, but mostly when I hit publish..a blank box. I tried several ideas, of course none worked. But I loved reading what you all have been up to.

Master and I finally both managed to be back home and had our welcome home yesterday. Hugging, kneeling time, a wonderful hand spanking...which really stung....and permissions to cum! The perfect welcome!

While we were together Master asked what I thought would happen when I weighed in today. I replied I have no idea. He looked at me, and then asked if I had used the wii since I have been back.....I had not. I commented He sould cut my some slack....He replied... I should be trying harder.

Today, my weigh-in was a plus 2. I promised to do better and He said OK. do I interpret that? During our noon time conversation, He said we would have a "meeting of the minds" this afternoon....I know how to interpret bottom will be sore.

When I walked in He was holding a small cane. Two pounds?? If you had gained 1, or maybe if you had used your wii this week, this might just be a maintenance or is a punishment. Was I surprised no....a little disappointed, but I know Master has expectations, and I also knew I had not met them.

I was told to be naked and kneeling. He massaged a little, covered my eyes and helped me to relax..a little. He was not really scolding, but He was telling me that He expected better. He knows that some of what He expects from me is not easy, but He does expect me to try my best. I had to admit I had not done that.

I was told to get over the arm of the sofa, one of my least favorite spots. He started right in, 10 on each cheek. Even with a hand warm up and Master being in a playful mood, the cane a HURTS!
He wasn't talking much, we both knew why this was happening. I was busy just trying to stay in position and breathe. Another round of 20...after which I said, please, no more. Of course the reply was that is my decision, maybe if your bottom is too sore, your would prefer I continue here (thighs), or here (shins), or here (back), or I could have you turn over and use your is all mine. By this time my voice was a whisper, and I agreed it all belonged to Him. He proceeded with another set of 20, and I was ouching and owing very loudly. Master was encouraging to let the tears flow, but I have never cried that during any spanking. I think I fear if I let myself start, I would lose all control....I know as if I have any control in the first place.

Finally Master announced 10 more....harder ones. I took a deep breath and told myself I can do this. I knew the last one would be the lardest of all, and then I could really breathe. Master told me to spread my legs wide, and He started probing and rubbing, and getting me all wet and panting. Then, He stopped, naughty girls do not get to cum...they get no pleasure, but Master's still do.

Finally I had permission to stand, and Master put His arms out for a big, long hug. I finally let the tears come, while Master spoke quietly to me, letting me know all was forgiven, I had earned that clean slate, we were good.

Master has let me borrow His Anne Rice, Beauty series...I started re-reading them last night. It has been a long time since I read them, I think before I met Master, and I do not remember reading the third one. I had to stop and text Master and ask for permission after I had read the first couple chapters. This afternoon, Master told me, not to bother to ask for more permissions when reading ..or otherwise..until I had loss those 2 pounds. I said I can't even ask...and hope. No, until those 2 pounds are gone, I cannot even ask. I have not picked up the book this evenig, and think I will put it aside for a couple sense torturing myself!

Have a good weekend, it is going to be a very soggy one here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jumping to conclusions

I am back, filled with funny moments and wonderful family memories. I had the opportunity to see all 3 of my "grands" and we had a wonderful family Christening on Sunday. My trip to Atlantic City was lots of fun.....and I even left with more money than I arrived with....YAHOO!!

I actually started an entry with this title while I was away. I have a new notebook computer, but after the second time it seemed to just eat my attempt I gave up...guess I should have read that intruction book.

About a month or so ago Master and I were having a "chat" about an issue that I referred to as a "bump in the road". Master finally said I needed to stop jumping to conclusions and ask Him for answers or clarifications. I am lucky, I know I can always ask Master to talk things out, or if I think He has misunderstood a situation. Our chats do not necessarily change His mind or even make Him reconsider, but I always feel better with His decision after we have talked it out. I do realize that is not very submissive, but as long as I ask respectfully and calmly Master has always agreed to hear me out.

I did not think I jumped to conclusions, I always thought I looked at all the facts and came to a well thought out decision. The night before I left on my recent trip, I found myself in bed with my brain popping. Master and I had not had a chance to see each other before I left, I was supposed to be assinged a task, it had not happened. So, I lay in bed jumping to conclusions, I had a restless tossy turny night, and woke up to get ready for an early flight still tired.

