Friday, November 5, 2010

spanking and......fisting...

Yesterday morning master asked how my "tush" was...and i replied i could still feel the welts and it was still sore. His reply did not surprise me....GREAT! My bottom usually recovers quickly, and He is quite pleased when there is evidence of His 'handiwork' the day after. Master had a long day at work yesterday, so my bottom got one more day to recover.

Today my bottom was tender, and still showed some signs of Wednesday's spanking....which Master delighted in finding and massaging. We started with a long hand spanking, which soon was turning the tenderness into a burn. Just as i was relaxing into the spanking, Master stopped and asked me if i remembered what He had promised me before i left a few weeks ago.

I replied Yes, Sir. He had promised that if i was good when i was away i would return to a fisting.

Fisting is something that i never knew existed until i read about it in one of my early computer searches, and i thought, who would want to do that...and how would you do that? Later, as i started to read more blogs, it seemed that the submissives/slaves who were fisted....found it to be enjoyable. So i thought, must be something to it,,,but not for me.

Fisting is not something that Master and i do often. The first time, i was not even sure what He was doing until i could feel Him inside me. For me, fisting has to start slowly, with a patient partner, and i need to be already very aroused.

Today , when i answered Yes, Sir, i also added, i don't think it will work today. It's been a while since the last time, i have spent more time being stressed than aroused or even feeling "sexy". His reply just need to relax. I had several answers on the tip of my tongue, but settled on a Yes Sir. I was did work...and that feeling of being connected with His hand inside me, is at the same time..extremely submissve and an overload of sensations. I don't know how many time i came, but i was "jello" when He withdrew His hand.

Tonight i am no longer jello, but i cannot stop thinking about Master, and how filled i am by being His submissive. Filled physically and emotionally, filled in ways i never thought possible. He has opened my body and my heart. His last words to me today were...Your submission pleases is high praise...and i could not think of a finer complement. abby

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