Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank You....and home finally!

So, my 10 days of being away turned into 26 days away.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes. My dad had 2 major heart attacks and a couple of smaller ones, and it seemed we would have one good..or hopeful day...followed by 2 bad ones. Tests showed 3 blocked arteries, heart damage and scarring, and frequent episodes of very, very fast heartbeat. Because of all those problems, nothing can be done surgically. He stabilized enough to be moved to a rehab center....where he is much happier and gaining some strength back. He is on meds to control the rapid heartbeat, but they are not 100% effective. He has visited with all of his children, 10 grandchildren , and 3 great-grand children, he is alert, and at peace with his fate. Our hope is that he gets to return home.

Master, even at a distance, knows how to help me through the toughest of days. He insisted i call, even when i did not want to talk to anyone, and He knew what to say to calm me and get me breathing lucky am i??

I got back home yesterday, and unfortunately am returning in a week, for 2 more weeks. My sister is going on a family vacation that she planned months ago, and i need to be there for my mom. Real life....

Master and i finally re-united this afternoon. He promised i would come home to lots of hugs, so that was the first "activity" planned. Long, big squeezing, delicious hugs. A little bit of chat, and then kneeling time. The time when everything and everyone else disappears, and it is just us...and i remember that i am His, that He is my Master and that i belong only and wholly to Him.

Then a long, wonderful hand spanking. Since it has been almost a month, He started off slowly and lightly. I was a little worried that even a hand spanking would be too much, but i was soon in the rhythm with His hand, and wanting more and more. In between sets, rubbing and touching, and a discussion about the fact that i did not ask for a single permission while i was away...i just was not interested. He soon had me was not ready to hand out any permissions, yet.

Next He wanted me leaning over the back of a chair...high up, so my feet are off the ground. I mentioned that i did not like that position....He likes that it makes me feel more vulnerable. Legs far apart, and head almost on the seat of the chair, He starts in with a small cane, alternating cane, rubbing, hand...for a few sets. He then moves in between my legs for a wonderful "bottom" massage...more touching,,,,noting that i was quite wet and swollen...DUH!

He then tells me to stay over the chair, but i can move so that my feet are touching the floor, but my legs must stay apart. "Twelve more...harder ones...with the cane", i hear...i take a deep breath and am deterimined to hold that position for Him...both because i want to make Him proud...and also because i don't want Him starting over. He is striking all over my bottom...and they are much harder, and i do stay in place.

My reward is more touching and rubbing, and i am soon begging for permission....and i get...a few...i finally say enough, no more...but am reminded...He decides when i have had enough...He is in charge of my pleasure, so i am soon panting through a couple more orgasms....such a

I had to be reminded a few times, to add "Sir" to my answers, during a session Master expects me to use the Sir. I was also reminded that my submission to Him is back in full swing, and all rules and expectations are to be met. I would not want it any other way.

As we were leaving Master said, He hopes to get a couple more spankings in this week. I stopped and said...this week? His reply was...we have some catching up to do. So there may be more posts this week!

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