I got to the airport, and through security to find that my flight was delayed. As I sat and thought about the night before and Master, I suddenly remembered the jumping to conclusions admonition. That was exactly what I had done. So, I sent Master a text, admitting it and apologizing, wishing Him a good week.

Master called me after He got the text. After we chatted for a bit, He volunteered to come to the airport to give me my good bye hug and to drop off the Anne Rice books. Honestly I was stunned, I know Saturdays are very busy for Him, and it was the last ting I expected. He told me to check the security check-in line first to see how long it was, since I would have to get through it again. It turns out the line was very long, so I did not get to see Master.

This was definately one of those cases where the thought is what counted. I thought about Master's generous offer the whole time I was gone, and hopefully the next time I start to jump to conclusions I will remember His offer.

As it turns out, Master and I probably passed each other on the thruway today. He had to leave town, just as I was returning, so no welcome home hug yet. But, I am NOT jumping to any conclusions, I am looking forward to an extra big hug in a couple of days.


Friday, September 16, 2011


I am almost all packed for my next time away. I am flying to NJ in the morning curtisy of my son-in-law. My new grandson is being christened a week from Sunday and I volunteered to come and help. My son-in-law enticed me with a side trip to Atlantic City as a thank-you for my past babysitting. I said I did not need thanks, but he seemed so I get to go to Atlantic City also!

Master was supposed to give some assignments for this trip, to help keep me centered. He either forgot or has been too I get to just have fun bing a grandma....and gambling!

I should be gone about 10 days...
Happy spanks to all!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

At His feet

Master told me He has been busy trimming limbs in His back yard. Today, I saw...huge tree stumps and big chunks of trees. I laughed, only Master would consider that limb trimming. No wonder He looked tired today.

Our time together started, as always, with kneeling and claiming time. Then, to my surprise, instead of helping me up, I was told to put my head down, and bottom up. This was a new position, new on the floor anyway, not on a bed. To my credit...instead of thinking what??, I immediately got into the new position. Master has told me, don't stop and think, then act on what I tell you to do, act, then think.

Master told me to uncross my ankles, which I did. Then I felt Master's flogger, that wonderful large leather flogger that I love! He started slowly and increased speed and intensity. When Master traveled to my bottom and thighs the pain seemed more intense than usual.

Master then used a vaariety of the toys in His bag, starting with the leather ones. Then I found myself between Master's legs and He was squeezing me, as if to keep me from moving...I thought uhoh... Sure enough it was wood time. He was concentrating on my sit spots and bottom, and it seemed intense. I crossed my ankles, and immediately felt my thighs get a couple hard swats, Master telling me to uncross them...they stayed uncrossed. After a few more rounds I was allowed up.

Master said He felt like using His toys, and I was His plaything. It actually made me smile.

I was then invited over His lap, to feel the wonder of His hand. He was spanking, and touching, and rubbing, and suddenly asked me if I wanted maitenance to be today or tomorrow. I know He was being kind, since I am supposed to make the arrangement for maintenance and He was opening the door for me. I did not want Him to stop what He was doing, but I also knew that tomorrow I had plans for a day outlet mall shopping trip. (Yes, master had already given me permission.)

So I said, neither...He chuckled. So you want to be in big trouble on Friday, He asked. So I chose today, and He stopped just as I was working up a good pant. He took out the Winnie the Pooh paddle..sounds harmless, it isn't..any Winnie fans out there are welcomed to it.

He did go lightly at first and built up slowly. Then I heard the last 12, hard ones. Then Master went back to working me into a pant, some moans, and lots of noises...and releases.

As I was thinking about this afternoon, I realized that I needed to be at Master's feet this afternoon, I needed to feel like His play thing, I needed to be reminded of my submissiveness. Once again, He gave me everything I needed...and even some of what I wanted.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's news

Hope you all had a good day. It was sunny and coolish here..almost perfect! I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out closets. I know does not sound too exciting, but I view it as a treasure hunt, and even found a couple forgotten items!

I have not reported on my diet in a while. When I weighed in last Tuesday, after being away for 3 weeks, I had gained 3 pounds. I was not looking forward to having that discussion with Master, but He surprised me. He said considering the time away and the stress I was under, that was not too bad, as long as I got right back to the wii and my food reporting, which I have. I actually lost almost 2 1/2 pounds last week...amazing what no ice cream snacking will do! I stayed the same over the weekend, but that is acceptable, I just have to report a loss on Friday.

