Monday, November 29, 2010

too long and too stressful....

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I returned home yesterday. I was house,dog,cat and grandson sitting for my sister, visiting dad every day, helping mom with Christmas shopping and other details, and missing Master.
Dad is having some really good days, and really bad days. I just got off the phone with my sister, today was a really bad one. It looks less and less like we will get him home again, even though that is all he wants. He has always been such a proud take care of everyone guy......
A week ago today, i came down with the worst flu bug known to man...or woman. I spent most of the nite on my sister's bathroom floor, needing to be as close to the toilet as possible....(trying not to TMI here...) The next day i had 0 energy, but still had to pack, see to the dog and cats, and move over to spend the night at mom's. Wednesday i somehow managed to get on the morning train, and get myself to Boston. My son and daughter in law had planned on celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday, by then i was able to sit at the table, and taste a few things. I am much better than i was, but not nearly as good as i need to be...i have such a long list of to-dos!

Master and i reconnected this was mostly a time of hugs and cuddling and quiet chatting about the past 2 weeks. After that, there was a long, slow building hand spanking, with rub downs and what i needed! Hopefully in a couple more days i will be ready for a longer, more vigorous session. I have been strongly hinting that the flogger must be getting very dusty!

Stay warm...and hug a loved one..


  1. Glad you are feeling better.. that nasty flu bug has been hitting everywhere, and it's a bad one this year for sure!

    Hang in there through the stress, and I hope the dust gets blown off that flogger soon. ;)

    *Hugs and warm wishes*
    baby girl cricket

  2. babygirl....Thanks i am feeling better.....abby