Sunday, December 12, 2010

home again for a bit

I have been back home since Thursday evening. I have also been debating about coninuing this blog. Since it seems that all i do lately is drive back and forth and seem to have little control over anything...and not in a good way. My posts are so irregular, i was debating the value of the blog. But i do like the contact with other bloggers, and i hate to give up on something that i have just started. So, for now i will continue.

This past trip was an exhausting roller coaster ride. Dad was in ICU, then in a regular room. Up until then i had been extremely grateful for the wonderful health care workers who were assigned to my dad. That ended with 2 of the worst days since this has started. I won't go into details, but there are some jobs that require at least a touch of compassion.

We finally got dad back to the VA home...they were so happy to see him back. He has lost a lot of ground, and some days are heartbreaking since he is very confused. But He also has good days in between, and lately he seems to be more at peace. He will spend his last days at the VA, where their caring and compassion are truly inspiring.

I decided to return home last Thursday. Of course i woke up with a sinus headache, but i was determined. It was supposed to be a snow free day ( which has been way too rare here, lately) so i left after having breakfast with mom, and was back by dinner time. I wasn't feeling great, but i was back.

I took one day to rest, then it was a shopping marathon day with my daughter. I am usually one of those people who is done with shopping and wrapping by the end of November. This year i had barely started...and 2 little granddaughters who are just the right age to enjoy Christmas!
Thanks to my daughter's help, shopping is done, and wrapping is about finished also! I might even get some cookies made.

Master has been very supportive, allowing me to rest and knowing that i needed to get things done to feel a little better. I am not sure how long i will be here in town, i have about given up on getting that flogger dust free this year. I know that many of my blogging "friends" are also going through rough times now...may we keep the faith, have hope, and all find some special times to enjoy during this season of Christmas.



  1. Abby,
    I'm glad you're home for a while. I hope you keep up the blog. Whether you post once a day or once a month this is a place where you can be your true and complete self. How many other places give you that freedom.

    I hope your dad has more good days than bad.


  2. Like PK, I hope you will continue to blog even if you have to take some breaks. It is nice to be part of the blogging community.

    And hope your dad has peaceful days.

    And that you get a chance to get the dust off the flogger.

    Good luck in these trying times and have a good holiday season.


  3. Hey Abby, I know how it is to have a sick dad. I hope your dad does much better in the weeks ahead.

    I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet and that makes me nervous!

  4. PK..thanks for the good thoughts. A good point, i can truly be "me" here...a gift. abby

    FD..thank you also for the good thoughts. May this season bring special times to you. abby started..i would be a basket case. Good wishes to you and your dad! abby