When I retired from teaching, one of the things I got to cross off my 'bucket list' was joining a book club. Last week I told Master I was going to spend most of the day reading to get ready for my book club. He asked if it was a good book...about a crochety old woman, so far. He asked if I was interested in more "interesting" reading. That got my curiosity up, Master never seemed like much of a reader. He asked if I had ever read the "Sleeping Beauty" series, He thought they were a great fantasy read. I had read them, even before I met Master...seems like a lifetime ago.

This morning I was told to search and see if I could find the books. (hence my real incentive for cleaning out closets..) I did not find them, He said He would lend me His...I am more than a little surprised that He has the set and has kept them.

I think this is a huge clue as to the assignments I will have while I am away next week. I have been trying to figure out what He has in mind.
I always love the anticipation of something new being added, at least until I find out what it is...LOL.

Have a good week everyone!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Master's version vs. my version

Today was maintenance day for this week. At the end when Master said He would be looking for my blog entry, He mentioned His summary for today...
extended kneeling time...hard paddling...hard fu******! That was His summary. I must say it is accurate, but a little lacking in details.

Maintenance...when I used to dream of maintenance it was of a weekly reconnecting, playful time with leather and rubbing and.....Master's view of maintenance is as a deterrant to punishment, therefore it needs to be a reminder of what will come if I find myself headed to His dreaded basement. needs to be felt, and hurt, and make me want to avoid anything that would hurt more. It has worked that way, but I so wish I could convert Him to my idea of maintenance.

Maintenance today started with extended kneeling time for me. Master was working on a remodel project and needed a bit more time...I thought standing around and chatting with Him, was a good idea. But I was told to go undress, kneel, and start focusing. He asked me once if I was keeping good posture...I was. Not sure how long I was kneeling there, but longer than I have kneeled in a while.

Suddenly I feel Master's hands covering my eyes and starting his descent down my body. He always stop at my nipples, to tug, pull and pinch, since that is a sensitive spot for me. Master then helps me get up, and reminds me that maintenance is a deterrant, so it needs to be felt. He tells me to get over the end of the sofa, bottom high, feet off the floor. One of my least favorite positions, feet off the floor always makes it much harder to me to stay in position.

I look up and see Him holding the plastic paddle. This is my first maintenance spanking in over 3 weeks, that paddle HURTS, I am dreading it.
He starts right in, no warm up, going from cheek to cheek. I manage to not stand up, but my legs are kicking up, and Master is putting them back in place reminding me to keep them there. I am struggling almost from the beginning, I am trying to go with the pain, but it seems like it is too much. I start voicing that it hurts, it is too much...

Master stops and leans into my ear and starts to talk slowly and calmly to me. He knows its been 3 weeks and my bottom is feeling it more than usual, but that is maintenance. He wants to avoid punishments, He knows I can do this, reminding me again why we do this type of spanking.

Once I am calmer, He stands and says 12 more on each cheek. Usually knowing how many really helps me to get though the harder spankings, I can say one less..only 11 more...I was a little calmer, but still having trouble keeping still. Finally we were down to 3 more on each cheek and I finally managed to keep myself still.

Master was rubbing, and telling me that I was out of condition, but that He was not spanking as hard as a punishment. Then He asked if I had brought my toys. On Tuesday, Master had said He wanted me to bring my toys along from now on. Master has a large wonderful toy bag, mine is limited, a frog paddle (I collect frogs), a short strap,a blindfold, and some "personal" toys. I said they were in a black bag by the door. Master asked if I was hoping He would forget. I said I almost left them in the car...He chuckled and said....would have been interesting to see you hustle out there and get them. I know better than to challenge Him, so I simply said, I will not forget them.

Master pulled out my newest toy, a gift from Him, a large vibrator/dildo. I argued when we were shopping that a smaller one would be better, but.....So while He is getting me very hot and ready and wet, He wants me to suck on it..."mouth training". After a bit, Master takes it, and uses it to make me cum. Yes, more than once, maybe 3 or 4...who can count at a time like that? Finally I say no more please, and this time He listens and stops, pulls me over to him, so I can snuggle into His chest.
We snuggle for a long time, chatting quietly, just enjoying the haze we are in.

