Thursday, December 2, 2010

flogger is still "dusty"

The good news is i am feeling a whole lot better! I also lost 6 pounds, although i am guessing i have already started to gain some of that back.

On the not so bright side...after a day of phone calls, i am heading back to Maine early in the morning. Dad is having more complications, and noone seems to really know what is happening. Tomorrow is supposed to be a good driving i am off again. Master and i had planned on a nice long leather session this afternoon, but He knew what i really needed. Cudding and hugs, and words of reassurance, some kneeling time, and a reminder....i am His...all of me..i belong only and wholly to Master...and He takes that ownership seriously.

That flogger is still dusty, and i am not sure when i will be back...hopefully less than a week...but i seem to have very little control over such things. Keep your good thoughts coming my way, please...


  1. Abby,
    I'm so sorry that your dad is having so much trouble. I cared for both of my parents for about 5 years but always, always I was in our home town and could come home to Nick at the end of the day. It really hard when you have to travel to do everything.

    Your master know you well. He gave you what you needed.


  2. Thanks PK. Dad had a good day today. I am lucky to have a Master who takes such good care of me.