Thursday, December 16, 2010

welcomed home

Thanks to a sinus infection, 43 inches of snow, ( last December, we had 10!), freezing temperatures, and a very long list of "things i have to do for Christmas", it took until today for Master and i to finally get together.

We had plans for Tuesday, but my daughter, who nannies 3 boys under the age of 4, called with "I NEED HELP"....the 2 year old twins had both decided to get the flu at the exact same time.

Yesterday, i forgot to carry my cel with me and missed 3 of His calls.
In my defense that has not happened in years....but it was a weak defense.

Finally, this afternoon I was properly welcomed back home...back to where i belong. Hugs with Master are not just a quick leaning in towards each other. They are hang on tight, big squeezes, burried in his "fur" events...see me smiling! Hugs were the first thing on our agenda. Then some catching up on news we had not fully discussed.

Kneeling time came first, a time for me to focus and block everything else out. A time when Master reclaims all parts of me. A time for me just to enjoy being "in the moment".

Then over His lap i went. I was counting on a welcome back combination good girl type of spanking. It started out that way. Using His hand for a long warm-up, altho occasionlly finding my thighs. Lots of rubbing and massaging, getting me sighing and relaxing.

"You do know you are in a little bit of trouble"? Hmmm...maybe was my cautious reply. Then the question that i hate...."Why are you in trouble"?
Now it's been over 2 weeks, and i have been pretty good, but an open ended question like that is always cause for concern. I tried to get Him to tell me why, but no dice. I knew He had been upset over the phone issue yesterday, but i was hoping He would overlook it. The phone?, i questioned.
BINGO..."I called 3 times with no answer, you are supposed to have that phone with you, it is our main means of communication during the day". My reply was i had not forgotten it in years, and i was sorry. His reply, " you won't want to forget again".

"What would be another reason"? Now i was worried, i could think of a few small things, but you never want to fess up to something that He is not thinking of! I finally said i did not know...He said....wii. The wii and i have had a parting of ways over the past couple months. And it seems that getting back to it has become a major hurdle. I was doing 50 minutes/day...5 days a week. Master has mentioned it a couple of times, but i just have not wanted to get going on it again. I said that maybe the beginning of next year would be a good time to start up again...wrong asnwer! He said at least 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, minimum...while rubbing that darn hairbrush on my bottom.

He said he was not punishing me for the wii, but He expected me to start using it. The phone issue however...and the hairbrush was now doing His talking. I guess He was more upset than i thought. I was squirming and trying to move out of range..all of which of course is futile. Then i made a mistake i have not made in a long time...i said, "That's enough!" He stopped, but only to chuckle, and make fun of the idea that i might be in charge....and tucked me in close, and really let the darn thing fly. I rarely cry during a spanking, but the tears were there. It Hurt!!!

Finally, instead of wood, i feel His hands rubbing my bottom...and many other places. Usually punishments have no happy endings, but it had been a long time. It always amazes me how fast Master can get me to the begging for permission to cum part.....luckily for me, He is generous with His permissions. I was soon breathless and well sated.

After we are dressed, and i am gettin ready to leave, Master asks if i will be using the wii in the morning. I stand there and hesitate, and soon find myself over the back of a nearby chair, and the hairbrush is flying once again. It does not take me long to say..Yes Sir, the wii is part of my plan for tomorrow. He reminds me, that hesitating....not a good idea.

Yes, my bottom is still throbbing a bit as i write this...but i also have a smile on my face. I am back to where i belong, to where i can be "me".


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your homecoming / reconnection spanking. It is nice to know without a doubt who's in charge.

    Enjoy the wii!


  2. PK, For a long time i was in control and in charge...little did i know the freedom and joy of giving that someone who truly is in charge. Sven and i spent 45 minutes together this morning....abby