This was more than the every week maintenance, not the maintenance I used to dream of, but in some ways....way better!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a welcome back!

I just re-read yesterday's post...guess I should not try to write while exhausted...sorry about all the typos.

His text this morning was be ready to serve Your Master...I was so ready!
I had a wonderful welcome back to where I truly belong, with Master.

We started with several long hugs....Master always says one can never have too many hugs, and backs it up. I think we both just needed to feel each other and hold each other once again. We then took time to chat and get caught up on the past 3 weeks.

Soon, I was kneeling and being "claimed", being still, hands behind my back, eyes closed, just feeling Masters' hands all over me. Rubbing, pulling, tucking, making sure I felt that all of me was His.

Master then pulled out, this long, fairly thick paint stick. I had not seen that one before, and was a little apprehensive. It had been over three weeks, and Master kindly started out with a very long hand warm-up. He even started out slowly and lightly, and built up the pace and intensity. I love being spanked by Master's hands, He has a wonderful toy bag, but His hands are my favorite spanking implement.

He spanked me for a long time, stopping to rub frequently. Each set was a little harder, a little longer, leading me to the path of total relaxation and acceptance, and not wanting Him to stop. He was spanking all over, the sides of my bottom, my thighs, inner thighs, and my pussy, it all felt sooo good, soo hot.

I had forgotten about that paint stick, til I felt the sting. It replaced Master's hand, repeating the same path, bottom, sides, thighs, and pussy. By then I was really squirming and really just wanted a release, a permission. I told Master I was going to burst, He said...not yet, but soon.

He went back to His hand, but all I could think about was the throbbing inside of me. Finally, He is saying, you are very wet and swollen. Several rather sarcastic repsonses crossed my mind, but I wanted that release, so I just asked for permission. "Cum for your Master"...finally! I did, over and over, I was loud and wanton and breathless, it was amazing. Master remarked He had really released the tigress within me ...guess I was also growling. I was finally just laying there, totally spent trying to keep breathing, feeling Master's hands once again, gently rubbing and tapping, helping me back to earth.

I then got to snuggle into Master's fur...I love His furry chest. We talked quietly, and just enjoyed some quiet time. I brought up my grandson's christening in a few weeks, another trip, for me. Master wanted me to make it an overnight, but I was able to get permission for a week......but....Master said there will be tasks and asignments to be completed while I am away. That is something new, He said He would put on His thinking cap, and let me know what He decides....I am intrigued, as this is something new. I think it will help me to feel our connection and stay focused, but also a little apprehensive, something new is....well new and unknown. I will keep you all posted.

We ended as we started, kneeling time and hugs. I am still enjoying the afterglow. This seemed like one of those extra-special times and connections. It is truly good to be back where I belong.


Monday, September 5, 2011

life happens.......

I have finally returned from my 10 day time away. My return date was supposed to be the 24th of August. The week before that was wonderful. My children, my 3 'grands', my mom and even my siblings mamaged time together. We spent mornings on the beach, ate lots of fresh sea food, and had a wonderful 2nd birthday celebration.

Then, the Monday before I was to head back home, my mom was hospitalized. She ended up having a heart valve replace, it went well and she is home doing better than we expected. I also survived the hurricane, with only downed tree in the road and no power for a day.

I cannot really complain, I got to spend time with all my family, had a ball with my 2 granddaughters, my mom is home and healing, and I am finally back to Master.

I am so far behind in all of your blogs and what has been happening, think I will just start with today...or tomorrow more likely. Time to unpakc, pay bills, do laundry, etc...


Thursday, August 11, 2011

endless orgasms.....(Master chose this title)

In all fairness...for all of you who are reading just to get the orgasms part, I did not just lay around and cum all day. The orgasm part is a small part of this. This is actually one of those entries that jumps around on a few topics.

I got a call from Master this afternoon asking for my help. One of His projects is putting a new transmission in a car. I said I would be glad to help, but on my way over I was thinking, I know nothing about cars, I can't even drive a standard. But Master had an easy "task" for me, just switching gears, so I was able to help Him out. While we were working on the car, I mentioned that my bottom was still tender from yesterday, kind of a hint that maybe my bottom needed a break. He replied I am sure it is still tender.

