Thursday, December 23, 2010

there's been a dusting!

Master and i had a special, lovely morning.

After we greeted each other, and chatted a bit, i noticed that all of my favorite "toys" were layed out....just waiting. Leather flogger, horse hair flogger, crop, whip (more Master's favorite than mine), leather and more leather!!

After some kneeling and focusing time, it was over His knee for a hand warm up. My bottom is still tender from Wednesday's session, but with rubbing and massaging, it was wonderful. Then on my tummy, for a wonderfully relaxing body massage..Master has such magical hands. Horse hair flogger came first. It is one of Master's newest toys, and i love it! It is stingy, in a very good way...and when He drags it over parts of my body, i turn to jello! It also is small enough to reach all over...every nook and cranny! More rubbing, then the leather flogger, starts off lightly and increases in intensity. I can feel whatever tension is still in my body being pushed out, and can breathe deeply and freely again.

After more rubbing i feel the deep sting of the whip. It has taken me a while to get used to the sensation of Master's whip. After the sting comes a burning sensation which i have learned to breathe through. The cool feel of Master's hands rubbing the sting and burn away is heavenly. Finally the crop, which He uses all over, up my legs, arms, bottom back, going quickly , slowly, keeping me guessing and alert to any possibility. More rubbing, and a "check" to see how much i am enjoying my Christmas matter how much i may protest, one part of me always gives me away...i am getting very "wet".

"Time for me to give the same treatment to the front side...over you go."
I always dread those words, even after all this time, rolling over seems like opening myself up, no hiding, and it is not my best side. But over i go, hands behing my head and take a deep breath. The same toys are used on my front, the horse hair and leaather flogger, being the only ones i would ever request. My hands start to move, when He is targeting my breast, they have always been very sensitive, but i am reminded to put them back. Master does not spend as much time on my front, thankfully.

Master starts in again with the massaging and rubbing, working His way down to check my wetness. I am more than ready, and am soon moaning and arching, wanting more and trying to remember to breathe. I hear Master's voice telling me to cum for Him, as He is bringing me to the edge. I do cum, more than once, and then one very explosive orgasm.

Then, something very surprising happens. I start to sob, not just a few tears, but i am sobbing. I have had some pretty hard paddlings, and had tears in my eyes, but in all the time i have been with Master...i have never just let go and really sobbed. If i could have stopped myself i would have, but there was no stopping me. Master immediately tucked me into my "safe" spot, inside His furry chest and held me tightly, and was comforting me with words, although i have no recall of what He was saying.

When i finally stopped crying, i apologized and He wanted to know for what...Master has often encouraged me to cry during a hard seesion, or when i was stressed, crying is just not my style. I cry when i am alone, but not usually in front of people. Master said those were wonderful cries of joy and release, and letting go, and He welcomed them.

I have been thinking the last few days that one of my goals for next year would be to be more open with Master, to try and tear down more of those walls. It seems i have started early. I told Master this afternoon, i have never felt so submissive and owned and secure....a great way to go into Christmas celebrations and the new year!

I am leaving tomorrow to celebrate with my children and granddaughters, and on Monday with mom, my brothers, sister and nieces and nephews....we all plan on spending time with dad also. I wish you all a holiday that is what you wish for, that creates wonderful memories, and leaves you with some of the magic of the season!

hugs, abby


  1. Learning to be ,more open and tearing down walls can lead to amazing experiences. Sounds like a good goal!


  2. Glad to hear that you felt submissive, owned and secure. Your Master must be very pleased with you and the way you are accepting his training.

    And how nice that, like me, you got to spend time with the grandkids. One of life's joys.