One of the many things that has surprised me about Master is how He seems to be able to read my thoughts. He has said to me...I heard you thinking that...(insert my thoughts)...way over from here...and whatever he thinks He heard, is usually what I was thinking. Yes, it is more than a little discerning. For the past few weeks I have been thinking that I ready...for more control...for a deeper submission. And although I always advise all of you to talk out your needs/wants with your HOH or Doms, I did not follow my own advice. I felt it might be like "topping from the bottom", and Master has been so darn busy lately, I have held back.

This morning when I was discussing my plans for today with Master, He added more control to my "planning". He actually thought it was something I was doing, but I honestly did not think it was something He expected. Anyway, I now know, and it has been added...Master has grabbed a little more control, without my even having to ask.

When we went in the house for Master to clean up, He told me to get my kneeling pillow.

While I was kneeling for Master, He mentioned my going away. I am leaving tomorrow, and that He expected me to not push Him and my submission way to the back of my not return having taken a "break" from us, which has happened in the past. In order to help me remember He was going to give me a hard paddling. I groaned, my bottom was still tender, and it was not what I expected.

He sat and as I went to get over His lap when I saw that darn lexan slat, I know how much that stings. He started right in, I was struggling, it really stung. After about 20, I said it was enough, Master did stop to rub a bit, but also informed me that he was just beginning, this was meant to be a paddling I would remember while I was away. I think He did 4 sets of 25, each set a little harder. I was ouching and owing very loudly, and squirming, but we got to the end.

Master then checked to see if all that squirming and ouching was real, or if I had enjoyed it a bit. I really did not, but unfortunately there is a part of me, that always contradicts me. Master chuckled as He felt for my wetness. He did ask if I had any orgasms left in me after yesterday. I waited a minute and replied....I think that for Him, my supply is endless...hence the title. Master then reminded me...which He loves to do...that when we were first beginning our journey, I was certain that orgasms were meant for me...for a few reasons. He proved me wrong, then for a long time, I would plead that 1 was enough, I could not have or take anymore. Well, if you have been reading here, you all know how wrong I was there also, and yes I did have a few more leftover for today.

Master then gave me a few extra "rules" for my trip. When we first dicussed it, I said I would be gone for 10 days. That has been expanded by a few days, and Master was not all that thrilled. I need to be back on the 24th in time for Him to spank me, or I will get 100 with His large paddle the next day. I cried fowl and not fair, and things come up, driving is unpredictable, etc.......all to no avail. If I decided to stay a couple extra days,it is 100 per day. No matter how unfair I judged this to be, I was not changing His mind. I also am to cum for Him every day while I am me this is a big deal. It will be busy and crowded, so I guess I will be taking long showers... I am also to continue with all of the other expected tasks. I know all of this is to help me, but as I sit here it seems like a lot.

I am off tomorrow to Boston and Maine. My children will all be there and my 3 little grand children. We will be introducing my mom to her newest great-grand son, and celebrating a second birthday. It will be crazy busy and crowded, so much fun, and such a blessing. I will try to check up on all of you, but will not be posting, or commenting. My computer time will be very limited...have fun, be good, or at least try, and have a spanking good 10 days!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

baseball bets are paid off...

This afternoon, Master and I met to settle up our recent bets on the Yanks/Red Sox series.

Master had the cuffs ready...I love those cuffs, they are lined with a soft fur, and make a great accessory...He has a wrist and an ankle set. Just having Him put them on me, and I feel my submission wash over me.
Then I was tied on my tummy to the bed. Being tied actually gives me the freedon to relax more, I don't have to worry about moving or concentrate on anything, but the sensations Master is creating.

Master's winning bet was that He would stripe me..with His cane. Without warm-up, He started right in on my bottom. He did stop after each short set, to rub and massage some of the sting away. After several sets He moved to my thighs, just because He can, reminding me that all of me is His. Then on to my back, this was a bit of a surprise...He started off horizontally across my back, then remembered that His Yanks wore straight up and down stipes, so went back over everything so I could have Yankee stripes. He was quiet pleased with Himself. All during this time Master had my new toy vibrating in me, warning me that I had better not let it slip out.

Then my turn, blindfolded and waiting to feel the relaxing sensation of my "wheelie" toy all over. He started out tracing my stripes with it, and then went on to other places. He had also turned up my vibrator a level, so my attention was somewhat divided between 2 sensations. After a break for more rubbing and some more massaging, He continued to "outline" other parts of my body. The blindfold, being tied, the vibrator, the feel of the prickly toy outlining, I was in my own little world. At one point I realized Master had spoken to me, and I asked Him to repeat...He just laughed.

Master then treated me to His horse hair flogger and the large leather flogger. My 2 favorite toys to come out of His bag. I had to be reminded that I did not have permission to cum, yet. An extra special little treat for me to have Master use these....thanks so much Master!

After several permissions, I was insisting I was done, but Master was showing me...not yet. Finally, all sensations quieted and I was just trying to catch my breath and come back to earth. Master and I had our quiet, cuddle time, and I came back to reality with a soft landing.

Master seems to have a wonderful sense of when I am ready to go with somehing new. I love that He pushes me to new experiences and sensations, while still having me feel perfectly safe.

The Yanks and the Sox have 2 more series to play yet this season...I cannot wait to see what play opportunities will arise with our wagers on those games.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Maintenance day was today this week. I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it early to Master, since I have dropped the ball lately. Maintenance has come to be an important part of my submission, and Master has worked at being sure it happens weekly. This afternoon's maintenance started without a warm-up and it really stung right fromt the beginning. I tried to twist and see what He had chosen, since I could not tell. I could not see it, but He told me it was a lexan piece of shelving. He increased the strength of His spanks til I was really starting to squirm. Master stopped to let His fingers roam and play, and as I relaxed again, He picked up the paddle. He upped the speed and reminded me why we have keep me focused and away from punishment. Then I felt Him grab me around the waist and pull me in.....always a sign that He is about to rev things up a notch. No, it was not punishment, but it was close...thankfully it was a short volley.

Then it was play time, and it took no time for me to be so ready! Master prolonged giving me that first permission, til I think I was growling. I am always amazed when I think back to the sounds, noises really, that He seems to draw out of me. Finally, I heard...cum for me...and so of course,,,I did! We continued to play a while longer, then as I was getting dressed, Master asks if I wanted to go shopping?

We have talked about my getting myself a new toy...vibrator...I only have one, it is small, but it does the job. I looked on line and when I was telling Master what I had found, He suggested we should go shopping together. I agreed. I had slmost figured it was not going to happen, but I have learned to be least a little patient...

So I told Master I was ready to shop. Now, most of you know I am not a "young chick"... I am a retired school teacher with grandchildren. Today was my first visit into an adult toy store! It was interesting, lots of things in there.....some silly....some interesting...and some just...OMG!!!! As Master and I were looking at the available toys, Master and I had different opinions on what we should get....You can all guess who's opinion won out. So Master treated me to a new toy, but I somehow think He will get to enjoy it also...A surprising, fun, interesing afternoon!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Sox and bumps in the road

I am a Red Sox fan, have been since I used to listen to them on the radio back when I was in Junior High. I love Fenway Park, it is like a street party every game! Master is a Yanks fan....oops...guess we are not totally compatable. We usually get a little wager going when they play each other, as they did this past weekend. Master asked if I was game, and I replied when Sox win I get to feel lots of leather, He decided that I would get stripped (cane) when the Yanks win. Guess I get stripes, He said He loves the look of me in stripes...

I did not get back to Him on Saturday's wager, so there was none...and Sox won. Sunday's game I wagered some time with a metal pin wheel toy I have, I just love the sensations of it being rolled all over my body, and I cannot remember the last time it was used. So that is what I chose, along with a blindfold, to add anticipation. Master stuck with the cane. Thankfully, my boys came through for me...and I get to relax and enjoy my little toy...after I am wearing Master's stripes.

That was the fun part of the weekend. Sunday night as we were chatting we hit a "bump in the road", it had to do with miscommunication, both of us not realizing we were on different wave lenghts, among a couple other issues. We talked, but I got frustrated, so we met again this afternoon. I was calmer, still a little upset, but Master has a way of talking things out and getting me to explain my feelings, and making sure that we cover all the bases...just to keep up with baseball! We worked it all out, and both learned a lesson, about what might be important to the other person.

One of the important realizations I have learned from Master is that, "bumps" can be smoothed and worked out....we just have to keep trying. It is good to feel that we are both once again reading the same book and on the same page.